Navratri 2018 : Brahmacharini Mata -2nd Divine Manifestation of Goddess Durga

Brahmacharini Mata also was known as Brahmacharini Devi among NINE Swaroopaa of Lord Durga – Nav Durga.

The second Day of Shardiya Navratri is considered as Beej. The deity of this day is known as Brahmacharini Mata.

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Brahmacharini means one who is engrossed in Brahma – Super Consciousness. It is also said to one who possesses divine spiritual knowledge is said to be Brahma or Brahmacharini.This Swaroopa of Durga Mata is the symbol of severe penance.

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Brahmacharini Mata is shown wearing rudraksha mala ( rosary ) and white clothes which depict the Satvik Awastha.
Colour: White colour is assigned as it is considered as Color of Divinity and Superconsciousness.

Vehicle – Legs are said to the only Vehicle which shows one should take continuous action to achieve their set goal.
Husband: Lord Shiva is the husband of Brahmacharini Mata as it is swaroopa of Lord Parvati itself.

Arms: Brahmacharini Mata is shown with her Arm as Karmandalu ( water utensil ) which is the sign of penance and purity ( water inside in the utensil known as cleansing properties)

On right-hand side, it is shown Rosary –Japa Mala which as 108 Manaka – beeds hence it depicts to keep remind of the inner state of consciousness by chanting the divine name of Almight.

Food: Lord Durga is offered as White Color Food today as Kheer or Sugar or Milk or white Colored Halwa which create an inner sense of contentment to its worshipper(s).

Brahmacharini Mantra: “Om Aeing Namah”.


It is believed that by worshipping Brahmacharini Mata, one get the blessing of shakti in form of an increase in grasping power and attain a high level of development and attain Satvik Prakruti.


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