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Everything in this world is ruled by the regulation of karma which is likewise referred to as the law of enchantment or law of attraction.

We can see all the planetary structures together with our moon and different planets revolve on its axis every 24 hours and three hundred and sixty five days , the earth also continues on traveling around the sun for twelve months resulting within the modifications of the seasons. 

Similarly we people and all different shape of life cycle can also manage and circulate on the personal will that’s given by way of the almighty to a degree however we need no longer to be the slave of faith due to the fact all of the living being including the human being is a unique and s/he has the ability to take it this season in place of becoming the energetic hand at the hand of fate or fortune thereby  expertise the law of cycle which is likewise called human life cycle.

“The man is the Architect of its own”.


As a result, we will grow to be the master of faith and consequently in the phrases of Swami Vivekananda – “the man is the architect of its own”. 

The man or women is ruled by using the laws of cycle which is likewise known as human life cycle similarly this life cycle or cycle of life just as we’ve; lives are divided into 7 components of which 12 months of life is also made up of seven years. 

A well-known palmist Mr.Cheiro also mentions in his book of palmistry the line of fortune – that the human fortune may be detected in each seven years and the line of palmistry in human palm maintains converting each 7 years. 

7 is the Number or Range of fortunes as it  is also referred to as the planet neptune as in with context to numerology and astrology. 

So whilst we talk approximately the human life cycle of 7 years it is Approximately fifty two days , the human existence cycle commences from the date of your start date. 

Each one in all this human life cycle has its own function, commencing new one-of-a-kind opportunities, one-of-a-kind varieties of opportunities that it is easy to get on, and also the issues that may be resolved to get the fruitful final results. 

I am mentioning you with the function of a 7 existence cycle, those are the non-public life cycle of every person, this is an ancient approach to kind out your cyclic regulation or human lifestyles cycle. 

You get your calendar and begin along with your birthday and 52 days starting out of your date of birth. for instance in case you are born on 15th of November then your first life cycle will stop on 5th of January circle or type out both these dates. 

Similarly observe this dates from the chat for the whole year- calculating every life cycle for 52 days. this will supply price at a glance and what and wherein you are standing. 

Beneath is the feature of every seven periods of the human life cycle. 

1st life cycle or First human life cycle  

This is a pleasant duration of possibility and additionally it’s far the great time to advance your hobby with different folks that may also have the power and authority that will help you. 

This is the great and to ask your favour from the pals and colleagues and additionally from the corporation to ask for increments, merchandising, electricity and authority. 

One also can ask for employment if a person is seeking out a task /task alternate. 

This is one of the exceptional instances to build your recognition and get lost of have an effect on to your circle and additionally the favorable time to post yourself forward with company determination and robust will strength so you can benefit lots of name reputation and honor which you are seeking out a protracted time frame.  

2nd life cycle or Second human life cycle

This is the second human lifestyles cycle which is likewise said to be the quality time to devise to your concept existence adventure thru your vacation, even one can plan for the enterprise ride or critical non-public holidays. 

It is also an great time for taking the principal decision for transferring forward in life, it is definitely important as there could be lots of top notch adjustments which can start or finish the duration itself. 

The desirable time to render offerings or make movable matters such as vehicles or maybe the service based totally industries via giving consulting, schooling, offering lectures or overall performance artwork wherein you have to circulate from one vicinity to every other place. 

This human life cycle also represents an amazing opportunity for the enterprise one has to deal with liquid petroleum milk water chemical gas or gasoline or oil merchandise or liquid associated products. 

This human life cycle is additionally an excellent time for individuals who have become related to the hospitality enterprise which include resort-eating place vehicle condo or different similar services. 

One need to not have our plan for a change of commercial enterprise or to start a new career or make a everlasting exchange in the enterprise. 

Long term contracts in business need to now not be entered into as it isn’t a favorable length to lend or borrow money to assist your pals or spouse and children or maybe to start any new business or start up and keep away from any heavy funding.

It is also an negative time to to speculate inside the stock marketplace or to perform any forms of gambling.

3rd life cycle or Third human life cycle

This is Third human life cycle required you to exercising discrimination and appropriate judgment.it is normally convey a terrific influx of electricity understanding and sources to be able to make you want to do the terrific and essential aspect you are preferred on your subconscious thoughts.

If directed carefully, then this will be the nice time so one can improve your health or to accumulate your very own commercial enterprise or do any form of issue that calls for expenditure of the strength and resources.

However, proper judgment is usually wanted. you may be tempted to adopt the tasks which haven’t any possibility of chapters or which can also take a long term to develop that you may must paintings upon before the finishing touch.

Time has come to overcome your barriers which block your development for your existence. it’s also a great time for dealing with the matters that require plenty of electricity and resources such as iron, metal, electrical equipment, cutlery, medical device and fireplace.

It’s far an unfavorable period for both the genders i.e guy and female who attempted to address women.

But then again, it is also an favorable time for a woman to enchantment to the person when you need a want or help in a commercial enterprise or any social subjects.

Arguments or hassle may be avoided however when you have some thing to promote that wishes to be offered in a forceful interview, then it is the fine length of your human life cycle. 

4th life cycle or Fourth human life cycle

In the time zone i.e Fourth human life cycle, the intellectual and religious nature is stimulated.

