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How to Choose Lucky Name for Business based on Business Name Numerology

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient Indian science of numbers based on sound vibrations invented by ancient Sages and Rishi-munis of India.

What is Business Name Numerology?

Business Name Numerology as the term reveals is the numeric calculation based on letters and numbers which suits your personality and business.

Many times Brand names are created based on fancy and glossy terminology to make it look very attractive or sober. The Science of Numerology suggests keeping a Brand name based on numerology to create proper sync with the business owner and brand name.

What is Brand Name Numerology?

Brand Name Numerology Or Business Name Numerology, both are the same, whether we keep a brand name for our products or services or company name numerology principle work magically. While choosing a brand name or business name, numerology helps select the best vibration suitable for the business or product and market.

Many times we have seen even after doing lots of Product Research and Market Analysis, after an in-depth analysis of products and best strategies in sales and marketing our products get failed and we get frustrated and wonder as to how and where we failed?

Later on, people start consulting Astrologer, Vastu Consultant to see their fortune in business or entrepreneurship. But all the modalities do not work until you work on those energies which match your personalities and organization.

Why Choose Business Name Numerology?

Business Name Numerology is required to choose the best suitable Brand name for your businesses. But I insist that along with choosing best brand name numerology, one suit does not rely only on faith and luck, the entrepreneur should always give his best effort (Karmas) in his/her business.

Many people think, by choosing the best name or brand name, their business or company will grow multifold but merely changing the name does not make you Billionaire. A calculated positive Brand Name boosts up the business and helps grow in leaps and bound compared to a Negative Brand Name.

What is a Business Name Calculator?

.Nowadays, many software available online with Name Numerology and Numerology Calculator which, I believe can’t beat the human brain and expert skills on Business Name numerology.

Which system is used in Business Name Numerology?

There are 4- 5 in categories in our ancient system in Numerology : 

  1. Chaldean
  2. Pythagoras
  3. Islamic
  4. Indian 
  5. Kabala 

Chaldean is the oldest system in Numerology. It is an Indian version discovered by amazing Chaldeans who were experts in the hidden code of mystery.

Now, questions arise to which system to adopt to choose a business name? I found Chaldean is the most accurate and reliable system.

Of course, many Numerologists opt for Pythagoras also as it is easy to use and implement.

How to find High Vibrations Numbers in Business Name Numerology?

The Chaldean is very accurate and easy to use. Refer to the Chaldean System Chart.

For Example, Let take a brand, says KESH KING, a leading brand name in Herbal Hair Oil.

When we calculate KESH KING – we convert letters in numbers:

K – 2 , E -5, S-3 , H -5 (total 15)

K -2, I -1, N -5 and G – 3 (total 11)

Hence, Kesh (15) added to King (11) comes to 26 that is the number of Speculation, bad Union and Partnership. Hence, we come to know how this brand name grows?

Now, let us add OIL and connect in this calculation of KESH KING in Business Name Numerology.

KESH KING OIL comes to 37 which carries high energy vibrations depicting fortunate, love and friendship and gain success in professional life and association with the opposite gender.

KESH KING HAIR OIL – comes to 46 which is also high energy and it says that it deals with high ambition, ideas and steady progress.

So if we look, this Brand Name KESH KING is better known as KESH KING OIL or KESH KING HAIR OIL.

In both cases, the energy associated with this brand name works on positive vibes and sways away from the audience with its amazing marketing campaign and catchy title and strategies.

Hence, we can see that Brand Name Numerology does work if we choose the best name which is suitable for your personality and business.

How to choose Lucky Number for Business?

Many people and newbies in numerology claim different name vibrations such as 17, 33 or 46 but my experience is overall different. I personally not all positive numbers suit everyone, it is the element in the deep layer which suits the Business and Owner(s).

It is a Practising Numerologist who can help you to choose the best brand name for your organization. I would be glad to help decide and discover the compatibility between your organization and business owners/board directors that the software will not guide.

Let me know, how did you find this article on Brand Name Numerology?


Nirav Hiingu

Digital Numerologist.


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