The Ultimate Revelation Of Does Reiki Heal Depression

Does Reiki heal Depression?

This question often comes to all the Healers no matter s/he is into Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing or Chakra Healing etc. My Answer to the above question is Yes, Reiki can definitely help in Depression.It takes some time/session because it depends on how long the ailment is and what is the intensity of the depression.

It is firmly believed at both Healing Science and Psychology that all the ailment get rooted into Mental and Emotional Level. Hence Reiki Practitioner work at the energy level whereby s/he goes into the root cause of the ailment – at mental and emotional state hence giving a permanent healing to the people suffering from severe depression.


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A Combination of Reiki with Karuna Reiki helps in healing faster.

How Thought effect our Mind and Body?

It is said that whatever you think that shall become that. Simple term: your own thought pattern create your personality.Neither 9 planet nor your circumstance is responsible for your growth or failure.

We often think: What other think of Us – ( “Log Kya Kahenge”), hence this thought pattern gives rise to Inferior complex, thereby blocking the thinking pattern of the brain ( Constructive Thought).


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These further lead to fill up the brain with Negative Emotions we have heard from other peoples. Even your repetition of certain thought ( Auto Suggestions ) whether positive or negative – lead to shaping our mindset and identity. Hence one should be careful while accepting the thought of other-regarding self-image.

Because once you accept thought the negative thought of other, you self-esteem start getting low and you feel anxiety and put yourself at the lower side, Consequence this may create a path to Anxiety, fear and Depression.


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People do ask me for referral for their healing as they felt I am regular Reiki Practitioner. Hence I always refer to my colleague to are into full-time healing practice. Now without wasting time, let goes to a real-life case study in Reiki Healing.


The Ultimate Revelation Of Does Reiki Heal Depression


How A Person get Rid of Depression through Reiki

Last month I met one Trainer in Mumbai who narrates his real-life story with regards to Black Magic and Fear.
Mr Rajesh ( Named changed for privacy ) who worked as a Senior Voice Ascent Trainer in leading training institute in Mumbai recall his past memories when he was working in BPO in Mumbai.

IN those days he met few people on facebook – a Community who practice black magic for the inviting the evil spirit(s) and get the work done through them.

After the few chats in the facebook group, this group leader met Rajesh in person and gave him methodology saying it is a Satvik Sadhana wherein you will get connected to higher consciousness and get a blessing from Almighty. Rajesh did not know the ritual this group is giving to him is nothing but black magic.


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Anyway, Rajesh started chanting the mantras and rituals as described by this community leaders. The daily night he used to do the rituals and in the early morning, he went to his office.

After 21 days, Rajesh starts getting horrible sounds and image getting reflected and the fearful images create the nightmare. As a result- Rajesh went into mental agony due to the evil spirit keep distracting him from the job and harass him whenever he is alone – either at home or even sometimes at an office.

Once, when Rajesh was resting on a couch of office, he felt the evil spirit is caught his throat and start yelling weird sound in his ears. Immediately his Manager enters the room and saw Rajesh in the fearful situation.

When he inquires his Immediate Boss get to know about the whole scenario and even his own Boss told him that he ( Rajesh Boss – Mr Lalit ) himself is Reiki Grand Master.


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He said: Rajesh, Since 12 days, whenever I used to come to speak to you, I always felt some negatives vibes from you, I did not reveal to you as you may think to be weird and get hurt.

But today when I hear about your ritual and current situation, I advised you as a friend that you should stop all those rituals and chanting of those mantras given by those so-called healers of Facebook Community.

Rajesh narrates his complete story of that community and starts taking Reiki treatment from his immediate boss – Mr Lalit. Lalit used to give him daily Reiki energy for around 45-72 minutes.

Due to this Rajesh started getting rids from the Mental agony and Depression. After 46 days of treatment, Rajesh was absolutely fine and he is living a normal healthy life.

Let me know how you find this blog on Reiki?

Nirav Hiingu


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