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Astral Projection and Out of Body Experience

One night Devendra (name changed) suffered from severe cardiac pain (chest pain). The family doctor was contacted immediately. But before the doctor could reach, Devendra suffered from a severe stroke and became unconscious for a few minutes.

He saw himself rising above his physical body and saw all his family members crying near his dead body. He could view the whole room like a scene from Drone, in an aerial view and all of a sudden he became conscious as if he got up from a deep sleep. His family members were delighted to see him conscious and were relieved to see him alive.

One early morning Sushant (name changed) was doing his daily ritual for worshipping Lord Krishna, as per his daily habits he was performing his Krishna Idol worshipping ( Murti Pooja ) and at last, was performing Dhyana- Meditation, all of sudden he saw his body rise from his physical body and started roaming to the other part of cosmos wherein he saw the Himalayan Mountain with river Ganges with beautiful greenery in nearby vicinity.

Suddenly the divine experience gets closed and he found his body back to his physical body where he was sitting in front of Lord Krishna.

From the above mentioned real-life incident, it is sure that our human body consists not only of the Physical aspect it also consists of minute structure which is known as the Astral Body also known as Subtle Body which resides inside the physical body and cannot be seen with the naked eye. This astral body is known to HINDU DARSHAN SHASTRA as Sushma Shareer mean which is so minute and lighter that is extremely lightweight than air element.

Our human body is made up of 5 elements viz Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Ether. Hence, it consists of Gravitational Force through which is heavyweight and stick to this planet whereas the Astral Body lack earth element and remain 4 elements i.e Fire, Air, Water, and Ether-Sky.

Due to the lack of earth elements, this astral body is extremely lightweight and it does not have gravitational force hence it can move from one place to another place without any difficulty and obstacles and can fly just like an airplane. It can see the place-location also with its astral eye.

What is Astral Body – Sushma Shareer?

According to Tantra Shastra, the human body is made up of 2 bodies, one which is seen with the naked eye – our physical form and another is invisible known as astral form.

The physical body is bound by the Law of gravity hence it has its own limitations but the astral form does not get bound by gravity law hence it can move easily and can swift from one location to another within a fraction of seconds.

This Sushma Shareer can not only move freely but also can see the location of the planet with its miniature eye known as Sushma Netra. This eye can not only see the present time but also can peep into the past life of an individual. But it does not have the limitation of looking the past life, it can also peep into the future life as in – what will be the next birth cycle and in which era or time zone – the soul will take birth according to its Karma and life cycle.

Therefore – Sushma Shareer is also known as Anant Shareer, Anant means which can expand and is infinite. 

Can We Depart or Separate our Astral body from the physical body?

This question often discusses since ages in the history of human civilization and it is 101 percent true as our ancient Indian sage and self-realization Rishi says, This Sushma Shareer can get separated from the physical body and through this astral body, one can see the activity of the location.

I mean to say, if I separate my astral body from the physical body then, once it is detached it can move or fly to different places Eg. The USA and I can see the activity going on in that location with my astral eye.

Not only our Asian and INDIAN continent but also the West Nation Scientists have done enough research on this topic and they were amazed at the outcome of their research work on the astral body. Many Western and eastern Scholar and Occultists came to the conclusion that by making lease effort one can easily separate its astral body from the physical body and can roam freely in this cosmos.

How to Separate the Sukshma Sharir from the Physical body?

Now, a question arises as to which is the best and easy method through which one can separate the astral body and can see the activity of the universe through its Sushma Netra- the astral eye. Here, I am mentioning the 2 Methodology which I have found in the Yogic and Tantric Scripture as to how to activate and separate the Sushma deha.

What is Astral Projection?

Spandan Vidhi – Vibration Method: As it is clearly mentioned in the title that the procedure consists of vibration, hence one can attain this state by visualization and firm affirmation method.

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One has to lie down at night in silence room. Keep the Soft Mat or Couch and lie down just like a Virasan. Now let each and every organ of your get relax by affirmation such as: “my eyes are getting relax “. The Muscles near to the eye and forehead are getting relaxed and smoother.

In this way, one needs to start relaxing the 1st part, i.e thumb in the foot, just concentrate on foot thumb and recite the affirmation with strong faith and visualization, that the Thumb foot is relaxed” After relaxation for 5 to 10 minutes. Start giving affirmation that Foot thumb is getting a sense of vibration – just like current passing through the leg, the universal energy is getting passes on this thumb and it is getting energize.

Do this exercise only on thumb foot for a few days and then you will experience that after some days, the thumb foot is getting vibration without even lifting or making any least effort.

Now, let’s move to the next organ, says- Calf Muscles, then Knee, thighs, back muscles, stomach, chest region, Hands, Shoulder, Neck, Mouth, Eyes, and Temple- Head.

In a few days, when a practitioner completes the whole cycle from foot to head, then one should start exercising to vibrate the whole body through the same above mentioned method. You will experience that one-minute body -i.e astral body is leaving your physical body and getting lifting upward and again after a few days, it will come out completely from the body and get pause at one distance and you can see your body and surround with an astral eye.

Later, again after few days of practice, one can command its astral body to move freely from one place to another place with ease but one should do this exercise only under the guidance of spiritual guru who knows the complete method of Astral traveling.

Yogic Method: In this method which was invented by Indian Rishi and Monks which is extremely easy and not only Sage or Monks but also a householder can do this kriya to attain his/her goal on activation of sukshma sharira – subtle body.

Method: One has to take bath in the early morning before sunrise says, 5 am and wear Dhoti OR those clothes which are light in weight and does create uneasiness to the practitioner.

Now, sat down on Asana or yoga mat facing toward East Direction and closed the window, one can keep the night lamp to allow a small amount of light which is not hard a light which gives soothing effects.

Now, keep a small red color bindi in between 2 eyebrows and start watching on this point without blinking eyes. This will give immediate burning of eyes, water will start coming from the eyes, hence those who had a past history of any eye ailment surgery, weak old debilitated patients and children should avoid this yogic kriya as it may harm to your eyesight.

Once you start gazing at this redpoint after a few days or even months of practice one can see the light passing or coming out of the redpoint. This is nothing but your own Sukshma Sharira – Subtle body which will come out completely and will start moving according to your own will. But this requires months or even years of practice to attain this Siddhi.

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