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What is the Significance of Astrology Planet Colors ?

The significance of the astrology planet colors has been documented by scientific research in recent times, however it was always known to the human being before the development of the modern science about the vedic astrology, the deeper connection between the colour planets and human mind.

In vedic astrology, the fundamentals of research- the role of the Navagraha that is the nine planetary systems of solar system consists of Sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu where in the Rahu and Ketu, also known as Uranus and Neptune Shadow planets.

It is said  by the ancient scholar of Vedic literature that there are 9 planets which come in horoscopes that govern the entire life of the human, starting from birth to the end of the human life- death.

These 9 planets also emit vibrations that are the reflections of the rays to the human being in the form of coloured vibrations.

The emitted colors play a pivotal role and give a distinctive appearance to a particular planet.

The study of this science of colors in astrology is also seen not only in India but also in the Greek Egypt movies as well as the Babylon civilization.

9 planetary system in Astrology Planet Colors

What color represents each planet?

As mentioned, each planets is associated with specific colors vibrations such as 

SUN is associated with Red-Orange 

Moon is associated with Pale White/Creamy White. 

Mars is associated with the Red Color

Mercury is associated with Green Color

Jupiter is associated with Yellow Color

Venus is associated with Bright White/Pink Color

Saturn is associated with Black Color

Rahu is associated with Smoky Color

Ketu is associated with Brown Color

Let’s dive into the Vedic readings of those 9 astrology planet colors and how it is associated with particular planets and colors.

Astrology Planet Colors & Orange – Color of the SUN

Changes in the colour of the sun is said to be read in the literature but in horoscopes and astrology the colour of the sun planet is said to be Orange or somewhat like Saffron colour which is said to be the colour of purity love and religious -spiritualism.

Those people who are delighted to see orange colour or love the colour orange knowingly or unknowingly have the power of the administration and good manpower handling which help them to connect with the God Sun. 

They unknowingly connect with the higher energies of the sun to work like a king and get things done through the different resources. The people who like to wear Orange color, do not like to get discrimination they like to have  work and life balance and are very good administrators. 

They also live a healthy life in the form of health, wealth and relationships and these God loving people are known as God fearing people.

The compatible gemstone is Ruby.

Astrology Planet Colors & White Colour of Moon

The colour is associated with the moon and it covers all the spectrum the all other colours and it also signifies the colour of imagination, creativity and purity of mind. the people who love white or pale colour their imagination is very Bold and  their creativity is reaching the peak and they are very soft,  sensitive and very humble. 

By Nature, they won’t like to hurt other people and because of their highly sensitive nature, they avoid going into heated discussion and love to work on verbal communication and avoid miscommunication and violence, they love to be in touch with mother nature.

 The compatible gemstone is Pearl.

Astrology Planet Colors & Green Colour of Mercury

The green colour is associated with planet Mercury which is said to be the Planet of intelligence and memory and planet of power name Fame and luxury. 

People who love green colour to wear in daily life are the those people who love to have the balance + enjoy the social and personal and professional life. They are the natural healer, have inbuilt the quality of healing the people on mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

The compatible gemstone is Emerald.

This colour is also associated with Lord Mahavishnu hands; the people who wear green knowingly or unknowingly are very good at a Communication. 

They love social life ,they are born leaders how to communicate and coordinate with people who talk logic to them and avoid zero non sense talk and they are very good product builders because they want to involve in the creation part of any project.

Astrology Planet Color & Yellow /Yellowish Orange Colour of Jupiter

This colour is associated with planet Jupiter which is also known and Brihaspati which is the mentor of the demigods and it is very pure colour. It contain more positivity and the left of the negativity beats him to be very beneficial to all the people who are surrounded by the Yellow or yellowish orange colour.

A few scholars consider Lord Vishnu to be associated with Jupiter and a few scholars in vedic literature consider Lord Shiva to be connected with Lord Brihaspati.

This colour is very warm and cool in nature and its effect is a central nervous system spinal cord and brain.

The compatible gemstone is yellow Topaz and yellow sapphire.

Astrology Planet Colors & Bright White Colour of Venus

The scholars in the vedic literature consider the bright white at a colour of Jupiter where in The Pale white is considered to be the colour of the planet moon which covers all spectrum of the colors.

The Moon represents mind, female and imagination on other hands, the Venus represents love affection , sophistication, luxury and relationship.

People who love this colour are associated with purity, luxury and deep bonding and understanding. It is said by few scholars in occult science and I even consider pink colour – the color of love and color of venus plant.

The compatible gemstone is diamond.

Astrology Planet Colors & Black Colour of saturn

A few scholars consider Saturn as bad planet/malefic planetary vibes but I don’t consider saturn as bad because it is the lord of karma and son of yama for which he is given utmost respect in the planetary system. 

Saturn black colour means colour of absorption and colour of luxury and judgment hence in law court the black colour is still utilized. One should note – excess of black colour may cause depression and low feeling.

The compatible gemstone is sapphire and one should avoid wearing this gemstone as Saturn is the planet which give immediate result after wearing its gemstone. 

Hence consult a good astrologer or gemstones expert before wearing, not blue sapphire but any gemstone as these gemstones possess high energies and it may create havoc in your life.

Astrology Planet Colors & Smoky Colour of the Rahu

The Smoky Gazy colour is considered the colour of rahu as rahu is such a malefic planet in these planetary systems which always create dilemma and confusion hence one should always avoid such glory clothes, apparels which have hazy or smoky colour on the clothing or accessories.

The compatible gemstone is Gomedha.

Astrology Planet Colors & Brown Colour of the Ketu

Brown is the colour of this planet ketu although we don’t consider brown as a colour of spectrum.

The compatible gemstone for Ketu is Cat eye’s stone. 

But one should avoid even brown colour in your clothes or accessories as these may create greediness or jealousy in your life, better stay away from this colour that create inbalance in your life.

Hope, my small effort on writeup on Solar’s Planetary System and color psychology helps you in your life.

Light and Love,

Nirav Hiingu