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Vastu Tips for Mandir in Flat : Mandir (temple) has special emotions for every spiritual and religious person on this earth because we get connected to almighty in whatever form (form or formless god), we worship. I won’t discuss how and why mandir should be built as per the vastu shastra.

But I will discuss in detail about the location, aspects and features of different directions in vastu shastra for a mandir in a flat. For my previous blog on 9 zones Vastu Tips for mandir in flat and office – find the link.

Today I will be considering 16 zones (directions) of vastu to discuss on vastu tips for mandir in flat. Previously, I have published many articles on vastu shastra considering 8 zones (4 directions and 4 sub-directions) but later I learnt about 16 zones which are almost as important as per vastu shastra.

One can view my previous article on 8 zones and main door – dwar vedh.

Today I am publishing the 16 zones of vastu shastra which was first conceptualized by Dr.Khusdeep Bansal ji who is a trusted, the best and senior vastu consultant in India.

Vastu Tips for a Mandir in Flats or Houses

There are many ancient vastu consultants who only consider the North East direction as location for building mandir in a flat system.

Most of the vastu consultants opt for west and north direction as best vastu tips for mandir in flat or office also. 

Can we Built Mandir in Kitchen and Bedroom

But reality is quite different, I have seen people (maximum house in India) keep mandir in kitchen or few in bedroom which is biggest vastu dosha, hence kindly avoid to place mandir in these two areas as mandir is pious place of worship and kitchen and bedroom aren’t  meant to kept almighty residence i.e mandir.
Now, let’s move to the attributes, features and the outcomes of placement of Mandir as per Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips for Mandir in Flat

  1. North of North East: This is a good direction as per the Vastu Shastra and this creates positive vibes and gives peace and happiness.
  2. North East: Whether the ancient vastu shastra or modern vastu consultant, both agreed that it is one of the best places to build mandir in houses.
  3. East of North East: Again, a good direction to build a mandir in the house which gives happiness, calmness and makes your space/office balance.
  4. East: Although ancient vastu consultant and believer and still many people believe that after north east, this is best place for mandir, experience says, the east direction is good only for Yogis and Sanyasis hence we should avoid to build mandir in the east direction, else you will find that after sometime, you may feel internally weak and you lose all your connection in your society.
  5. East of South East: Since, it is said to be a zone of overthinking and stress, hence building mandir in this area leads to lots of stress, anxiety and overthinking. There may be a high chance of extreme family disputes and difference of opinions among family members.
  6. South East: South East is considered to be the zone of wealth and abundance, but building or placing mandir in this area does not mean that you will be wealthy or rich instead you may see losses in business or investment, there can be sudden accident of any family member or sometime to extreme case may cause death of any member in house. Yes, it is said by many vastu consultants that one can keep Shakti Mandir (those who worship Durga, Kali, Gayatri – the feminine energy of God) but honestly, avoid any mandir in south east direction.
  7. South of South East: This zone gives you lack of confidence and you may appear weak in public domain and there are high chances that you children become weak in education or have bad repute in their society.
  8. South: Mandir in South zone is not at all recommended as this may lead to bad fame and ill-fortune to the owner and other members of the house.
  1. South of South West:  This zone is said to be a zone of disposal therefore there should be no thought to build a temple or meditation room in this region as direction will invite extreme physical and mental illness or psychological disorders and in some cases, severe loss in business or job also.
  2. South West: As we all know south west is earth element but many people think that we should keep heavy object here to balance vast energies hence building or placing mandir in south west is good which is also a big myth – the fact is mandir in south west direction will give rise to blocking of cash flow, blockage of career and wealth.
  3. West of South West: Since it is said to be the zone of knowledge and information, building mandir here does not increase knowledge but rather this leads to decreases in your savings and education also. Your kids will not remember anything they learn in school/college, and they become weak in  academics.
  4. West: This is a good area to build your mandir but again this zone is very very auspicious for Sikhs, Muslims those who follow Guru Granth Sahib or Mohammed Paigamber Sahib as their Guru. Hence you can build a mandir here even if you don’t have a guru or spiritual mentor in your life. Even this is a zone of manifestation. Hence, building a mandir in the west fulfills all your spiritual and material wishes.
  5. West of North West: The mandir in the west of north west gives lots of stress and anxiety and further may go to depression and mental blockage and lack of focus in life.
  6. North West: Since it is a support zone, building mandir here disturbs your life support system and you are unable to make any decisions in your life.
  7. North of North West: Zone of relationship and marriage, so no thought of building mandir in this direction at all. Hence this mandir may bring separation, differences of opinion and end to matrimonial life. Better avoid building mandir in this area.
  8. North: Again a biggest mistake made by many vastu consultants is that since Lord Kuber resides in this region or he is the owner of north direction, we can build temples in the north region which always lead to severe loss of opportunities at job and business. Better avoid building temples in the North area.

I hope today’s article on Vastu tips for Mandir in Flats has given deeper insight as to how and when Vastu always works specially when we grid the house not in 8 directions but 16 directions.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu

Vastu Consultant