Navratri 2018: Skandamata – 5th Divine Manifestation of Goddess Durga

Skandamata is the 5th Divine form of Goddess Durga. The Fifth Day of Shardiya Navratri is considered as Panchami

The deity of this day is known as Skandamata

Skandamata means – Mother of Skand and Mata mean mother .

Lord Kartikeya is known as Skanda hence Parvati been mother of Kartikeya .

She is depicted with 4 hands holding  Kamal ( Lotus Flower )  in 2 hands and holding baby Skanda ( Kartikeya ) in another hand and 4th hand in Abhay Mudra. She is shown riding on LION as her vehicle.

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Skandamata is associated with Planet Mercury ( Buddha ) hence those who worshipped Skandmata get blessed with good Intelligent ( IQ ) and wisdom.

Also, those who are suffering from Navgraha they should also worship Durga to protect themselves from the bad sight of 9 planetary systems.

Skandamata has Shubra Varna Color ( Whitish Complex ) with a smile and radiant on her face but she becomes violent once someone harm to her baby Kartikeya hence by worshipping her – devotee get the protection of their children and family.

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Vehicle – Lion

Colour –  White

Husband  –  Shiva

Weapon  –

Kamal ( Lotus Flower ) – depict Purity of mind

Abhay Mudra – depict blessing with good intelligence and wisdom.

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It is believed and said that by worshipping the deity of Durga in form of Skandamata one also get with knowledge, oratory skills and with writing skills.

It is said that great poet of India – Shri Kalidas who has written 2 great has Great Epic – Raghu Vansham and Meghdoot, he has worshipped Skandamata due to which he developed such great skills of oratorship and become Great Novelist and Poet of this Era.

While performing the ritual one used Chandan ( Roli ) on her forehead and married women should use Sindoor ( vermillion ) in pooja to get bless with happy married life and long life of their husband.

Skandmata Mantra: Om Devi Skandmataey Namah

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