Consequently it is an incredible time for writing the books, producing performs, and making a plan for all kinds of remember which require your incredible imagination and brief questioning and analytical abilities to explicit your thoughts. 

Your mind can be filled up with new thoughts and creativeness for you to pop out very swiftly, so it is very vital which you take in any idea before you get forgotten by means of the new mind.

So it is really useful to behave on your hunches or instinct. you will be constructive in this period however from time to time you can come to be worried. 

This fourth human life cycle is the best time you could count on to increase your creativity and creativeness and it is also an excellent time to deal with the people, writers, journalist, books or mag courses.

However you need to be very careful to read all the legal files or be cautiously earlier than signing or blindly making an settlement due to the fact there is a high risk of dishonest for your lifestyles.

Most of the superb losses or deception or misunderstood criminal conditions are regularly coming in this period only. and consequently it’s far beneficial you must guard yourself from the unknown state of affairs and strangers. 

But it is a superb time for personal improvement and for buying plenty of statistics and information. But it isn’t an awesome time for marriage, recruitment of executives,help or to shop for or hire your home, organizations and land.

5th life cycle or Fifth human life cycle

This is 5th Human Life Cycle which is the quality time zone that allows you to obtain your finest success on your personal life and that is the time in your human life cycle in which your hobby will make bigger and you’ll prosper and grow professionally also. 

Your thoughts will, likewise, grow to be extra effective units and you’ll be able to recognize the future very really and you turns into more open on your dating, more confidence and could display social responsibility and will have lots of sympathy toward the humans. 

This is the excellent time quarter for handling the human beings elected to understand, lawyers, within the court of regulation, government officers, prominent professional men who have power and authority over people, with lots of wealth and accumulation.

This is also a very good time to begin your new venture. allow make the effort to grow, to plot the massive negotiation, and to undertake the huge initiatives.

It is sincerely a great time for accumulating our exceptional cash, or any speculation to be carried out within the stock market or actual property, however ensure to avoid each negotiation that isn’t strictly legitimate. also, avoid any dealings in cattle or meat merchandise or with marine affairs.

6th life cycle or Sixth human life cycle

This sixth human life cycle is the fine time for your every year cycle for relaxation,rest and enjoyment. However this does not imply that business will not develop however on the opposite, all the accurate and criminal business will maintain with nearly as tons success as inside the preceding year. 

It’s far the high-quality time to make lengthy or brief time period official journeys for enterprise or for renewing the friendship, cultivating new friends and creating top bonds with the prevailing courting. 

It’s far in particular an awesome time for enterprise matters that comment on the humanities, tune, literature,sculpture, perfumes, plants and personal adornments.

It’s miles a lucky length for a man to are seeking for preference or favors or commercial enterprise settlement or co-operation from a woman.

It is the pleasant duration to shop for shares or bonds for funding and to employ people for your organisation.

7th life cycle or Seventh human life cycle

This is the final – 7th Period of human life cycle which is the most important time region for your every year cycle. At some point of these closing fifty two days the elements on your existence that are now not wished progressively made a manner for those which are more modern and better. 

Frequently this may cause distress and a sense of loss and can tempt you to foolish actions and selections. don’t forget, it’s miles a duration of seeming devolution which constantly precedes a length of evolution and new opportunity.

Take advantage of the momentum in this vicinity to get rid yourself of the vintage and undesirable, however be sure to invite aside the good judgment. 

If there was something that seems to get approximately an quit, then let it.

But do not intentionally damage ties or spoil relationships which are still alive or treasured.

For the motives mentioned, your mind is in all likelihood to emerge as despondent and you may be without difficulty discouraged.

Kindly do not forget, you are being prompted by using the quality of the duration. do no longer allow pessimism to wrap your judgement or inhibit your choices. the features of this period exert very diffused affects and it’s miles important that you be a good deal greater alert than typically in appraising your feelings and your reactions to the external impacts.

The Fourth period, of human life cycle says, it’s miles recommended to seize immediately upon your thoughts and make brief choices. now, the reverse is real. impulsiveness will bring disaster. be careful in all of the decisions and attempt to delay every essential choice until the next length.

But, this is a good length for dealing with older people and those who, by way of their very nature, need to recall each motion most cautiously.

It is also an great time for inventing matters or for dealing in innovations or for applying for patience and copyrights. in this period,  you’ll have achievement in handling actual estate, mines, minerals, and all other matters that find their supply within the earth or in hidden places. however, it’s miles in reality the least beneficial time of the yr to start anything new or release a new business or to make costs in an old one.

These, then, are your non-public human life cycles. to a certain the influences of each period will overlap the periods before and after it.

It’s far advisable, consequently, to be careful in all decisions and actions on the last 2 and 1st two days of every duration.

In case you would love some proofs as to the reliability of the above lifestyles cycles, then truly discover the dates of the seventh cycle (i.e your final cycle). then test back over the last ten or fifteen years. it’s far sure that your worst frustrations, disappointments and trials befell all through those  dates. so, cross ahead and test out the dates.

The aforesaid records is arrived at after an intensive examine of cycles extending over many loads of years and it’s miles proper, so correct that many people call it a miracle.

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