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What does the term ‘Diplomatic’ mean ?

Diplomacy/Diplomatic is the science and art of maintaining peace-loving relationships between groups, nations, or even individuals. Most often, diplomats are members of various groups who discuss topics such as trade, conflict and environment, technology and security.

What is the meaning of Diplomatic in Hindi?

Diplomatic/Diplomacy is कूटनीति in Hindi,  which means the style and way of communication or rather we can say the art and practice of conducting negotiations between two individuals.groups or nations.

Kut/कूट means Softly and Niti/नीति means tactful hence speaking with extreme care in a way not to hurt anyone and get your work done without letting the person(s) know.

We can know a person’s behavior through the body language and understand his/her inner psyche through verbal communication but there is one more way to understand human behavior by means of written communication known as Graphology (the technical term) also known as Handwriting Science.

How to Identify the Person with Diplomatic Handwriting?

Yes, it is possible to study the signature and detect a diplomatic person through this science of handwriting.

In Handwriting Science/Signature analysis, we look upon the 2 letters for detection of the diplomatic human. They are letters M and N , it is seen in both the cases – small letters and capital letters.

What are Major Traits in the Diplomatic pattern?

  1. The First letter (hump) is bigger in size.
  2. The Ending structure goes smaller in script and signature.
  3. The size of the script or signature will be medium to large. Many times, the analyst is unable to read the script due to the mentioned pattern of diplomacy/diplomatic human.
  4. The Stem in Script will be taller with sharpness either at top or bottom of letter.
  5. There is a right slant in the script which shows expressive nature.
  6. Sometimes, blunt stroke/hook is also seen in the letters M and N in the Handwriting/Signature.
  1. While observing in the Cursive handwriting, it is generally seen that the pen is not lifted during the script and it moves smoothly in the direction (left or right slant).
  1. The script in signature always moves in the right direction and keeps going smaller and slant upright.
  2. There is also a stroke (club stroke) is seen in a few letters especially in N and M letters in the starting part, i.e stem.

Many people connect this 2nd hump as diplomacy which is not the correct trait. But we need to be careful while assessing that if the hump (2nd one) is larger than the 1st hump in M and N then it does not mean the person is diplomatic in nature.

Also, make a note that along with stem in M and N, there is a sharpness in the letter which shows the strong firm decision maker and reasoning in his/her statement or conversation.

Final Note – Before concluding if any person is a diplomatic human, we have to take care of the other traits also, such as slant , printed or cursive handwriting style, and the margin.

But on an average, we as a Graphologist,I have seen the above mentioned traits as diplomacy/diplomatic humans.

The same pattern will also be reflected in the Signature also.

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