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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 : Who will be next Prime Minister of India 2019 ?

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 : Who will be next Prime Minister of India 2019

Who will be the Next Prime Minister Of India?

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Finally, I pick up my pen to check out the results for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 which is going on in India, after doing a lot of research and doing unbiased calculations to find out as to who will be the  Next Prime Minister of INDIA.

Is it Narendra Modi OR Rahul Gandhi?

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Well, it’s a big mystery now for not only the Indians but also for the whole world.

I have followed a different methodology to derive the real answers for Lok Sabha Elections 2019, from the COSMOS which include  3 different paths based on my understanding :

1- Occult Science (Numerology)

2- Spiritual Path through Meditation (Intuition)

3- Based on Current Trends, Facts and Figures (Logic).

Numerology and Lok Sabha Elections 2019

1- Occult Science ( Numerology as 1st Method )

Firstly, I will make it clear that neither Numerology nor any other Occult Science predicts an exact future. Numerology helps to give an insight into the future only and gives clarity to start working on your goals and execution.

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Today, on 19th May 2019, 6:30 pm, Place: Dharamshala, I start making calculation on LokSabha Elections 2019 and I am amazed to see the results.

In Numerology, there are many methodologies to know the hidden answers to your queries. It is your own subconscious mind coordinating with Universe which gives you the solution.

Sepharial Kabala of Numbers

To get the answer to the queries is easily available in the Eastern Philosophy in Astrology Science and there are many books available on this subject. But the Western World is not behind in Occult Sciences. They have also developed such a methodology to increase human efficiency and to know the solutions to the unknown origins.

This methodology is known as THE NUMBERS OF KABALA which is developed by Sepharial, an ardent Scholar and an eminent numerologist.

Method: The person who would like to ask questions need to Frame the question and recite any digits between1 and 9, for 9 times.

After jotting down the Numbers, the Numerologist needs to add all the digits and add 3 later in that calculation – the final number will be your answer to your question.

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I framed the question as “Who will be the next prime minister of India 2019, Narendra Modi?”

I jotted down the digits and added as 3,2,6,2,6,4,9,8,3 = total comes to 43, plus the addition of 3 in this digit gives as 46, hence I look upon the reading for Number 46 is as follow.

46– You are taking unnecessary workload on your head, you won’t get the desire and fruitful results. Although you have to by-pass to extreme hardship and long struggle but till there is a doubt that you will achieve the success you are looking for.

Hence, No doubts the chances of Narendra Modi to become Next Prime Minister of India 2019 is very high but he has to pass on through the very tough fight against the opposition.

Chances are high that opposition won’t agree to make Alliance and even if they make the NDA Government will have a tough time compared to 2014 Alliances.

2.Prashna Kundali by Numerology ( Numerology as 2nd Method )

It is my favourite method which I often use to get instant but correct answers to my queries.

This methodology is known as Karya-Siddhi, Asiddhi Padhhati in Eastern Numerology.

I have already mentioned in my 1st blog of Numerology series that each and every letter has been assigned some number for the planet with a specific power hidden in it.

Here, the name of the person who is asking the Question, his/her name has to be converted into a Number as per Pythagoras Method , then one has to choose any 7 Gems , then the numerologist will convert those GEMS letter into Numbers, add the Current Date in those 2 Numbers ( Name of Person + Gem Numbers + Current Date )

Hence, I asked, “Who will win in the upcoming elections in India 2019, Narendra Modi ?”

Name of Person asking Question: Nirav Hingu

N -5 , I-9 , R-9 ,A-1 , V-4 = 28

H-8 , I-9 , N-5 , G- 7 , U- 3 = 32

Hence, the name, Nirav Hingu total = 60

Now, I choose RUBY as the Gem for this question.

(R =2) + (U=3) + (B=2) + (Y=7) = 14

Hence, Ruby = 14

Now, let’s see the current date 19th May, when this question was asked. Here, only the date will be taken for further calculations, hence 19.

So, we add all these numbers as 60 + 14 + 19 = 93

Now when we divide this total by 3, whatever number we get as the quotient, will decode the answer to the question.

If the remainder is 1 then it is YES –Positive

If the remainder is 2 then it is NO – Negative

If the remainder is 0 then it is Success after lots of Obstacles

I received an answer as 0 (ZERO) hence Narendra Modi will have to face many troubles before forming his Modi sarkar. This means that the chances are of Narendra Modi to become “Next prime minister of India 2019” are extremely high.

