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What is a North West Facing house Vastu Plan?

To make a North-West facing house Vastu Plan, one only needs a proper method to locate the direction of space by checking with a Magnet Compass. The centre of the house is said to be the Brahmsthaan.

Does the North West Facing House Vastu Plan bring Name or DeFame?

The main ill-effect in a NorthWest-Facing House is that all the house residents in Vastu suffer from severe health issues.

It is a known fact that such negative Vastu has the effects mentioned below:

  • The earning members of the house always undergo severe stress.
  • There is no stable income (weak cash flow).
  • Children in the house are unable to concentrate on their studies.
  • Family members are unable to make firm decisions.
  • A Waverly mindset prevails in the family.
  • Bad Luck always follows them.
  • There are a number of guests arriving in the house and residing in the house for a longer period.

North West Facing House Vastu Plans and Main Door:

There are 9 Pada (Door Placements) in each wall hence, to locate the exact door placement, one should divide the wall into nine parts and then see the location of the main door.

Out of 9 pada on the north-west side, 27rd ( Mukhya ) 28th ( Bhallad ) and 29th ( Som ) Pada are the most favourable. 

You can read the complete article on Door Placement and Vastu.

North West Facing House Vastu Plans and Vastu Dosha remedies:

North East Direction: This direction is affected by ‘Air Element’ governed by Lord Vayava and Chandrama Graha (Planet Moon).

Since the northeast direction is governed by the Moon Planet, it is noticed that people having bedrooms in this area, make their mind unstable.

The couple having a master bedroom does not stay in this house, they usually have to move out of the home due to job or business trip. The air element in the north-west zone throws/moves them out of the house.

The North West Facing Vastu house gives lots of creativity and vivid imagination but the person residing in this region does not get enough credit for his/her work and s/he has to work hard to show his/her authenticity of the work.

This area also depicts the over-thinking thought process of the human. Thus the damage Vastu in North West Facing House Vastu make people over-sensitive and exaggerate for every single event in his/her life.

Remedies for Vastu Dosh in North West Direction : 

  1. Keep the Chandra Yantra on the North West Wall Corner.
  2. If there is a kitchen located in this direction then due to the damage in the north-west facing house Vastu, there is a heaviness feel in mind of the lady working in the kitchen, guests keep arriving and food is cooked 24X7 hence fixing Chandra yantra gets relief in Vastu.
  3. Apply the Cream Colour Paint on the walls.
  4. Keep the White Colour Ganesha Idol inside – outside the wall ( above the main door ).
  5. Keep the Shree Yantra made up of Silver both inside and outside the wall ( above the main door ).

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