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After a detailed analysis about Haldiram and Google Logo Analysis , I thought why not analyse the Mumbai Police of India which is also said to be the Best Police Force after Scotland Yard.

The Mumbai Police is the police department of the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a part of Maharashtra Police and has the primary responsibilities of law enforcement and investigations within the limits of Mumbai.

The Mumbai Police Department is headed by a Police Commissioner, who is an IPS officer. The Mumbai Police comes under the State Home department through Maharashtra Police. 

Star Shape of Mumbai Police Logo:

The shape and structure in the outer wall seems to be a Star  in the Logo which itself signifies that the organization wants to shine like a Star in the Sky. We can see the name of Mumbai Police is listed in Top 10 in the world.

The Circular structure in Logo:

The inner rim (circular shaped structure) shows- the easy flow of energy in the company. This structure also shows that Mumbai Police does not want other people/organization interference in their department, hence we can see there is a double layer ring, one is blue coloured and other is near to the red coloured structure inside the Mumbai police logo.

Semi Circular Shaped Green Ring – Plant Shaped:

These semi circular shaped structures in green colour show the expansion and exponential growth of the Mumbai Police which we can see. 

There are multiple departments in Mumbai Police ranging from CID, Traffic, Cyber Crime Cell, Nirbhaya Squad, etc.

This ring also depicts that the company will protect the law and order at any cost and maintain the dignity and sanctity in the society – look upon the Taraju ( a human hand holding up a Balance at 90 degree).

Mumbai Police Logo

A human hand holding up a Tarazu (Balance) in the Mumbai Police Logo:

This Balance, one can see is at an exact 90 degree position held by a human hand which shows that there are high values and ethics to save humanity and Mumbai police will go to any limit to save mankind and maintain the decorum of the society.

The Balance is seen to be equally weighing on both the sides hence this shows there is always unbiased judgement for the people and also equal opportunity is given to serve the nation. The company Mumbai Police Logo also shows they will maintain high core values and strict rules and discipline is always expected by the society and also by the internal core and management team of Mumbai Police.

The Ribbon in Mumbai Police Logo

These blue-red ribbons in the baseline itself show the foundation of the company is quite strong and they will protect the company from the external forces also and won’t let down the name of the Mumbai police department. 

Please note down the Ethic Code written as “Sad-Rakshanaay, Khal Nigraharaay”(सद्रक्षणाय खलनिग्रहणाय)  which means “To protect the Good and to destroy the Evil” which I think is taken from an ancient law textbook.

Ashok Stambh (Monument) in the Mumbai Police Logo

The Monument of Ashok Stambh in Mumbai Police Logo shows extreme pride and high integrity for the nation. This also depicts dignity and high patriotic value for the indian and warrior. 

Segmented Lines in the Star Structure in the Mumbai Police Logo

These Segmented lines in Mumbai Police Logo show that somewhere there are a  few mismatches and lots of manipulations are created inside the core team which also become the centre of attention.

Such a team or company loves lots of technicality and also they work under the small team hence we can see mumbai police has a large network which is divided into multiple small teams of informers.

These segmentations also depict that the company or the team working under high pressure are unable to stabilize their mind and work pressure which creates havoc and stress among the team members.

The Growth of such organizations is steady but slow and there seems to be lots of calculation and manipulation in their work structure which is also hidden from the ordinary man/public.

The Colours in the Mumbai Police Logo

Since there are multiple colour combinations seen in the Mumbai police logo, we will analyse those colours and its combinations, one by one.

The multiple colours always show the mood swing and imbalance in the organization and hence it affects the working and mental balance among the team workers.

Blue Colour in Mumbai Police Logo

Blue is the colour of sky, growth and expansion, hence this company- Mumbai Police will always look to expand its wings and network through multiple channels and resources.

The colour also portrays the trust, reliability and calm mind to the public hence the company logo says that “We are always for your help and you can rely on us”

Blue is also the colour of Security and Communication to others hence this company is trying to connect with the people to showcase its positive gesture of helping hands.

Red Colour in the Mumbai Police Logo

The red colour in Mumbai police logo shows the extreme aggression and domination in their industry and hence we can see there is lots of fast action, stress plus lots of responsibilities is given to every cop – no matter whatever the department and hierarchy there are into.

Red is also the colour of confidence, leadership, coaching and mentoring which we can see in their lifestyle and working. But the negative part of this colour combination also shows high levels of stress and uneasy work patterns which may push the team into depression and internal disputes.

Yellow Colour in the Mumbai Police Logo

The yellow colour in Mumbai police logo shows the friendly nature and  good communication with the public. They want to convey that they are aware of the surroundings and get into fast action. Hence, the information network and strong competent team of Mumbai police is always ahead of their rivals and criminals.

Conclusion: Overall, a good logo of Mumbai Police but with some negativity and makes them work 24X7 which is also a part of their job description. But this logo says – The company will grow multifold and they will have high chances of scrutiny and attacks from internal and external forces.

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Nirav Hiingu