2- Spiritual Path through Meditation (Intuition – 3rd Method)

Today, i.e on 19th May 2019, I have been fortunate to attend a ceremony of a renowned monk – named Swami Hanumatananda Saraswatiji, located at Andretta Village, District – Kangra, State -Himachal Pradesh.

Swami Hanumatanandaji has left his physical body ( Mahasamadhi ) a few days ago.

I had the opportunity to meet many spiritual gurus, monks and scholars at this event. I asked one of the known Monks from Nirman Akhada(it is the sect of Shri Chandra Bhagwan – Reincarnation of Lord Shiva). His name is Brahma Muni, who resides in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. I asked him directly as to who will win the ”upcoming elections in India 2019”- Mr. Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi?

He closed his eyes and meditated for a few minutes.

He said when I went into meditation and asked my soul for the answers- It shows me the Image of Lotus.

My Answer was well received so I thanked him for providing me with the answer through his meditation. Indeed, I was looking at the spiritual front.

We all know that Intuition never goes wrong; hence, I consider Brahma Muni ji’s answer correct through his intuition power.

3- Logic based on Current Trends, Facts and Figures. ( 4th Method)

Now, let’s move on to the practical world as to what the scholars, political leaders, analysts, and experts say on the Upcoming Elections in 2019.

Modi OR Gandhi?

Since the Political Campaign by both the parties is at peak level, we can’t say whose campaign is better and the commitments, these parties are claiming, will be actually fulfilled after the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Well, now on the practical front, let’s analyse Mr.Modi’s campaign, his work, his brand value in the political world, his leadership qualities, his communication and organizational skills which prove to be very high and exceptionally good compared to Mr.Rahul Gandhi whose political record seems to be wavy and unstable.

Based on the above-mentioned skills, Rahul Gandhi seems to have failed because he keeps on blaming people based on false myths, documents and rumours which do not have any authentication whereas Modi has claimed everything with documentation of his political work.

PS: I am not supporting any person or party,  it is the clear cut work of the Government which makes me believe in the system that will prove fruitful for the future of INDIA.

Whether it is Rafel, GST, Demonetization, or Surgical Strike, UPA leaders failed to prove NDA leaders wrong through their allegations.

Based on the current work, skills and be a popular leader among Top 10 leaders in the World, Mr. Narendra Modi seems to be perfectly suitable for the candidature for the post of Prime Minister of India 2019.

Hence, the logic, facts and circumstances also point towards the Next Prime Minister of India.

Yes, Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi is to be sworn as a Prime Minister of India 2019.

Let me know how you find this blog on “Who will be Next Prime Minister of India”.


Nirav Hiingu



  1. Aapki article padh ke maza aa gaya hai bhai..

  2. very nice and elaborate process to coming on conclusion, we all know very well, who will be our prime minister in 2019.

    Above all it’s people’s voice, and we are as a democratic nation, what is most valuable in this regard is what people wants.

    The people made alliance against Mr. Modi are totally upset and failed to destroyvhis image and fanfollowing.

    Opposition killed themselves by their ugly and anti democratic and anti national activities.

    They all have proven lier and conspirators of ugliestgrade, their lies died natural and instant death.

    We need a leader like Mr. Modi, he has clear vision, he shown 20 years of dedicated proven records ofbuplifting state and nation he governed and served.

    People love him so much, he is the only man in political arena with most charashmatic abilities and attitude, whole world bows down to him and appreciate what he has done in his 5 year term.

    We all are With Mr. Modi, he is our beloved leader, and we want our nation touch new heights in economic and political empowerment, social upliftment, better law and order and peace and harmony another citizens of the nation and around the world.

    He is not only precious for our country, he is a world leader, his और and dedicated workmanship and results he has produced amazed leaders if most powerful nation’s of the world.

    They all appreciate and offered open hearted support and made alliance for mutual growth and empowerment for now and for the future.

    I am in advance give him congratulations to become our PM for next 5 years.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and calculations regarding it. नमो नमो

    🙏 Thanks

  3. Jayant Raichurkar

    Amazing article Nirav, I just happened to read and it has turned out to be closely true.

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