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Clarifications On Palm Reading And Death

Death and Palmistry: Man is the best creation of  God in this Cosmos and human life is full of confusion, unsolved mysteries, and unanswered questions. In Spite of effort from scientists all across the world, They are unable to discover the intricate structure of the human body, especially the brain and palm. The more they try to solve this activity, the more they get entangled.

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When it comes to the Palm There are lots of unsolved questions to the human being, which can be known by  Palmistry OR Palm reading,

The aim of all knowledge and occult science in this world is to understand the human being, his behaviour pattern, and to keep him happy but this is possible only when one is able to know the latent secrets of a man beforehand because these secrets spoil the whole thing by appearing suddenly in the form of uncertainty.

There are many sciences which try to peep into the Past and Future and for this purpose, human has used all possible techniques and science to the future.

‘Future’ is such a word which is in itself a secret, very tedious and inaccessible in meaning.

For reading the future, Astrology is said to be the best tool in today’s modern world. There are other science in occult also such Numerology, Tarot Card, Calling Spirit, Automatic Writing to name a few, which helps in reading the past and future, but when it comes to accurate prediction, mostly all the mentioned science get failed, even Astrology can’t predict the exact date and time of upcoming events/happenings.

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Palmistry is the only science in the sea of Occult which helps not only in knowing the exact events but also the date and time of the event.

Sometimes I wonder and bow to toward the Almighty and ancient Rishis and Munis those efforts has given us amazing insight into the event of the future.

If there is anything which can throw light on this ‘mystery’ of Future Prediction or help in understanding this, it is only the science of palmistry which most learned men have accepted with one voice. 

But It is necessary to take into consideration several factors while studying lines on a hand.

Palm Reading is not an entertainment tool, as usual, people practise in parties or socialization, people make fun of the person knowing this mystic science.

I remember when I was in college, students from other Departments used to come to me and know about their Studies, marriage and Career Options and when I start giving an insight of their personality, they either run away or become speechless on the given predictions.

I recall a movement of last week when  I went to my friend’s home, we move outside the house and roaming near the seaside at Dadar ‘s Shivaji Park.

My friend asks me :

Whether Palmistry works or it is fake?

I immediately asked her to show her palm line (although it was late evening around 6-6:30 pm), Palmistry says, an eminent Palmist should always see(read) the hands in the early morning as the lines are clear and due to the good flow of blood in the morning, the reading comes very accurately.

Since I was analysing her palm, couple passing nearby ask me to analyse and tell about his personality. I saw the palm and just my analysing the mount of Jupiter and Mercury – I told the behaviour pattern of the stranger and couple were shocked to know about the reading – although – I, haven’t given any generalise reading as a maximum astrologer and occult science practitioners do.

I mean to say from the above example, palm reading/palmistry is an amazing tool to know the future events of human life if it is practised with truth and honesty.

Today’s we all are scared of the future and death as it is uncertain, I am always fascinated by knowing the date of death through different sciences in the Occult, even Numerology (Indian) give a tentative date for the time of death but the result of Palmistry was fantastic.

By writing this blog on the Palm Reading it doesn’t mean that I am an expert in Science what I have done in occult life and i have analysed many hands and get to know that the future predictions can get to know only by Palmistry.

Death Time and Palm Reading :

The lines made by God on a man’s hand were made after a deep thought. Each line found on the palm has its own importance and is closely connected with some other lines. 

My previous life events have proved that the indication of lines on a hand give a correct reading and they tell the bare naked truth and nothing else, whatever mystery is hidden in them, is fully authentic.


Can Palm Reading Predict Death ?

The approach of death or the hour of death is clearly indicated by lines of palm well in advance.

Renowned Indian Palmist, Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali also stated these traits in his book on Palmistry.

  1. Time of death or the hour of death is clearly indicated by lines of palm well in advance, Six months before the day of death, a net of zig-zag lines if formed on the nail of the finger of Saturn.
  2. If the life-line comes to an abrupt stop all of a sudden and at the spot where it stops a black mark or cross-sign (X)  is found and if a line is drawn from this cross towards the lifeline, the resultant time will be the age of the person.
  3. If the heart-line (line below the mount of Mercury and ends at the mount of Jupiter) has disappeared on the way and maybe suddenly visible under the mount of Saturn, then it should be understood that the man will die prematurely and will not be able to enjoy full age or life assigned to him/her.
  4. If the heart line meet the Head Line under the Mount of Jupiter of Saturn and the same combination is also seen in Left hand then it also confirmed that person will not live the full age.

In India, on an average lifespan of people is around 60- 70 year, Hence if the man dies at the age of 40-45 year it has to be considered premature death.

The above facts are an indication of incomplete age in human life, but the above facts, are as true as GOD, there are other factors ( combination traits ) also which gives exact time and date of the cause and time zone for death. 

Let me know how did you find this blog on Palmistry?


Nirav Hiingu