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What is a Maiden Name?

“Maiden name” refers to a woman’s surname or family name before she gets married and takes on her spouse’s surname. It is also sometimes referred to as the woman’s birth name or her family name at birth.

Is Maiden Name or Mother’s Maiden Name the Same or Different?

Yes, A mother’s maiden name is the same and it refers to the surname or family name that a woman had before she got married and changed her name to her spouse’s surname. 

It is often used as a security question or as a means of verifying a person’s identity, especially when accessing sensitive information or making important transactions.

Trends in Maiden Name Signature 

Nowadays there is a high trend especially after Bollywood actresses started adding their mother’s maiden name or mother’s maiden name in their signature or their existing name (after marriage).

How does it matter, do we not love our parents hence we should keep our mother’s maiden name in our signature and official name? This is the stupid argument few women and girls give me when told to remove the mother’s maiden name from their official name after marriage.

The reason is clear one should not use 2 surnames, one husband’s surname, and another mother’s maiden surname because you can’t drive in 2 different boats at the same time.

It is like you are mentally absent in the husband’s house and physically present in the husband or marriage house. 

Hence, there is always a big conflict in the mind of a newly married lady – to whom should I listen – mother or mother-in-law because the surname in the signature depicts mother or mother figure (before the marriage) and mother-in-law after the marriage and this rule applies to both the parties viz HUSBAND and WIFE.

What If I Keep Mother’s Maiden Name in My Signature?

When you insert your mother’s maiden name or 2 signatures – one from your maiden name and another husband’s surname, this starts creating conflict in the mind of the woman, why should I listen to my mother-in-law and who is she to order me to obey?

In a new marriage or even after 10 years of marriage, I have seen the lady/woman not respect the husband’s mother and internally there is a big disagreement on the family’s values, culture, lifestyle, and even the customs of the husband’s family.

The Girls always disagree to perform any rituals/customs. Neither does she like to stay in join the family because in the name there are 2 surnames and also 2 signature surnames showing there is a Dilemma and a confused state of mind.

This confusion leads to severe disputes and lots of miscommunication and a gap between the mother-in-law, husband, and their family.

According to Signature Science, when a girl keeps the Mother’s Maiden Name, Zero Energies (Shakti also known as Yin Energy get added to her personality) thus if we see the law of signature – There are triple energies in the family – 

  1. Woman’s Name (She is Shakti Swaroop)
  2. Maiden Name (Her father’s name or maiden name consists of Shakti – As the 1st Letter of Maiden name

       depicts her Mother)

    3.Husband Surname (New Energy is added as Husband Surname 1st Letter depicts her mother-in-law)

So, see the total energies are driven off her moods and also this leads to a confused state of mind, due to multiple energies working on the signature.

Mother’s Maiden Name in Signature

Few women do not accept newly married families or quite possibly that they get lots of time to adjust to the new family hence, they keep only their name and their maiden name ( expelled their husband’s name in the name ) in their signature.

Even, though I have seen few signatories and official documents of marriage couple has their surname which leads to big chaos in their marriage life, the reason is clear, a new structure has to accept in husband ( guy family ) and she (woman) has to leave the Maiden Name as a part of not an only ceremony but also drop mother’s maiden name as he is given Kanyadaan ( transfer of energy to another family )

WOMEN are said to be the Swaroop of Mother Nature, she sacrifices their life and accepts pain to give birth to new creatures hence she tends to accept the new family if she wants to become a mother.

Mother’s Maiden Surname and Motherhood

I have also seen in my clinical practice in Graphology, that after marriage Wife keeps a double name and double signature due to which she is unable to conceive, and even if she gets conceived after lots of obstacles she will not give birth in normal delivery- it will give childbirth in C-Section Surgery.

Again, the Second Delivery seems to such girls to be quite difficult as acceptance is absent in women’s minds and there are lots of grudges for the husband, family, and mother-in-law.

1st Year of Marriage is Crucial – Mother Maiden Name Effect

Yes, it is true, I remember my mentor Mr.Milind Rajore told us in his graphology class that 1st Year of marriage is always crucial. If a man and woman pass on this phrase, there is a high chance that marriage will move smoothly for the rest of your life. 

But in this 1st Year of Marriage, both men and women should accept their respective families as one side acceptance or love can’t balance the happy married life.

This acceptance can be seen in the form of the husband’s name and surname should include and also acceptance on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Celebrities with Double Surname or Mother’s Maiden Name

The newly married girl says I have seen many married couples and women entrepreneurs and leaders keeping double surnames or maiden names in name as well as in signature, but they do not get divorced or get separated.

Even if the woman is keeping Maiden Name in her Name and the marriage continues, the issue of mismanagement and communication gap always prevails in their marriage life which further may convert into Divorce, maybe after 10, 20, or even 25 years of marriage.

This trend started with Actress Malaika Arora who married Actor Arbaaz Khan and kept her Maiden Name as Malaika Arora Khan, married in 1998 and separated in 2007. 

When my Mentor talked in his session during the 2000s, many of their women students were opposed to this concept, but later we learned about the results.

Not only, the separation, and frustration but this also seems to attract severe ailments, ideally gynecological ailments like Hysteroscopy ( Surgical Removal of Uterus ), PCOS/PCOD, Irregular or Painful Menstruation, etc.

What is the Ideal Way to Keep a New Name and Signature?

Hence, it is always advisable to keep only Women Name, with the husband’s Name Initial and Husband’s Surname. As this will balance the Energies in their life.

I wish and hope my article on Mother’s Maiden Name gives an insight to many Sisters and Mothers of India and also to my Fellow Lady Graphologists who will understand the importance of Surname in Signature Science.

Looking forward to your comments on this article.

Yours Sincerely,

Nirav Hiingu