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How to Channel Your Mind Through Automatic Writing

How to Channel your Mind through Automatic Writing
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What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is one of the best ways to channel your soul through writing and to find ideas and to know about the makeup of your inner part of your subconscious mind.

Dr Anita Muhl, who was  the leading woman psychiatrist has documented and experimented with automatic writing with an intention to try to learn more about the working of the subconscious level and she has found that automatic writing is one of the best ways to sort out the cause and failure of your life. 

If you hold a pen or a soft pencil in your right hand, the subconscious will write/scribble without you being very aware of what is being written. 

You can even read a book or a magazine while your other hand is busy writing on a paper. 

Interestingly she ( Dr.Anita )  has found and also a few automats ( practitioners of automatic writing in early 19’s ) has found that they have able to read the conscious mind while the right hand is busy on the subject and the left hand on the same time write about something entirely different and this mental activity carried out at one time while brain is /conscious mind is dealing with other activities.

Dr Anita further claims that It ( automatic handwriting ) needs several hours of training and many  experts and psychologists also found the percentage is very less in learning the technique of automatic writing.

Although,Any good hypnotic subject can also write automatic writing easily while going into the deep dance of hypnotic session. 

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Does Doodling has any connection with Automatic Writing?

People who do a lot of doodling are usually very good subjects and capable of learning automatic writing very quickly and doodling may be quite meaningful if you can interpret it.

Automatic writing is probably the ideal way of gaining information from your subconscious mind One should realise that the subconscious mind knows everything i.e the cause of your emotional difficulties and illness / physical ailments and mental disability.

And whatever information we share, all the answers to those queries are stored in a subconscious mind but with the help of automatic writing the question can be asked to your subconscious mind and reply can come out in a written format.

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What are Benefits of Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is one of the best tools in the psychology world. With the words which are usually running together ( while doing automatic handwriting ) without spacing you may feel the writing is sometimes clear or sometimes the letters are not well formed, so it may be very hard to read your own script. 

It may be done very slowly although sometimes the help will move very fast on the paper. The writing may be sometime in a normal way from the left side to right side or sometime it may maybe reverse i.e backside, upside down, mirror writing or even the combination of all these traits. Automatic writing is one of the best ways of communicating directly with your inner mind.

How to Channel Your Mind Through  Automatic Writing

How to develop automatic writing ?

Before beginning the session in automatic writing it should be ideal to find out whether you actually want to learn this automatic writing. 

You may find it sometimes difficult if you’re not getting the initial result hence you have to find a proper facility/mentor ( who can guide you ) and proper mental set up for the outcome both positive or negative. 

It is a bit of a time consuming process to get the result in automatic writing. If you need to have patience or if you are good at doodling, then you are likely to become a very good medium in learning and acquiring the skill of automatic writing then your Subconscious mind will be a great help in your life. 

How to Start with Auto-matic Writing ?

It is best to sit down in a comfortable chair without the arm or on the sofa then take a writing board or a white board or some type of wooden plank and lay down it across your knee and then place a piece of paper so it can cover the entire wooden plank. 

If you develop an automatic writing you can use such a role for a paper pulling out enough to cover the complete board 

If you sit down at the deck, and take a pen or soft pencil. Do take care that instead of holding the pen in a normal writing position it is better to take up the pen and whole between the thumb and index finger. 

Hold the pen straight up and down, with a ballpoint pen pointing resting on the paper now start at the top left of the state of the paper.

Now tell your subconscious mind that you would like to have the control of your hand and write down about anything.

You may write your name, holding a pen or pencil as described. Make a few circles and then return your hand to back to the upper left handed age of the board. 

Make no voluntary moment, some people may find it moves at once, more often it may take even more time or several minutes. But do not get discouraged when it begins to move it will make/create  several lines or patterns or cursive structure or may be geometric figures.

You may find that you have lost the track of the entire arm, and you will  see that it seems it is no longer a part of your body. 

It keeps on writing on paper without your will/desire. Allow your subconscious to keep writing, do not try to interfere in the automatic procedure. 

Why the Handwriting is showing lots of Variations?

Your handwriting may not be usual as you write on a daily basis.There may be a different handwriting pattern your words probably may not be separated, it me entangles or printed.Your hand movement may be very jerky. 

Your hand may move very slowly and me move across the board. You may try interfering but it is of no use. It is better to let your subconscious mind do its work.

You can keep an eye on your hand and observe the pattern while the procedure of automatic writing has been begun. 

Keep trying for at least 20 minutes if the hand does not move, do not get discouraged you can try for a second-third time even after several attempts of failure do not get discouraged because ultimately it will work  .

When you learn the technique of auto hypnosis, you can try this technique to get a wonderful result but if you cannot produce automatic handwriting please do not get discouraged, that is  probably it is found that one person out of five can do without much effective in automatic writing and percentage or ratio is based from individual to individual.

But apart from failures, keep practice practising unless and until you succeed as automatic writing is done for self help not merely for any entertainment but at the same time, it is a suggestion to do the automatic handwriting under some expert guidance only.

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