Navratri 2018: Mahagauri – 8th Divine Manifestation of Goddess Durga

Mahagauri is the 8th Divine form of Goddess Durga. The Eighth Day of Shardiya Navratri is considered as Maha Ashtami

The deity of this day is known as Mahagauri.

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Mahagauri word derived from Gauri mean Gaur varna – White in Color and Maha mean extremely. Hence Mahagauri means who is extremely beautiful in the whole universe.

Therefore women who worship Mahagauri get blessed with extreme beauty and hypnotic persona due to the qualities derived from its deity.

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Mahagauri is depicted with 4 hands holding different weapons in hand. She is holding Damaroo ( Tambourine) in Upper right hand, Trishul ( Trident) with a lotus flower in Lower left hand. Abhay Mudra in lower right hand and Varada Mudra in Upper right hand.

Sometimes Lotus is replaced with Rosary.

Vehicle – Bull

Colour –  White and Pink

Husband  –  Shiva

Weapon  –

Abhay Mudra – depict blessing with good intelligence and wisdom.

Varada Mudra – Bless with all those desires which are unfulfilled.

Trident ( Trishul ) – represent Triguna shakti  – Satvik , Rajasik and Tamasik.

Lotus Flower – Be non attach to the worldly desire and do selfless karmas.

Rosary – It contains 108 beeds which show the extract of life -108 chakras and Upanishad.

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Mahaguari is associated with granting the boon to the spiritual seeker to remove unwanted and hidden fear and bless with salvation.

She is the divine manifestation of Goddess Parvati thereby she protect good people by punishing those who perform bad deeds.

It is said that one should offer Coconut – Nariyal, Chana ( Black Gram ) Sabji, Halwa ( sweet dish ) and puri ( Indian fried bread ), She is a deity of married life also hence Grahastha should worship to bless with happy married life.

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There is a ritual in Indian tradition, that on the 8th day on Navratri, one should offer food to a baby girl as they considered her as manifestation.

The devotee should wear a Pink colour dress while performing pooja of Devi and also offer Gulabi ( pink colour) saree to Devi.

Mahagauri Mantra – Om Devi Mahagauryai Namah

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