American Falnama: A tool to acquire the instant answers

American FalnamaIn my previous blog on ‘Falnama’, I had described, What is Falnama? How does it work? 

Falnama is not only a secretive tool used in Eastern Nations but is also used in Western Numerology and Astrology as well as in Arabic Nations.

Today, I will be writing on ‘American Falnama’ which was invented by one of the most eminent astrologers and Occult Science practitioners in India. He was an ardent follower of ‘Islam Tantra’ and used to travel a lot in Asian countries, in search of knowledge in astrology and tantra. 

He had invented this amazing tool by which one can get accurate predictions in any type of question of this universe, but after the stunning results of this American Falnama, he advised his followers and relatives not to reveal this secretive method to anyone in INDIA.

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He said that this tool has been discovered with the grace of Allah-Taala, the absolute truth. Hence, he keeps this method extremely in Occult Science. Today, I will be revealing this amazing methodology to help mankind to solve its problems through Falnama.

The best part of this American Falnama is that, any person on this earth, no matter which caste, gender, religion or nationality one belongs to, s/he can use this Falnama and solve his/her complex issue of life.

American Falnama: Get Instant Answers

The procedure to get an instant answer through this Falnama is:

  1. Close your eyes and pray to your Deity.
  2. While chanting /praying, put your index finger on the given chart (any part of the chart).
  3. Now, look at the number your index finger has touched.
  4. Note the reading given in the prediction chart.

Say, for example, Mr. Raj Shah asks me, Nirav, will I clear my CA Examination this year?

I will lay down the chart and after praying the Almighty, I will put down my index finger with a closed eye on Falnama, my index finger touches number 16 on the chart.

Let’s read, the prediction of Number 16, it shows that “Without wasting your time, give your 100 % effort in your work, you will definitely get the desired result.”

According to this prediction/reading, Mr. Raj Shah should give 100% dedication to his studies then only he will get clearance in the upcoming examination provided he gives his full efforts in studies and not merely relying on faith or luck.

American Falnama: Guide to Divine Consciousness

Below are the readings for the above-mentioned queries in American Falnama:

  1. Your wish will be fulfilled.
  2. Whatever you are achieving through your action, get satisfied with the resources.
  3. Whatever you wish to desire, it will manifest very soon.
  4. You better take care of your health.
  5. Whatever desire is in your heart, will not get fulfilled, better leave the desire.
  6. Better, remove the thoughts which are going right now in your conscious mind.
  7. This work won’t get completed without the help of a person.
  8. Whatever you are thinking and planning, better start executing those plans, as it will lead to fruitful results.
  9. Due to bad finance, this work won’t be able to complete.
  10. You will get the result after some time, have some patience.
  11. Whatever, you are thinking, is incorrect and it is not based on fundamental principles.
  12. Better, start working on its own, other people will join you later.
  13. Your fortune will not help you in this work.
  14. Get, Alert, complete this work with extreme care and take all decisions after a complete analysis of the project. This will lead to success.
  15.  Perform your duties peacefully with patience.
  16. Without wasting your time, give your 100 % effort in your work, you will surely get the desired result. 

I hope you use this ‘Falnama’ wisely, be proactive and get benefitted in decision-making.

Let me know how you find this blog on ‘American Falnama’?


Nirav Hiingu