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What is Your Vehicle Registration Number and How Numerology can Enhance your Business?

Yes, We often come to this question as to whether my vehicle registeration of car is compatible with my personality or not. People do come to me with a question, Nirav Do Numerology work in Vehicle Registration? Do these numbers play an important role in human beings? Do this Name Plates are accident prone or lucky to me and my family?

Many such questions pop up during my telephonic and one to one consultation on Numerology.

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People often say that I feel lucky as after purchasing this BIKE or Car, I get immediate success in my career or job. Few says: after purchasing this BIKE or Car I am in tremendous loss OR my maximum money gets to spend in the maintenance of the vehicle.


Do we ever realize as to why the specific vehicle gets low or high cost in maintaining them? The making of the vehicle, the model number, engine etc everything is the same then why does the result differ from person to person.

In my childhood, my dad has purchased his 1st Second hand 2 Wheeler – Bajaj Chetak, it was well maintained by the previous owner. I will say the usage of the vehicle was very very less. Hence my father took this bike and started using it, but to his strange, after the purchase of this scooter, he gets tremendous success in every project he took. But how does this bike gave success to him ? Does Vehicle Registeration has some science of numbers? Let check it out.

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The Number of the Bike was MMM – 1236, The reason for this Strong growth was a combination of few numbers in the group.


The Chaldean Numerology Chart is given below for your reference.

M (4) ,M (4) ,M (4 ) = 12

1 +2+3+6 = 12

Hence 12 + 12 = 24

Also his Date of Birth is 30 March – 3+0 = 3

Hence, there is perfect match of this Date of Birth to Name Plate – MMM-1236.

Therefore, after the purchase of this bike, he also gets good opportunities from people and in his business.

The Number 24 depicts as gain from the opposite sex, a number of love, money and creativity as Karmic Compound Number 24 gives high rank and success in an unexpected way.

Hence we can says : The Vehicle Registeration play vital role in Numerology.

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So when you want to calculate the number of your vehicle convert the letter into the number as shown in the Chaldean chart.

5 Disadvantages Of Wrong Vehicle Registeration And How You Can Work on it through Numerology?

4 – 8 – 9: The Evil Combination

Whenever the number in vehicle registration comes in this combination it was given to treachery and accident. EG: Suppose the above mention Bike Number MMM-1236 owner sit on the vehicle with other person having 8 as his/her Psyche Number ( if the Person is suffering from Sade Sati ) then the chance of accidence is very high.

Also, another combination as Psyche Number 1, 4 and 9 being an owner of the bike of MMM-1236 then this Name Number won’t suit to the owner having Psyche Number 1,4 and 9 because it is not compatible with those energy numbers.

But when this combination gets to combine with 4, 8 and 9 it gives UP and Downs. Hence if the Number 4 ( Number repeat thrice in Name Plate ) comes with 8 and 9 invited unpleasant event.

ZERO in Name Plate

There are few numbers when some of them may come up to zero or with combination or repeat twice or thrice. This number ZERO is said to be the completion of work but in tarot and numerology ( like number 55 ) it is said Wheel of Fortune – Said people having more zeros in their numbers suffers from lots of Up and Downs in term of relationship, money and health.

Repetition of any Digits

When we have a repetition of any digit in nameplate this may give more energy to that individual. As every number has specific sound vibration and energy like Number 1 and 9 has Fire element with planet Sun and Mars respectively.

Hence Number 1 often comes as 111 in Nameplate that may give rise to fire element hence chances are more of disputes, accident and getting emotionally disturbed in life.

Similarly, Many people opt for such other numbers such as 9999 or 888 this number when combined with other numbers gave the hazardous result to the owner of the vehicle.

Psyche Number and Vehicle Number

It is utmost importance that your Psyche number ( mean the day you were born or Destiny Number ) should match with your Vehicle Number.

If my date of birth is 27th August 1987 = 141 which further when reduce get Number 6 Hence the Bike MMM-1236 will be lucky for me as it is matching to my psyche number.

In the above case – My Destiny Number is 6 ( total of my date of birth ) and Psyche Number ( 2+7=9) is Number 9.

How to know the Vehicle reading according to Numerology?

Vehicle Digit Number Planet Number Readings
1 SUN Positive Traits – Leading team , Good for governance, People.


Negative traits – Anger issue, EGO

2 MOON Positive Traits – Emotions person need a small break, visits resorts.


Negative Traits – Drive emotionally hence need to take care while driving the vehicle.

3 JUPITER Positive Traits – Guiding, Mentoring others, Good in admin work


Negative traits – Feel extremely Egoistic.

4 RAHU Positive Traits – Suddenly gain in money and material


Negative Traits – Take the hasty decision

5 MERCURY Positive Traits – Take decision-based on Logic


Negative Traits – Seem to be more socialized, childish

6 VENUS Positive Traits – Like to engross in Elite and Luxurious Things.


Negative Traits – May indulge more in Sex, Liquor

7 KETU Positive Traits – Get involved in big mystery and like to be secretive, Like to incubate more of Knowledge.


Negative Traits – Getting lesser interest in Money and Materialism,

8 SATURN Positive Traits – Mobilise the Masses


Negative Traits – Lesser socialize, More work, lesser recognition

9 MARS Positive Traits – Lead the team and coach the masses.


Negative Traits – Anger, Aggression and Sudden accidents.


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