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What is the West Facing House Vastu?

To make an ‘West-facing house’ Vastu Plan, one only needs a proper method to locate the direction of the space by checking with Magnet Compass in the centre of the house which is said to be the Brahmsthan.

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Does the West Facing House Vastu Plan always give Name or DeFame?

The main ill effect in a West-facing house is that all the house residents in that Vastu suffer from some acute or chronic ailment.

 If the west zone or direction is affected with Vastu Dosh, then the earning member of any one member of the family gets stuck down with venereal diseases. 

Probably one or all members in the house will suffer from acute or chronic ailment along with the financial crutches being acutely high.

West Facing House Vastu Plan in Vastu Shastra

West Facing House Vastu and Main Door

There are 9 Pada (door placements) in each wall hence, to locate the exact door placement, one should divide the wall into nine parts and then see the location of the main door.

Out of 9 pada on the west side 19th, 20th and 21st Pada are the most favourable. 

You can read the complete article on Door Placement and Vastu.

This direction is affected by Air Element and it is governed by Shani Saturn ( Planet Saturn ) .

Vastu Dosha in West Facing House Vastu Plan

The Vastu Dosha in the West Direction always leads to anxiety, dispute among family members, deceit or mischief in the job or business.

There are high chance that you may face show cause notice from Higher Authority OR State Government, Court Litigation as West is the Direction of Shani which is said to be Judge in Sanatan Dharma.

It is always advisable not to use or utilize West Facing House Vastu for your Commercial or Residence, specially if you are working in Government or Institution as there are high chances that government employees has to manipulate the material on the job which is recommend by their Senior Official but in the court of karma it is not acceptable.

In this arrangement of Vastu, the West Direction wall is either cut or extended in any part/portion of the wall.

Vastu Yantra in West Facing House Vastu Dosh

Many Laymen think that merely placing the Vastu Nivaran Yantra will remove the complete Vastu Dosh but it is not as easy as it is described by Many Experts and Books.

As 30 % of Vastu Dosh comes due to addition of WC and Washroom in the premises. Therefore, in current times, non of the space can be mention as 100 percent Vastu Compliance.

Remedies for Vastu Dosh in West Direction :

To remove the Vastu dosh in the west direction, place Varun Yantra on the West Wall.

Earning Members should keep fasting on Saturdays.

Keep the Sea Salt Bowel in every corner of the room, including WC-Washroom.

Change every 15 days and drain off the sea salt in drainage but take care not to throw in the garbage or open space. In this 15 days of practice, sea salt accumulates Negative Vibes of Vastu.

Chant Shani Mantra – “Om Sham Shanis-Charaay Namah”, 1 or 5 Malas daily.

One can keep Shani Devta Picture or Idol on the West Wall or place it above the Main Door.

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