Navratri 2018: Siddhidatri – 9th Divine Manifestation of Goddess Durga

Siddhidatri is the 9th Divine form of Goddess Durga. The Ninth Day of Shardiya Navratri is considered as Navami

The deity of this day is known as Siddhidhatri. Sometimes also spell as Siddhidhatri.

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Siddhidatri word derived from Siddhi mean Divine power Or Supernatural Power  & Datri mean Giver. Siddhidatri means who is a giver of those eight supernatural powers which can be achieved only by the blessing of Goddess Durga.

Siddhidatri is depicted with 4 hands holding different weapons in hand. She is holding Discus ( Sudarshan Chakra ) in Upper right hand, mace ( Gadha), in Lower Right Hand, Conch ( Shankha ) in Upper left hand. Kamal (Lotus flower)in lower right hand.

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Vehicle – Lotus as Asana

Colour – Red

Husband  – Ardhanareshwar Shiva

Weapon  –

Lotus Flower – Be non attach to the worldly desire and do selfless karmas.

Sudarshan Chakra – Which keep revolving hence show karmic reaction and cutting of evil thoughts and bad karmas.

Gadha – Destruction of enemies.

Shankha – The Divine sound of Universe – Para-Brahma – The Ultimate One –SuperConsciousness.

It is said that only blessing of Maa Siddhidatri – the yogi can attain salvation and Astha-Siddhis.

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Those Astha-siddhis are Anima , Mahima , Garima ,Laghima ,Prapti ,Prakambya, Ishitva, and Vashitva.

Anima – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak can reduce his body size upto atom.

Mahima – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak can expand his body size to thousand fold.

Garima – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak can increase his body weight as many times as he wants.

Laghima – Wherein Yogi /Sadhak can make his body weightless and fly in the whole universe.

Prakambya – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak can achieve whatever he/she want /desire.

Ishitva – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak become next to almighty and can change the destiny of a common man.

Vashitva – Wherein Yogi/Sadhak get fully involved self and surrender to Super-Consciousness and attain the ultimate goal of Self Realization – SAMADHI.

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Hence –Siddhidhatri is the best form of Goddess Durga wherein she fulfil all desire. She is said to be only Devi who possesses all those supernatural power and her only a power and authority to bestow all the siddhis to her devotee.

She is the Devi who governs Ketu and also gives proper direction to her devotees. Hence those who are suffering from the bad sight of Ketu they should worship Siddhidatri Devi.

Siddhidatri Mantra – Om Devi Siddhidatrey Namah.

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