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Find the lost objects: Every week, I receive many phone calls and WhatsApp messages on how to find lost object. My viewers keep calling and asking for their lost items and ask me method for : “How to find something you Lost”.

Alhough i already written one complete article on Lost and Found or you can says : On your Query of “How to how to find something you lost” within 48 hours through Numerology.

How to Find something you Lost in your Room

When any object, person or animal is not found or lost , then people count on the astrologers and ask them for different ways to find it. We have seen many people talking about this kind of remedy.

Many have also been successful stories of lost and found , among many successful stories let me mention one such story happen in India in Chapra District in State of Bihar , dated May 1980-81

After reading this true incident, no scope will be left for disbelieving mantras or tricks.

Real Story of Lost Item :

In 1980, in a nearby village of Bihar, one night, a woman somehow brought a box from her brother-in-law’s house with the help of her son. The box contained some sarees, silver ornaments, and one thousand rupees in cash.

That woman had buried money, sarees, jewelry, and even the boxes in the ground in her own house.

The woman and her brother-in-law’s daughter-in-law wept in grief and cursed the thieves.

That thief woman used to narrate about the whole event along to everyone.

The Owner of the boxes started suspecting the boy of stealing in the neighbor’s house . 

When the boy heard, he and his family were in sorrow, leading to a dispute.

But the neighbor’s boy did not quarrel and acted intelligently. He took the Box Owner to Chhapra District (Bihar) and went to an Astrologer in a village.

The clever astrologer did his calculations and gave all the details about the face and the complexion of the thief, along with the direction of the house, etc. 

Just by doing astrology calculations, which matched that stolen woman exactly.

The astrologer also kept/invited four cloves and gave them ( box owners ).

The box owner was directed to throw two cloves in front of the main door of his house, and two inside the house. 

Then he was instructed to ask/inquire/confront the thief in front of four-five people.

At first, that woman did not just reject but showed tantrums and started giving proofs of her innocence, crying and swearing. 

When people threatened to call the police, not only did she accept stealing out of fear but also apologized in front of everyone.

She digged out from the ground of her house, returned all the belongings and started pleading not to take any further action as punishment or to file an application with the police.

People asked the woman thief to fall at the feet of the owner, only then would they forgive her.

Have you seen how the perfect analysis in astrology or occult science can help humans to search for lost and found objects? Hope this story answers to your query as “How to find something you Lost”

Now I am mentioning the vedic mantras known by some people

How to Find Something You LOST through Vedic Mantra Method 1

मन्त्र – कार्तवीर्यार्जुनो नाम राजा वाहुसहस्त्रवान ।

तेन स्मरण मात्रेण मतं नष्टं न लभ्यते ॥

– Kartaviryarjuno Naam Raja Vahu Sahastrawan.Tastya Symaran Maatren Matam Nasthanm na Labhyte

There is two method in this Vedic Mantra to Find lost things

Method 1 – The following mantra needs to be chanted ten thousand times. Usually, by the time ten thousand chants are completed, the lost thing is found.

Method 2
– Write this mantra with a pen made up of coal on a wooden board, and place the board upside down at the place from where the object, animal, or person has been lost. By doing this, the lost object is found soon.

The lost person will also come back. 

This mantra has been chanted, tried and tested many times by many people.

It is essential to have faith and belief and at the same time the lost thing, person, or creature should not be destroyed or died.

How to Find Something You LOST through Vedant Mantra Method 2

मन्त्र – “ॐ कार्तवीर्याय नमः”

– Om Kartavirya Namah

This remedy is also experienced by many people. and truth has been tried and tested. When the object, person, or creature is lost, use this vedic mantra for lost and found.

  1. One, having taken a holy bath before starting this ritual, 
  2. Sit down on Asana made up of Kusha, also known as Kushasana.
  3. Do lightening incense sticks and light lamps of pure cow ghee.
  4. Now start reciting the Ganesh mantra – “Om Gang Ganpatye Namah” – 108 times.
  5. Now start reciting the guru mantra – “Om Namah Shivaya” – 108 times.
  6. Now start reciting the final Kartikeya mantra 108 times.
  7. Once you complete Kartikeya Mantra, you will get intuition or you will be able to see with your mind’s eye clearly where your lost object is.
  8. This Kartikeya mantra helps you to search for missing people also. ( on condition that person should be alive. )
How to Find Something You LOST through Meditation

There is a simple remedy when something is missing or when something you lost , But it will be effective only if it is done with confidence and full faith in God Shiva.
Method :

  1. This method is to perform on Monday only.
  2. Take a bath on Monday morning.
  3. Now sit down on the aasana and close your eyes.
  4. Now meditate on the Vision of Lord Shiva in the heart area of the Anahat chakra or between 2 eyebrows known as the Agya chakra.
  5. Then pray with deep faith to Lord Shiva to get your lost object with some clue from the universe.
  6. Do it for 5- 10 minutes. 
  7. Then open your eyes and look at the sun and bow down.
  8. Fasting on Monday should be followed. 
  9. Any one food item should be donated to the Brahmins.
  10. Like this, perform 5 Monday fasting of Lord Shiva.
  11. Fasting on Monday with complete devotion on lord Shiva and the lost item is found.

I hope and wish, by this article, you will find your lost object at home.

May Lord Shiva bless you and your family!
Love and Light,
Nirav Hiingu
Shiv darshan Abhilashi