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What is Face Reading?

Face Reading which is traditionally called as Mukh Akruti Vigyan which mean The Science of Face Reading. It is also known as Physiognomy. Some this science is connected with Phrenology also which is said as Face Reading only but it is not so.

Face Reading is the complete based on Indian Origin which is the occult science branch in which we study the human being based on 9 planets and 5 elements.

This study is known to human since Vedic era. Ancient Rishi Munis used to studies the occult science and take the research forward by teaching this science at Gurukool ( Ancient form of Vedic School wherein student/disciples are taught under Tree Roof).

After the Vedic Era, this science loses its credibility and near to the time of Nath Sampradaya ( Nath Sect – Monk Path ) people consider Occult Science as Black Magic. Hence, the further disciples of Nath sect called themselves great monk and ardent scholar of occult sciences and used hypnosis, mantra and tantra to lure people and misused this occult science branch such hypnosis, mantras, tantra, face reading etc ) for their pleasure and fun.

Hence, people start avoiding those group of people having physiognomy knowledge and related science.

History of Face Reading (Mukha-Akruti Vigyan):

The Root of Face Reading lies in Indian Origin, it is said that Adiyogi Shiva ( Lord Shiva ) is the Originator of this great science. He passes this science of face reading to Maa Parvati ( her wife ) and the knowledge pass through rishi munis to different sects.

Few Scholar in Vedic Literature and Vaishnav Followers consider Lord Krishna as Founder to face reading and strongly believed that only Shri Krishna is Supreme Godhead in this Universe hence Krishna is Ultimate truth in this Cosmos.

However, I am not debating as Who is Founder – of Occult Science as I personally consider Lord Krishna and Shiva as one energy form of Ultimate truth which is known to us a Brahma OR Para-Brahma in Vedic Literature.

This will also remain as mysteries in Indian soil as who is the main contributor to this physiognomy as I believe behind every science there are many life sacrifices of the upliftment to the modalities.

Just Hypnosis which is also said to be of Indian Origin known as Sammohan Shastra get disappeared in Kali Yuga, later Mr.Mesmer founded this science and named it Mesmerium. In the late 1700s, this science of subconscious mind was renamed as Hypnosis.

Before the modern civilization started the ancient Greece scholars and occult followers started researching on physiognomy.

Among the ancient scholar in East and West, the Greece scholars took extreme interest in this field and Greece Scholar who wrote on face reading were Aristotle, Plato, Aristophanes, Hippocrates and Pliny.

But with the rise of Catholic Churches and Missionaries, this science falls under the great scrutiny and many Kings and State considered Physiognomy as Black Magic and Science of Death.

During the 1500’s King Elizabeth -I consider this science as dangerous and whoever knowing this science would be put behind the bar or stripped to the waist and whipped until the blood.

Even this law was enforced on other nation and kings state such as George -2 but the research continues secretly under great master of face reading.

Among that researcher are Charles Darwin, German’s John Kaspar Lavater, Charles Schwab etc to name few.

The Decline of Face Reading/Physiognomy

As I told you before the science of face reading want connect to Phrenology wherein the Phrenologists claimed the cheek and bumps of the brain region are due to the development of the brain itself and by studying in detail – this science of mind-reading get easy but this claim does not get any scientific back up not any validation.

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Hence many Scholars and Scientists consider Face Reading as mere Science of Superstition or Pseudoscience unlike another stream such hypnosis and handwriting analysis which is known to us as Graphology.

How does it work?

Since the birth of human on this planet, we all are curious to know the mysteries of this planet and its surrounding. It is only human who has been blessed with the brain and thinking process and make the decision based on facts and figures.

Hence, other beings on earth – birds and animals aren’t fortunate to think and acts. Hence it is our own thinking process and response or reacts to the situation and response we get from each person on this earth we meet in turn only affect our lines in palm and faces but also affect in physical form.

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In another way round our habitual pattern of thought get converted into a personality which is based on our own emotions and feelings towards self and others.

In Graphology, it is clearly explained that the thought process is the major setback of our emotions and the outcome of the situations. Therefore the process follows as

Thoughts – Words -Actions -Habits – Characters ( Personality ).

This protocol or procedure also get inhibited or apply to physiognomy as you have same belief and thoughts process, the lines and facial muscles are formed and hence the actions and continuous habits create the personality of the individual.

Hence, it is firmly stated by Swami Vivekananda – Great Philosopher and Vedic Scholar of India as “MAN IS THE ARCHITECT OF ITS OWN.”

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Creation of the Structure of the Face

So now the question arises how and when the shape and size of the face is created along with the thoughts and habit pattern. Our body structure and brain has 2 shapes known as Nature and Nature.

By nature side, I mean to say that you are inhibited or has genetic factors involved since birth, hence we can say people saying in our family: you have nose exactly like your father.mother or the eyes are like your grandfather.

Many say, your voice and actions are like your father hence you have the same style of business as your father does. This all the saying aren’t false claim because we are inbuilt with some of the qualities from, both mother and father hence as in Graphology say 1st Seven years i.e 0 – 7 years develop or under mother mentoring which makes child feeling secure, love and caring in nature.

While 2nd Seven years i.e 7-14 year the influence of the father or father figure is more hence child start copying the actions of father or father figure and develop the habits of strength, courage, risk taking etc.

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By Nurture side, I mean life events shaped the face of a human. We can put this on another way around, our face is shaped by the way we use it in our daily life.

It is scientifically proven that whatever think or act we built up or create the matter. Hence whenever we want to build up the muscles we go to the gym and do daily exercise as instructed by the trainer and in a few months, we developed the desired results.

When special occasion come, girl and ladies go to the salon to beautify their faces and glow hence we see the changes by the foundation and makeup gives amazing chances on the face.

These examples prove we human if want can make whatever we desire to. In facts, our face is the brand ambassador which get reflected and gives the inner picture of your feelings and soul.

The Successor or Eligibility for Face Reading Science

As per the Veda, this science and other mystical esoteric sciences is considered as sacred science and has to impart top only those people who maintain the purity in their whole life.

Hence Vedas and ardent followers of Face Reading Community empathise on purity in mind, words and actions.

These esoteric sciences were never ever imparted to the people outside the disciplic succession as proper spiritual training is need to gain this auspicious knowledge.

Hence the scholars in ancient era and even in modern times teacher’s give importance to the character of the individual and look whether the person is spiritual and follow the path of chastity and truth ( in thoughts, words and actions).

Those who follow the above rules will definitely get blessed with a great and deeper knowledge of Vedic Science.

I remember once I have read the book of Swami Vivekananda wherein he has mentioned in this book – Raj-Yoga , person who after reading the complete book and attain the purity hence if s/he has desire for perfect mentor on this science, believe me, you will get the master to show you the real path of Yoga.

I was shocked after reading the book and deeper desire for the Yoga, I met many masters in spiritual paths, who show me different methods to attain Samadhi Avastha ( Enlightenment ).

Let me know how you find this blog on Science of Face Reading?


Nirav Hiingu