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Combination of Hands and Fingers in Palmistry

Before we talk about the shape and structure of fingers and the palm, let us look at the aspect of palm reading– short and long hands which are the main two types of palm shape. A little practice will assist you in assessing the length of the fingers at a glance.

The fingers are said to be as long as fingers if they can fold back and touch the spot, at least seven-eight of the way along the palm. Also, there are few you will see having oblong palms with long or medium fingers length. 

Long Fingers in Palmistry

People with long fingers in palmistry always pay attention to the details. They enjoy the freedom. Their work will be gratifying. Simple work structure bores such people easily as they are very creative.  

Fingers in Palmistry

Short Fingers in Palmistry

People with short fingers have lots of energies. They keep themselves busy and very good at multitasking.

Such people love to work. However, s/he easily become part of office politics. They are very disciplined, value time and demand punctuality else get irritated and bored soon.

Due to multitasking and lack of patience, the anger levels increase, thus unable to focus on work.

Medium Fingers in Palmistry

This category falls into neither too long nor too short. Its a combination of short and long fingers which gives them a balanced mindset. They have a reasonable level of patience and temperament. 

However, they tend to jump to conclusions and make hasty decisions. They may sometimes skip the details whenever they are working on high priority.

There are some quick rules of observing the fingers in Palmistry by the expert, Cheiro.

  1. If the fingers in palmistry of an individual X are short and stumpy in proportion to his/her palm then X is of animal nature, possessing coarse instincts, devoid of human nature like real intellectuality, and belong to the lower order of humanity.
  2. If the fingers and the palm appear to be equal in length, the owner belongs to the more cultured race. He has a more intellectual line of ancestors and for the work requiring intelligence and a great mentality. 
  3. When the fingers look unusually long, thin, out of proportion to the palm, the individual moves towards too much refinement.

    The individual is not suited for business or work as they lack a practical attitude. Instead, the individual is best suited for work-related to research, science, literature, philosophical and educational work, anything related to higher qualities of the mind.
  4. The person with fingers having knotted joints is very dependent for work requiring great thoughtfulness and concentration.
  5. On the other hand, a person with long fingers with smooth joints has a high intelligence quotient. S/he may be visionary, highly emotional and impulsive hence cannot be trusted for any work related to science and research.

    They lack a sense of love for details. There is a need for discipline and a high ethos.

Individual Fingers in Palmistry and their Rapid Readings

  1. The first finger in Palmistry is considered to be a Dictator, Lawgiver, Ambitious, Enthusiasm and Leadership qualities. If this finger is unusually long and equal to the second finger then all the given qualities will be pronounced.
  2. If this finger is crooked, then the above good qualities will decline and the person may suffer from high false ego and pride and does not give regards to other people.
  3. If the Second finger is straight and smooth, the owner is serious and may be inclined towards an unstable mindset but s/he will pay regard and take his/her work seriously. But be aware this finger should not be crooked else the tendency may move towards Melancholy.
  4. If the Third Finger is extremely straight and long, then there is a huge desire to achieve name, fame, glory, public attention and become like a celebrity, suitable for those who are moving into professions like Actor, Politician, Civil Services, Cricketer etc.
  5. If this finger is crooked then the above good qualities will decline and be exaggerated. Love for money will increase and gambling tendencies may be increased. One can’t trust such humans especially while dealing in finances.
  6. The Fourth/Short/Little finger in Palmistry is said if long and passes on to the nail joint of the third finger then it shows authority and power of speech. Such a human has an amazing hold on language and knows – how and when to speak out the words as per the circumstances.
  7. However, if this finger gets crooked then the above qualities go in reverse and the person hesitates to speak but s/he will express the feeling in the form of writing.
  8. The shorter the little finger, the more insensitive and timid they are in nature, especially in the presence of a stranger.S/he may become pathological liars and speak fairy tales to support and convince his ideas.

Fingers Shape and Size of Fingers in Palmistry

  1. Whenever we see the first and third finger of equal height and proportion it is a good sign of a balanced mind. But nowadays, it is rare to find such a finger.
  2. When the fingers are supple at the joints and move with flexibility, i.e turns backwards or outwards from the palm, then it is a good sign of an intelligent and witty brain. But the darker side of owners of such fingers is that they lack the constant flow of energy and purpose in their life.
  3. Fingers which turn inside the palm easily depict that person is extremely slow in grasping new ideas and concept but it is also true that such people have high memory retention and hold a good grip on a specific subject (which they are interested in ) and once they make up their mind, they complete the work in the stipulated time.

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Nirav Hiingu