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What is the ‘South Facing House’ Vastu Plan?

To make a South-Facing House Vastu Plan, one only needs a proper method to locate the direction of the space by checking with a Magnet Compass. The centre of the house is said to be the Brahmsthaan.

South Facing House Vastu Plan
7+ Stunning Facts about South Facing House Vastu Plan

Does the South Facing House Vastu Plan always bring Name or DeFame?

The main ill-effect in a South-facing house is that all the house residents in that Vastu suffer from severe health issues and negative vibrations

It is also known that such negative Vaastu  –

  • The head of the family or even main earning member gets indulge in family or office politics and may comes under continued conspiracy.
  • The enemies keep on deteriorating his reputation day by day.
  • There is continuous attack on his family, name and fame and businesses by their rivals also.
  • The female energies of the house are always in anxiety and stress.
  • Family disputes become a daily part of their life.
  • The money gets stuck in the market and there is big debt on the person and professional zone. 
  • Head of the family lives under continuous stress as to what will be the next step of his rivals/enemies.

South Facing House Vastu Plans and Main Door

There are 9 Pada (door placements) in each wall hence, to locate the exact door placement, one should divide the wall into nine parts and then see the location of the main door.

Out of 9 pada on the northside 12th ( Bhrihasth ) 13th ( Yama ) and 14th ( Gandharva ) Pada are the most favourable in South Facing House Vastu.

You can read the complete article on Door Placement and Vastu.

South Facing House Vastu Plans and Vastu Dosha Remedies

South Direction in South Facing House Vastu : This direction is affected by ‘Fire and Earth Element’ governed by Lord Yamadev and Mangal Graha  (Planet Mars).

Remedies for Vastu Dosh in South Direction :

  1. To remove the Vastu dosh in the north direction, place Mangal Yantra on the South Wall.
  2. Recite 5 or 11 Mala of Tantrok Mangal Mantra on a daily basis facing either towards north or south direction with rudraksh mala. 
  3. If the South direction is depress or lower compared to North East ( ishaan ) then it is advisable to place Daksinvarti Ganesha ( Lord Ganesha to his trunk on his right side ). 
  4. Place Daksinvarti Ganesha inside and outside the house (i.e Outside above Main Door Frame and Inside above the main door frame ).
  5. If the South direction consists of Well or Tube Well or any such water bodies then it is suggested to hang “Mangalkari Vastu Tooran” in the main door.
  6. The head of the family should offer prayers to Lord Bhairav Bhagwan.
  7. Main earning of the family should keep Fasting on every Tuesday and recite “Hanuman Chalisa” twice in a day.
  8. If the South direction is exposed in the vastu or open space then plant Big Tree like Pipal, Amla , Gunja , Aakada or Neem Tree as these trees plantation are said to be auspicious in Vastu Shastra.
  9. If the vastu space ( especially in the south direction ) consists of depression then better placement of Water Tank gives relief to the family.

Mangal Mantra – Om Kram Krim Koum Sah Mangalaay Namah 

मंगल मंत्र –  ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम: ।।

Lord Bhairav Mantra – Om Bhairavaay Namah OR Om Bhram Gloum Mama Sarva Kaarya Sighya Siddhi Kari Kari Phat Swaha II

भगवान् भैरव मंत्र – ॐ भैरवाय नमः या ॐ भ्रं ग्लौं मम सर्व कार्य शीघ्र सिद्धि करि करि फट स्वाहा: ॥

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