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5 Common Misconceptions About Psychic Number 3

5 Common Misconceptions About Psychic Number 3

Master Secrets of Psychic Number-3

Those who are born on date – 3, 12, 21 and 30  come under the influence of traits of the Jupiter planet hence said to have Psychic Number-3. The main issue with these people is that they can’t save their money and are unable to prosper in their life. Jupiter is considered as the  Spiritual Master in Indian astrology hence people with Psychic Number-3 have qualities of spiritualism, Good degree of sophistication, humbleness, helping other people, selflessness, giving priority to people first and going out of the way to help people etc. Although these people are humble, sometimes they are seen to be very straightforward in their talk; that may be because of the combination of other element /planet effect such as Mars and Hershal.

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PsychicNumber-3 people don’t like to sit idly,they are always seeking opportunity in engaging themselves in work or some activities,they are calm in nature but sometimes they  seem to be always in a hurry, bit timid in nature and also love to take part  in debates ( to prove themselves correct  ) which unnecessarily  creates bitterness and rifts in relationship. The NUMBER assigned to this planet is THREE.

Key Pointers to this Psychic Number-3 are :

  • Their keep on changing their work location.
  • Dispute with spouse and many times that leads to separation.
  • Unable to identify their real friends and enemies hence their hidden enemies attack their personal life and create chaos.
  • In the relationship or after marriage men get a good wife who always helps others.
  • Their childhood has more often than not been challenging and difficult, but after the age of 30, they find themselves get settled down and become stable in their life.

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  • They take higher risks in their life hence and faces severe consequences hence they need to be careful.
  • They have good communication skills plus creative expertise hence they are found to be good at speaking hence, suitable for Oratorship, Architect, Civil contractor, Developers etc.
  • Lots of Up and down are seen in life, and they also have a  defiant attitude, hence Life is a roller coaster for them.

LUCKY NUMBER: 3,12,21 and 30

LUCKY DAY: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

LUCKY MONTH: March, April, October, and September


LUCKY GEM: Pohkraj /Yellow Sapphire


Physical Structure: Has good muscular structure body, good frontal (forehead develop).

Ailment: People with Psychic Number-3 generally seen suffering from ailments of the joints, low immune system, weak lungs or difficulties in breathing, pain in the bones and gallbladder issues.

Note: This person should worship Lord Shiva and by chanting Chandra mantra it’s 1 or 5 mala daily to get a blessing and to avoid unnecessary hassle and obstacles in life OR can keep Fasting on Monday.

CHANDRA MANTRA:  “Om Shreem Rim Kleem Gloum Gam Ganapatshye Namah” OR “Gum”

Let me know how you find this blog in numerology?


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