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Palm Reading Analysis of Sushant Singh Rajput Why he Suicide?

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It is a big misfortune for every indian when we lose a big star of entertainment and cinema. More over the loss of this human is not only to Bollywood but also to the people to those he was an idol and mentor. 

I am talking about Late.Mr. Sushant Singh Rajput. Those death news spread like a fire in the jungle.

He was found dead at his residence in Bandra, Mumbai on June 14.

All the media houses declared the news as suicide and still the investigation is going on this matter. But I found a few differences on this actor’s palm images which is available on Google.

Image Source Google

The Images of the Palm and action of the late Sushant Singh Rajput does not match and validate the death cause by suicide. 

Many Handwriting analysts ( better known as Graphologists ) start judging and analyzing the old handwriting sample of actors based on images available on Google Search Engine. Check the Images.

Image Source Google

Even, i tried to go through the Handwriting Sample but i did not found any traits of suicide in Sushant handwriting. The images of handwriting notes consist more of positives traits than negative. 

Suicidal traits as per the Handwriting Science are drifting baselines, X Formation in Signature in the Lower Zone, Cutting of Scratching of the words/letter in the HW , Drifting of the left margin and many more.

But the above mentioned suicidial traits are absent in Sushant’s Handwriting Notes, hence I denied with the fellow Graphologists Statement for his death by suicide.

One can view my blog on Suicide, which i have written back in May 2018.

Here, we are trying to find the mystery through palmistry.

Image Source Google

Palm Reading: Sushant Singh Rajput

Ancient Palmistry says that When a person’s palm shows the Life Line has Cross (X) mark in between or at the end or the starting point of the life line, it is said to be the Aswabhavik Yoga – meaning a person dies an unnatural death.

But in sushant case the life line starts below the jupiter mount with the space between life line and head line. 

Palm Reading Analysis of Sushant Singh Rajput Why he Suicide?
Image Source Google

Also, do note the life line is very deep and long curved shaped which is going from the mount of mars to the end of the bracelets ( in right hand).

But when we look on the Left Hand the life line is moving in arch but suddenly gets broken down in the middle of the life.

This breakage can be the reason for this unnatural death of this indian actor.

There are other sign also in Palmistry which depicts the unnatural death of the human, they are :

  1. The Life line is broken abruptly.
  2. There is a mark of star or asterisk in the beginning of the life line.
  3. The life line becomes very thin and fragile like a hair line in the end or middle of the line.
  4. There is the invasion of another line, crossing /cutting the life line.
  5. Life Line is yellowish and deep color
  6. There is a spot in the lifeline either at the beginning or at the end.
  7. These spots can be white or yellow or red in colour.
  8. There is the Island ( Dweep ) in the life line or fate line or healthline.
  9. There is a triangle or cluster ( zanjeer ) in either part of the Life line or Fate line or health line.

The above combination are said to be unnatural death, which may consist of following things

  1. Meeting death due to starvation.
  2. Trampled under the feet of animal in jungle.
  3. Dowsing
  4. Quarrel lead to fight
  5. Being in Jail
  6. Diseases which is chronic and contagious.
  7. Fall from Tree or Floor.
  8. With Rope
  9. Loss in Forest
  10. Poisoned in Food/Water
  11. Entangles by Weapon

If we look upon the palm images available on Google, the image shows 2-3 signs of unnatural death of sushant. 

Palmistry Reading of Sushant Singh Rajput

You can clearly see the Lifeline is thin, the breakage of lifeline in left hand and fading of the Life Line in the middle section of the Palm in right hand.

Since the image of his palm is not very clear, I am unable to sort out the exact cause of this death through analysis of his palm.

But few pointers as I have mentioned in this blog show that the suicidal tendency is not seen in the palm of sushant.

Let me show you the few traits of the person who does the suicide.

  1. The Head line is kept drifting and moves to the mount of the Moon.
  2. There is a Cluster ( Zanjeer ) in the Head Line.
  3. Presence of island in health line and head line 
  4. Star/Asterisk Sign seen on Moon Mount.
  5. Over Developed Moon Mount.
  6. Cut in the Head line and Life Line.
  7. The Hand of the person is weak and lean.
  8. White patches are seen in the palm especially on Moon Mount, Head line,Health Line and Life Line.

In the Sushant case, I can see only point no. 6 show life line cuts in between in the left hand.

If we look upon the Mountain, the mount of Venus.Moon and Hershal , Sun is well developed which shows its imagination ( Moon Mount ) , Soft heart and Fame in Bollywood ( Venus Mount ) , Name and Big Heart ( Sun mount ) and passion for the work ( Life Line and Mars mount ). 

Thus, there was lots of scope for him in future,if this crucial stage could be passed and he was able to cope up with stress and anxiety.

Also, one should note that there is double life line also known as supporting lines presence in the palm which shows even if some incident happens in the person life then another life line which is also said to be a supporting line helps the person to come out of the tough time.

This double line gives support, a strong will to face the hard time of life and a person comes out of the suicidal tendency or depression which is clearly seen in the actor’s hand.

I prayed for this departed soul,May his Soul rest in peace and Maa Jagdamba gives strength and energy to his family for the loss of this great soul.


Nirav Hiingu


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