Falnama in Islami Tantra

Wondering whether the work will be completed for you or not? The chances of success or failure is a type of question and answer to those queries – the methodology is known as Falnama in Islami Tantra.

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Today, I will be publishing and giving the introduction to Falnama which is one of the best remedies prescribed in Islamic Tantra. Falnama is not only a secretive tool used in Hindu, but is also used in Western Numerology and Astrology as well as in Arabic Nations.

Falnama: Get Instant Divine Guidance

There are many Falnamas, but today I will be describing the Falnama of Iran which helps in getting accurate answers when it comes to marriage, having children, business growth, job success, and travel.

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This Falnama is derived from Iran. In those times, their Astrologists and Numerologists used this Falnama to get instant answers to any type of question, and so it became very famous during that short period of time in Iran.

Falnama: Get Instant Answers

The procedure to get an instant answer through this Falnama is:

  1. Take seven coins in your fist
  2. Close your eyes and Pray to your Deity.
  3. Now keep moving the coins up and down in your Fist and suddenly throw the coins on the floor.
  4. Now notice how many coins are inverted or straight. Say for example, 6 Coins come as HEAD then look for reading in concern column as No. 6.

For example, Mr Raju Shrivastav comes to me and ask when he will get married.

I will close my eyes and pray to my Deity Durga Ma and start revolving the coin in a fist and then throw them on the floor. Now I have to count how many are Heads and how many are Tails in those 7 coins.

Here, I can see there are 5 coins with Heads and 2 coins with Tails. Hence, my answer is in Column No. 5 – Venus: Reading comes as “Deceit’.

Below are the readings for the above-mentioned queries:


  1. Saturn (Shani) – Marriage will be fruitful and meaningful (Uttam)
  2. Jupiter (Brahaspati) – You will get your spouse as per your dream and desire
  3. Mars (Mangal) – You won’t get a marriage partner as per your choice
  4. Sun (Surya) – You will get a proposal in a royal and good family
  5. Venus (Shukra) – Deceit
  6. Mercury (Budh) – You will have to take the help of other people (relatives/friends) and will have to spend heavily on the marriage
  7. Moon (Chandrama) – The work will be completed only after getting support from the female energy


  1. Saturn (Shani) – Very soon you will be blessed with a baby
  2. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – The planet says you have to go for medical checkup of your wife
  3.  Mars (Mangal) – There are chances of miscarriage. Therefore take care while dealing with pregnancy
  4. Sun (Surya) – You will be blessed with a baby boy
  5. Venus (Shukra) – There are high chances of a baby girl
  6.  Mercury (Budh) – You need to undergo a medical examination
  7. Moon (Chandrama) – Have patience, you will get good news very soon


  1. Saturn (Shani) – There are high chances of getting a good job
  2. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – There would be lots of hurdles, then the good time will arrive
  3.  Mars (Mangal) – The timezone is not auspicious for you, you will need to have patience
  4.  Sun (Surya) – Keep on working and you will get good news
  5. Venus: (Shukra) – You will definitely get a good job in the upcoming weeks
  6.  Mercury (Budh) – Soon you will get a good job from a company/recruitment firm
  7. Moon (Chandrama) – Your work will be completed only after taking help from others


  1. Saturn (Shani) – Failure
  2. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – You need to spend a lot of money to achieve success
  3. Mars (Mangal) – You will get success after a lot of struggle
  4. Sun (Surya) – You don’t need to worry as there is no competition at all
  5. Venus (Shukra) – Stay alert as there are high chances of backbiting and cheating
  6. Mercury (Budh) – You are weak on the execution path, you will need to put more effort to achieve success
  7. Moon (Chandrama) – You need to spend a lot of money to achieve success


  1. Saturn (Shani) – You won’t achieve success in this tour
  2. Jupiter (Brihaspati) – The journey will be fruitful
  3. Mars (Mangal) – This journey will be full of obstacles and anxiety
  4. Sun (Surya) – This business tour will be successful
  5. Venus (Shukra ) – You will get success in this trip, but be careful of co-passengers and colleagues
  6. Mercury (Budh) – Whatever is the desire and motto of this tour, you will get the desired result
  7. Moon (Chandrama) – Your work will be completed only after taking help from others

Let me know how you found this blog on Graha Falnama.


Nirav Hiingu