Navratri 2018: Kaalratri – 7th Divine Manifestation of Goddess Durga

Kaalratri Mata is the 7th Divine form of Goddess Durga. The Sixth Day of Shardiya Navratri is considered as Saptami

The deity of this day is known as Kalaratri, sometimes it is also spelled as Kaalratri.

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Kaalratri word derived from Kaal mean to encapsulate TIME. Ratri mean night. Hence Kaalratri is the Goddess of Night who destroys the darkness and gives light ( direction ) to her devotees.

Kaalratri is depicted with 4 hands holding different weapons in hand. She is holding hook – Vajra in the upper left, Curved Sword in Lower left hand. Abhay Mudra in upper right hand and Varada Mudra in Lower right hand.

She is shown as a manifestation of fearful Durga with the dark complexion, wearing the thorny necklace, with 3 eyes depict Satva, Rajas and Tamas. Her vehicle is Donkey.

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Kalaratri is shown wearing Red Color clothes with Tiger Skin in a Lower part of her body show to attain victories over those Asuri ( demon ) thoughts – viz: Kaam ( Lust), Krodha ( Anger), Lobha ( Greed), Moha ( Attachment ) and Ahankaara ( Ego ).

But devotee does not need to worry as she swaroopa of Goddess Durga always gives auspicious fruit and bless with health wealth and happiness.

Vehicle – Donkey

Colour –  Violet -Indigo

Husband  –  Shiva

Weapon  –

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Curved Sword – Victory over enemies

Abhay Mudra – depict blessing with good intelligence and wisdom.

Hook –Vajra – Protection and destroy enemies physically and mentally.

Varada Mudra – Bless with all those desires which are unfulfilled.

Kalaratri is basically worshipped in Tantra by occult practitioners to gain victory over Krodha – anger as we occult practitioners considered Kaam and Krodha as biggest hurdles in spiritual and material progress.

Hence those who need to attain faster success in the spiritual world they need to worship Kalaratri Mata.

Kaalratri Mantra : “Om Aeing Ring Kling Chamundayey Vichee Om Kaalratri Devyeh Namah”.

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Jai Mata Di

Nirav Hiingu