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What is Nikola Tesla 369 Theory and does it work really?

Nikola Tesla 369 is a theory of manifestation based on ancient scriptures of ancient India. This Nikola Tesla 369 is sometimes also known as 369 Nikola Tesla which is again the same experiments conducted by Mr. Nikola himself.

Let’s drive into the amazing secretive theories of Tesla 369.

Who is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, as well as a futurist who is best recognized for his contribution to the development of the current electric power supply system that uses alternate current.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1856 in Smijan, Croatia. His father’s name was Multin Tesla and his Mother’s name was Duke Tesla. Nikola was an extraordinary child who had several spiritual and para-psychological experiments since his childhood.

He had gone through body experience which is also known as ‘astral traveling’ (check out my blog on astral traveling ) also known as ‘Sukshma Shareer Yatra’ in Eastern philosophy.

Nikola Tesla has more inclination for learning and he was also blessed with an amazing photographic memory.

Nikola Tesla was very much obsessed with Numbers (Numerology and such occult sciences).

Hence, he had a firm belief in mystic science and it is believed he studied Indian scripture like Bhagwat Geeta and other ancient texts which helped him to innovate the best products which we are using on a daily basis nowadays.

What are Nikola Tesla inventions?

Nikola Tesla has done several experiments and made many inventions such as X-Rays, Neon Light, Remote Control, Alternating Current (AC), Induction Motor, Hydro-Electric Power, Radio, Radio Control Boat, and many more.

There are thousands of patents in his name but sadly this great scientist was not given that recognition when he was alive.

He even died in poor condition and died on 7th January 1943 in Room No.3327 ( again numbers appear as 3, 6, and 9 ) at The New Yorker Hotel, in New York, USA.

What exactly is the Nikola Tesla 369 Method?

Nikola says that “If you knew the magnificence of the 3-6-9 then you would have a key to the Universe.”

Even Scientist Mr.Marko Rodin says, “3 6 9 represent flux fields or vectors from the 3rd or 4th dimension”. 

Nikola further believes that these numbers, especially 369 represent energy, frequency, and vibrations. 

Hence, it is said that he started analyzing and experimenting with these theories by walking around the building 3 times a day, washing his utensil and then with napkins 6 times a day, and staying in the room no.3 

As mentioned above he even died in Room No.3327 representing again numbers 369 Nikola Tesla theory,

What was Nikola Tesla’s Belief in the 369 Theory?

Nikola firmly believes that repetition has amazing power on our brain cells ( neurons ) and our conscious and subconscious mind. Hence, writing the specific name and number with repetition will always manifest whatever humans desire because the special number gets repeated in sequences such as 3, 6, and 9.

For instance, if one wants a job or change in job then s/he should write down his desire job with a firm belief in this system, with repetition pattern + positive affirmation on paper, i.e 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times in the evening gives us the manifestation of our desire dreams.

But here the theory is not complete as there are many hidden secrets of repetition and affirmation in this sacred system of manifestation.

What is the Manifestation Method for Nikola Tesla 369?

I have searched many different methods of manifestation in the last 3 years of lockdown, among them, I get desired results in the law of attraction. But when it comes to the 369 Nikola tesla method, i found this method of nikola tesla 369 very accurate and result oriented.

I received an exact methodology that is very much logical, practical, and also easily implemented.

This method is connected to our Indian ancient text of the Hora system i.e astrology. I received this complete system from one excellent youtube channel that has explained this theory very precisely and also given the exact methodology to follow the Nikola Tesla 369 Method.

As per the ancient script, as explained by Risabh Gautam, this method has to follow for continuous 33 days without fail.

Find the link for his youtube video on Nikola tesla 369 theory and method in Hindi

Brahma Muhurat and Nikola Tesla 369

Script says that there are 3 time zones, one needs to follow a strict and disciplined routine to write an affirmation on paper.

