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Element in Face Reading:  According to the Vedic Shastra and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, the cosmos is made up of 5 elements – Agni ( Fire), Prithvi ( Earth), Vayu ( Air), Jal ( Water ), Aakash ( Space )

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Ancient Scholars says: There are Eight Energies in this Cosmos, 5 are Material Energies and 3 Subtle Energies.

5 Factors To ELEMENT In Face Reading

These 5 Material or Gross element Agni, Prithvi, Vayu, Jal and Aakash whereas 3 Subtle Energies are Mann ( Mind ), Buddhi ( Intelligence) and Ahankar (Ego).

According to the Vedas and Vedic Astrology, only 4 Elements are given consideration in Face Reading, there are Agni ( Fire ), Prithvi ( Earth), Vayu ( Air ) and Jal ( Water ).

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The Untold Secret To ELEMENT In Face Reading in Less Than Ten Minutes

Sky Element in Face Reading – which is also termed as Akash or Ether in Sanskrit is said to be Neutral in nature. Even in Numerology, Ether is given Number of Opportunities No.3 which is said Number of Jupiter whereas the planet Jupiter qualities define who keep exploring the opportunities and new avenues.

Always helpful to nature and people and gives back the knowledge and resources to society.

Hence we can find the qualities of Sky is the same, it always gives back, opportunities have wide space to include everyone and make cosmos beautiful with its presences.

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Chinese System & Element in Face Reading

According to Chinese Philosophy and Physiognomy, they consider Wood and Metal in the Pancha-Mahabhuta i.e in Material Energies.

But here it creates controversy with Indian System of Face Reading because in ancient India to till date the preference and importance are given only to 5 Element which includes Agni ( Fire) , Prithvi ( Earth) , Vayu ( Air ), Jal ( Water ) and Akash ( Sky ) and that too Ether is excluded for a specific reason which I already mention the reason for the same.

But Chinese philosophy does not match to Eastern Philosophy because Metal and Wood are derived from Earth Element, hence it can’t be given separate state or element in cosmos or Physiognomy.

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