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In my previous blog, how your karmic cycle governs the existence of your character was explained in detail. This blog will give you a deep insight into the regulation of the business line cycle and the effect on your business. 

As mentioned earlier, everything has its life-cycle, marked off through the duration of a specific period.

This business line cycle begins that day when someone or item or plan or business venture or an enterprise comes into existence.

We need to understand the precise date of commencement of our enterprise to work out its business life cycle. 

Do not make the error of assuming that the financial year or the taxation months (i.e March ending) as the inception day of an organisation. It may or might not be as there may be no documented beginning the enterprise date(s).

Try to discover the exact starting date or documentation such as partnership deeds or any document that was signed or the Nameplate of the organization was put up. 

If an enterprise is modified or has taken on a new business call, then that date must be considered as the date of start of the business line regardless of how lengthy you have been working before that date. 

You will recognize later, that the date of the graduation of the commercial enterprise is most important. 

Business Line Cycle, First Period

Mark the graduation date of the business, mark off the commencement date of the bigness enterprise on the calendar. 

Make a proper remembrance of the dates, fifty-two day aside, measuring the seven periods.

Although this is the primary period, the enterprise will discover exceptional fulfilment in advertising and promoting.

It is a splendid time to accumulate income and goodwill. It is time to endorse the distinguished human beings and deal with the problems to bring about a positive exposure. It is public courting and will subsequently boost your company’s sales.

The contracts with the government officials will flow easily. The main goal of the commercial enterprise in this period has to be to take its call on popularity and status. In this length/period, the corporation gets terrific fulfillment.

Business Line Cycle, Second Period

This is the right time to make modifications in the personnel and their duties, obligations, transient changes inside the area, production flora, change of the commercial enterprise practice, attempting out the new vegetation and propositions. 

However, it’s miles in reality, not an awesome time to enter into any new agreements or to make any lengthy-term plans or to go into any sort of contracts until they are written communications. 

The verbal agreements are probably to be ignored at a later date or may be changed at a later stage or are we able to change. However, it is an awesome time to build up the companies, business line or business relation, and to agree with prospective customers or clients.

Business Line Cycle, Third Period   

This is the best time for constructing and pushing all of the boom elements to the maximum. It is also a good time to accumulate the cash and splendid dues. It is also a positive time to collect the cash and amazing dues.

However, it would be wise to keep away from the disobeying regulations of the court or any disagreement with a commercial enterprise competitor. In the same period, the felony related to high-quality growth and enlargement will be made with a good reaction and will be pushed thoroughly. 

Always watch out for injuries, detectors, or issues from the competitions and enemies or any form of explosion or hatred inside the organization and outside additionally. This will be affecting the entire environment. 

The production plants should be guarded in opposition to hearth and explosion and all enterprise popularity, negotiation with the government bodies. This will cross the duration of time quarter very easily.

Business Line Cycle, Fourth Period

This is the time to provoke the highest publicity and advertising and marketing marketing campaign you can put in motion advertising to the customers. The general public could have greater fulfilment now than at any other time. 

This is a good time to attract up new agreements, contracts, transfers and comparable files.

This is business line cycle is also a great time to cope with publications and reporters, diplomats and negotiators. But be on protecting towards problematic agreements, lest they cause hassle later.

Business Line Cycle, Fifth Period   

It is the best period for growth, expansion and economic achievements. It is the right period for some new investments, obtaining credit or extending the time for payment of bills. 

The qualifying period for selling and for handing over the products offered, amassing long standings or even bad or doubtful debts.

An apt time for triumphing a beneficial decision in the courts, only if you are on the right side of karma. The most favourable time to make it bigger to foreign lands or to deal with worldwide concerns. 

In this period, the accurate duration for sharing family members’ and enterprise affairs with railway and electronics companies and with all different groups that cater to the happiness and pride of the public.

Business Line Cycle, Sixth Period

This time zone is the satisfactory time inside the 12 months whilst you may simply permit your commercial enterprise to prosper on its own. 

The quality duration has to be given to your chief executives and managers a personal holiday. For the enterprise/business it will carry on simply as well as in their absence.

But, in case your business line is about literature, items related to art, style clothes, beauty arrangements, motors, antiques or any other luxurious items, then by all means, it is a pleasant length for all of you.

This period is additionally a pleasant time to establish non-public relationships together with your clients to help the enterprise in the future. 

This is an awesome time for cash flow, to buy shares or bonds, and promoting the price range of the organisation through reasonable investments.

A good time for partnerships, combine subsidiary agencies or alliances aimed at growth.

Business Line Cycle, Seventh Period

This is a period of reconstruction. Do not begin with a new pastime, cross heavily into advertising and marketing or the enlargement of a brand, a new line or any other department. It would be wise to keep up with all the plans until this period is over. 

It is the best time to make changes, in case you feel the need to shut down any department, or in case you need to desert certain manufacturing facilities on the website.

However, high-quality care ought to be taken, if a negative wave is carried to some distance and guarded well. 

No new alliances or contracts need to be entered into. Incredible diplomacy is to be exercised, each inside the enterprise and out of doors. nothing of a radical nature has to be accepted in promoting, advertising, buying, or in reality, in any departments of the enterprise, at some point of this period.

Caution and restraints must govern each action.

Some of the most established organizations in India and European nations have used these tips furnished in this blog.

If you comply with these recommendations/styles, your business too may have a better threat to be triumphant than if it were carried out dangerously.

Therefore preserve in, thoughts even though, you may have life cycles to take care of your very own personal life and your business life cycle.

In case your birthday and the date of the business cycle need to coincide, then that is an excellent mixture of all. if, but, they don’t then there may be overlappings and conflicts.

In these cases, you have to work out your very own judgement and act after the due attention.

If you must come across opposing impacts care should be taken to mix them. This calls for careful evaluation. Here are the elements and suggestions on the way to help you to analyse your enterprise.

However, the commercial enterprise itself ought to be cautiously watched and any tendency to comply with a negative trend ought to be corrected as quickly as possible.

That is some other way wherein you can utilise the statistics given in this text, due to the fact using know-how the character of your enterprise cycle, you have forewarned approximately any mishaps which can take place.

By knowing what would possibly happen, and in case you are alert to its possibility, you can take preventive measures to prevent any damages to your business line cycle.

If the enterprise isn’t always your personal and you are simply a small investor or an employee, then the business line cycle could be the controlling factor.

In case you are a minor employee, then your personal cycle has to be followed. Alternatively, if you are keeping a sturdy, strong and accountable position, then the destiny fulfilment of the business hinges on your choices and you must also look at your business cycle first.

Let me know how you find this blog on Business Life Cycle?


Nirav Hiingu