In the morning when you want to write the desired affirmation then you should write it in Brahma Muhurta which starts 90-120 minutes before sunrise. 

Vedic Scripture says that to write this affirmation one should start between time starts (4 Ghadi) before Sunrise, and remain till 2 Gadi.

In the Indian Panchang/almanac, it is mentioned clearly that 1 Gadi means 24 min (even though this is the same calculation as per Indian astrology )


1 Ghadi = 24 minutes

2 Ghadi means 48 minutes

4 Ghadi means 96 minutes

So when we add 4 ghadi, 4 + 8 = 12 further addition to 12 comes Number 3 which is the number of highest energies in the universe.

Hence, one should write 3 times in the early morning in Brahma muhurta.

Madhya Sandhya and Nikola Tesla 369 

What is Madhya Sandhya?

Sandhya means the point between sunset and night. Similarly, astrology says that Madhya Sandhya starts from Sunrise to the next 10 Gadi.


1 Ghadi = 24 minutes

2 Ghadi means 48 minutes

4 Ghadi means 96 minutes

10 Ghadi means 240 minutes

So when we add 10 Gadi i.e 240 minutes, 2+4+0 = 6 which is the number of highest frequencies in the universe.

Hence, one should write 6 times in the Madhya Sandhya i.e in between those 240 minutes.

Uttam Sandhya and Nikola Tesla 369

What is Uttam Sandhya ?

As per Indian astrology and Panchang, Uttam sandhya starts with a time zone of 72 minutes before sunset. Hence it is said 3 Ghadi before Sunset.


1 Ghadi = 24 minutes

2 Ghadi means 48 minutes

3 Ghadi means 72 minutes

So when we add 3 Ghadi i.e 72 minutes, 7+2= 9 which is the number of highest vibration in the universe.

Hence, one should write 9 times in the Uttam sandhya i.e in between those 72 minutes.

Timing for Brahma Muhurat and 369 Nikola Tesla

Every City has a different time zone and timing for sunrise, kindly check your city time zone for the same.

Let’s take an example- Suppose, I am residing in Mumbai, so says on 26th May 2022 sunrise in Mumbai City is 6 am, then as per the given formula, 96 minutes before the sunrise the auspicious time zone will begin.

Thus I will write my affirmation 3 times, at 4: 24 am in the early morning.

Timing for Madhya Sandhya and 369 Nikola Tesla

If 6 am is Sunrise timing in Mumbai, the Madhyaan Sadhya is as per the given formula, 240 minutes after sunrise.

Thus I will write my affirmation 6 times at 10: 00 am.

Timing for Uttam Sandhya and 369 Nikola Tesla

Again consider 6 am as the standard time for the Mumbai region for sunrise, then as per the given formula, 72 minutes before the sunset.

Thus I will write my affirmation 9 times at 7:18 pm.  

Affirmation structure for 369 Nikola Tesla

We now knew about the Science, and logical reasoning for the tesla 3 6 9 methods, we also knew the exact time calculation as per the ancient script but we should also know what to write in affirmation in those auspicious time zones.

Scripts and Scholar says that we should write and rewrite affirmation with utmost care like it should be divided into 3 parts

  1. Reason for writing affirmation with happiness in mind.
  2. Desire Dream 
  3. Gratitude

Now based on the following structure, I will write an affirmation for convincing my parent to marry a girl of my choice, the affirmation is mentioned below

I am happy (reason with happiness in mind) because my parents have agreed to my marriage with Nisha (Desire Dream), Thank You Universe (Gratitude).

Let’s reframe this sentence for proper understanding as :

“I am happy because my parents have agreed to my marriage with Nisha, Thank you Universe!”

Frequency System and Nikola Tesla 369

Frequency means how long one has to write this affirmation means the number of days.

To get the best one should write for 33 days  continuously.

I hope this article gives you a deep insight into Tesla 369. I hope you will implement this method and get the desired results.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu