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Introduction to Numerology

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Numerology the term itself reveals the therapy or a modality which deals with Numbers. The word   NUMERO means ‘ Number’ and LOGY –means studies hence it the science and study of Number. We can’t survive without experiencing or accruing the benefits of numbers in this Universe. There many methods in Numerology such as Numerology Chart and Numerology Calculator.

Numerology is ONE of the best and simple sciences which has helped human beings to peep into the past and future of Life, it is the only science which is as simple as Mathematics ( 2 + 2 = 4 ). Numerology is extremely ancient among occult science and has only grown in popularity and belief over the years because of every  now and then, there comes a new understanding and cue about the power of a number in our lives.

This whole universe is working under the influence of 2 factors : Visible and Invisible factors, Visible factors are those which can be  seen with the  naked eye such as Elements a through which the whole universe is made  and invisible factors are those through which the universe and its living creatures are governed, here I refer PRAN SHAKTI as the invisible factor. It will take a big blog or book to write only on Pran Tatva.

We all know the FIVE element viz Fire, Earth, Sky ( Ether ), Air  and Water, these materials are inbuilt and rebuilt in this world only by the mixture of this 5 element in different ratio and that also includes the planetary system which contains 9 planets which also have tremendous effect on human beings and their  surrounding.

These  9 planets are  Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Many scholars say Hershal is Rahu and Neptune is Ketu, few Indian scholars and numerologists also consider  Hershal as a positive number or an alternative number for SUN and Neptune is an alternative number for MOON.

But in Astrology Rahu and Ketu are said to be Chaya Grahas – shadow planets which are not visible but still show their tremendous effect on living and non-living things. Hence we can’t ignore the presence of these 2 important planets in this universe hence we consider Hershal as Rahu and Neptune as Ketu.

Why Numerology?

Nowadays there is a firm belief in the traditional system of science in Asian and European countries regarding occult studies especially when it comes to future prediction science, the first thing that comes to the mind is Astrology. But let me tell you again here there are 2 different paths, or we can say 2 different methodology in Astrology – INDIAN and WESTERN, Indian Astro is based on Moon Zodiac Signs whereas Western Astro is based on SUN Zodiac Sign.

In Astrology 3 things are needed to peep into the past Or predict someone’s future they are the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

Without the above-mentioned factors, an astrologer can’t either make the birth chart ( Janam-Kundli ) nor predict the future based on only the time or the birth date. Yes, I won’t forget to mention that even by studying the lines of the palm of a person one can get to know the exact time of birth and date and even few ( 1 in a crore ) Palmist is able to predict the exact marriage date by means of Palmistry. But on the other side, Numerology is the only science in this world through which a person’s date of birth will reveal each and every minor aspect of that individual.

Can Future prediction based on Date of Birth ?

This question always comes to the mind of each and every individual that how and what can numerology reveal about me, and especially about my future. Numerology can reveal your attitude and behavior, mindset, liking towards specific food, color, people, your marriage, business, job, education etc.

Does Numerology really work?

This question is often asked me many times, I will say YES, it works 101 percent.We all know there are 2 Forces in the universe namely Positive force and Negative force, in other words,  good and bad, Yin and Yang ( in Chinese philosophy ) and ZERO and ONE in Graphology. Every creature is governed by a vibration of YIN and YANG, also we should note down that the above mentioned planetary system is also governed by  2 energies which are sometimes called as purush and prakruti OR Brahma and Maya in eastern philosophy ( Advaita Vedanta ).

When the  9 planets comes under the influence of this energy ; the vibration of this energy comes into the  living and non living forces through words, As in Advaita Vedanta it is rightly said : Word is Brahma –the almighty and where there is almighty there is universe and where there is universe there are vibrations and where ever there are vibrations there are creations, activities, and destruction, after destruction again remain Sunya –Word.

Hence each word has its own Vibration, So whenever we call some person with a certain or specific name he/she is governed and affected by that word because words are connected to that planet and vibration and numbers.

Again every planet has been assigned a specific number and each number carries a combination of Yin and Yang energy.

1 Sun Sunday 1 ,10,19,28
2 Moon Monday 11,20,29
3 Jupiter Thursday 3,12,21,30
4 Hershal
5 Mercury Wednesday 5,14,23
6 Venus Friday 6,15,24
7 Neptune
8 Saturn Venus 8 ,18 ,26
9 Mars Mars 9 ,18 ,27

Word and its effect can see in daily life as when we address a person by his Surname – the response will not be as good as when we call out to him/her by his/her own initial.

Hence when we call  the person by his/her name the Vibration in the Letter which is governed by number and its planets create positive /negative effect through the vibes which created the thought process that continuation of thought OR flow of thoughts lead to words , words to actions ,actions to habits ,habits to character and eventually character to personality.

This is the complete vivid circle which is created at a minute level, hence Number do affect the human being and its surrounding and its progress and failures.

History of Numerology

Numerology has been the major subject of research for the western world. The western scholar & Numerologist Sepharial was the first person in the world to connect the Numbers with Hebrew & Yahudi alphabets.He made the intense research and found out the connection between  Numbers, planets, and humans.

He considered the 9 planets and the 12 Zodiac Signs as important as the FIVE elements, he also believed that among the 9 planets, Studying  Planet Earth with respect to his theory of Numerology, was quintessential. He has written many books on Occult and Numerology but not many are existing now.

Many Eastern Astrologers  believes that like other ancient sciences –Numerology has also originated in INDIA, it was later spread to other parts of the world ,i.e Greece, Babylon etc and later reached  the followers namely Hebrews and Yehudis and it got developed through  scientific studies conducted  by western scholars like Sepharial, Cheiro, Thomas Taylor, Alien Leo to name few.

Even Pythagoras writes in his book – The Number is capable to hide and control each and every aspect of life and its certainty, due to this power it is bound and governed by the almighty principle of creation and destruction.

NUMEROLOGY & Shrimad Bhagwat Gita

I was amazed to know that there is a deeper connection between Numerology and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita written by Shri Krishna thousands of years ago. Actually, I consider Gita as a Management Manual rather than a religious script. Shri Krishna has mentioned 3 types of people in his script. Viz Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik, among all 3 Satvik are considered as the best person.In Chapter 14 Verse 13 to 18, he ( Shri Krishna ) has mentioned how the Satvik nature of a human is considered as the highest virtue. When we can study further in Chapter 18, Verse 30 to 40 again we will get to know that the Satvik Nature is the best way to live one’s life.

Number Prakruti ( Persona ) Planets
1-5-7 Rajasik Sun, Mercury, Neptune
2-4-8 Satvik Moon, Hershal, Saturn
3-6-9 Tamasik Jupiter,Venus,Mars

Hence from the above mention chart, we can get a glimpse of human nature as to whether he/she is Satvik, Rajasik or Tamasik.

Chapter 14

When one dies in a mode of goodness ( Satvik mode ), he ascends towards the pure higher planets of the great sages. ll 14 ll

When one dies in the mode of passion ( Rajasik mode ), he takes birth among those engaged in furtive activities and when he dies in the mode of ignorance ( Tamasik ), he takes birth in the animal kingdom.ll15ll

By acting in the mode of goodness, one becomes purified. Works did in the mode of passion results in distress, and actions performed in the mode of ignorance results in foolishness.ll16 ll

Now let’s  classify this division of human character in 3 categories says :

  • Rajasik Prakruti
  • Satvik Prakruti
  • Tamasik Prakruti
Rajasik Prakruti Satvik Prakruti

Tamasik Prakruti

Number            Letter Number                Letter

Number                    Letter

1                        A  – J – S 2                            B – K- T

3                             C – L –U

5                    D  – M – V 4                          E–N–W

6                             F –O – X

7                       G –P – Y 8                            H- Q – Z

9                                     I – R

Hence from above chart one will get to know that 1,5 and 7 number will be of Rajasik Prakruti which has letter A- J –S, D-M-V ,G-P-Y Number 2,4 & 8 will be of Satvik Prakruti which as letter B-K-T, E-N-W, H-Q-Z and 3,6 & 9 will be Tamasik Prakruti which has letter C-L-U, F-O-X, I & R

Now, let see the compatibility of the above 3 group through Tatva/Prakruti Principle :

Rajasik:     Rajasik + Rajasik = Shubh ( Best )

Rajasik + Satvik =  Madhyam ( Better)

Rajasik + Tamasik = Ashubh ( Worst )

Satvik :     Satvik + Satvik = Shreth ( Excellent )

Satvik + Rajasik = Shubh ( Best )

Satvik + Tamasik = Kaniktha ( Neutral )

Tamasik :Tamasik  + Tamsik = Shubh ( Best )

Tamasik  + Satvik = Kaniktha ( Neutral )

Tamasik + Rajasik = Ashubh ( Worst )

Now let’s take one small case study, say: Mr.Vikas who’s  Date of Birth is 11th January 1991

Now when we convert Date of Birth – 11 -01-1991 then Initial of Date of Birth is 11=1+1 =2 and the Total sum of Date of Birth will 11+1+1+9+9+1 = 23 = 2+3= 5

Next, we have to convert his name into Number, say VIKAS initial “V” number will be 4 and its Sum of all number of V(4) +I ( 9 ) +K ( 2 ) +A ( 1 ) + S ( 1 ) = 8

Vikas initial V – Number 4 = Satvik

Vikas Total of DOB is Number 2 = Satvik …Hence based on the above principle, Satvik + Satvik = Excellent

Now, when we convert Vikas into the letter, its total sum is Number 8 = Satvik

And when we add all the number of date of birth = Number 5 = Rajasik Hence according to the  above principle Satvik + Rajasik = Shubh ( Best )

So in conclusion, we can say Mr.Vikas will have a good life and lifestyle, he will be getting good parenting, education and equal opportunities in life to excel and grow in his life. Of course there would be some hurdle in his life as per his karmic action of past life, but  his Mul Prakruti would be very soft due to the influence of Number 2 which is governed by planet moon and as Moon is planet filled up with emotions, this guy would be very emotional in nature , will think more from heart but his body and action will also be controlled properly by the brain due to Number 5 which is the number denoted to Mercury, that depicts Intellectual and logical thinking .

Hence Mr.Vikas will be having a good life with the combination of equal opportunities and emotion- analysis mind. He will achieve the goal of his life by means of systematic work and with lots of Principles and Management rules as His Name total is 8 which is Saturn planet hence very judgemental and his judgment regarding people would be sometime very true and accurate.

By the combination of one and more than one planet in name and date of birth we can sort out the person’s  behaviour pattern and his/her future course of action thru Planets because all those 9 planets have specific Nature by birth in this Universe which is fixed by almighty since ages, hence combining such factors we can get answers to the query arising in the human mind.

I will explain the nature and behavior pattern of every planet connected to his Number in my next blog by which you will also able to create a brief summary of your OR your friends/relative or person in your social contact.

You may buy books on Numerology from the below link :

Cheiro's Book of Numbers


The Numeroscope - A Complete Guide To Numbers (Occult / Numerology)


Let me know how you find this blog in numerology?

Cheers ,

Nirav Hiingu


  1. Hey Nirav, excellent work man, there are very few blogs on Indian based numerology ☺️ yes, I find this interesting and useful as well.

  2. Salim

    Though interested in numeralogy, I did not know about it to this extent
    You really hold the attention of the reader through this. Good work

  3. pritesh shah

    Nice blog good studymaterial

  4. Aparna

    good resrarch done; good connect with mahabharata

  5. Rekha Champaneria

    Thank for the interesting blog.I have one doubt , about numbers in Rajsik & Satvik. In this blig you have once written no. 4 is Satvik & in next para you have written it is Rajsik. Same thing goes for number 5 , once it is written as satvik & next time written number 5 as Rajsik.. so which one correct. Kindly correct it.. Which one is correct ?

    • Nirav Hingu

      HI Rekha ,

      Thanks for the feedback , i have seen my blog and that i have found that there was a typo error , hence i has rectify it , well on your question ,i will rewrite for you : there are 3 types of people according to Lord Krishna Satvik , Rajasik and Tamasik , So according to Ank Vidya ( eastern numerology ) Number 1-5-7 comes under Rajasik Prakruti which has english alphabet A-J-S ,E-N-W ,G-P-Y , then comes Number 2-4 and 8 which comes under Satvik Prakruti , alphabet are B-K-T ,D-M-V ,H-Q-Z and then Number 3-6-9 comes under Tamasik Prakruti , letter are C-L-U , F-O-X and I -R.

      Hope i have clear your doubt.


  6. Rini

    This blog was very useful. thank you so much.
    My doubt is, should we consider the Initial (father name’s first alphabet) or expanded initial (fathers name) while calculating the sum of the name?

    • Nirav Hingu

      Hi Rini ,

      It all depends on your daily writing habit , many people only write as Initial and Surname , few write only Initial and some write complete name with father initial ,hence we have to calculate which type of energy is created and whether it is matching in sync with your personality or not ?

  7. Sun

    I have number 4 turning up in my everything l me houses number add up to number 4, my bike number, roll number, even hall ticket number adds up to 4 and I’m a 4th born.
    Any idea what I’m supposed to understand.,,,

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