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5 Proven Reasons Why Perfect Couple Fights in the Relationship as per Graphology

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Perfect Couple: Any conversation involves people talking with one another and telling what they think, feel or know to be true. Then what is the difference between an argument and a discussion?

The difference in these words lies in the usage and connotation, or shade of meaning, behind each word. A ‘Discussion’ has a much more positive feel to it, whereas an ‘Argument’  Or  Fights usually means an angry dispute or disagreement.

An argument can mean a statement or series of statements for or against the point of conversation. If the speaker has an angry tone upsetting others or not willing to listen to each other’s viewpoint then it is certainly an argument.

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An argument throws heat. Arguing does not solve the issues instead, it complicates life and creates an invisible barrier in a relationship no matter how good a person you are, it affects your surroundings, co-workers, friends and family. Arguments lead to unhealthy perfect couple fights, rage, shame and guilt.

During my journey of clinical practice in Graphology, I discovered a few traits in Handwriting and Signature of persons who believed that people argue or perfect fight help to solve the critical issues.

I understand it is more than the belief that such a person’s mindset becomes defiant to certain situations, people and words.

4 Major Traits, let’s dive into the root cause as why perfect couple fights.

  1. Stuck in the Past: People who keep arguing or those couple fights are the people who are stuck in the past and are unable to come out of the bitterness of experience buried in their subconscious that they establish as images/feelings.

    Hence, they start comparing people with the current situation and experience and fight occurs.
  2. Storage of the Data: These people collect lots of data, need validation in every aspect. Hence they compile all the data and utilize it for approval and validation based on the previous experience.
  3. Ego & Authenticity: Arguments come from ego and a closed mind. These writers have a huge ego and they are proud of their achievement, no matter how small and large is the achievement, they would like to showcase it in a big way.

    Hence, rather than posing self as right, these writers take the role in the management and work in a team.

    The mindset behind this thought process is Authenticity which reduces the effect of the conflicts and gives relaxation.
  4. Lack of Sleep: Since we need proper 8 hours sleep, the lack of rest to the body and  mind disturb the coordination between mind and body.

    The energy level is low due to deprivation of sleep leading a person into an argument as an outcome of the expression of temper.

    This lead to heated argument which convert later into fighting of the couple.

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Now, we know the psychological factors that aggravate the symptoms of why perfect couple fight. Let’s move further to peep into the clinical signs as per the Science of Handwriting.

Hook: The hook formation in the letter always pulls back the person in the past and does not allow to move further or be in the flow of the movement. This hook is known as ‘Stringer’ in Graphology which does not allow the person to take initiative and let go of things.

Starting Stroke: The reading of the starting stroke in Graphology says that these people especially perfect couple tend to argue a lot as they feel relaxed and love to argue due to the comparisons created in their subconscious based on the current data/storage which sometimes create confusion (if the previous knowledge and current situation/knowledge are in contradiction) hence the writer likes to gather more data for validating and proving himself/herself correct.

PPI and Sharp Edge in Capital Letter: These sharp edges and big Initial or Capital Letter in Handwriting show that person’s Ego is quite high and s/he does not want people to be dominant on his/her personality because the father of writer has been quite active and has seen his/her father (or Father figure) arguing with his mother and another female figure in his/her childhood.

Such a writer’s father is also quite good at taking initiative hence this quality also passes to the writer during his/her upbringing.

Cup Of Letter “P” or Letter open from the bottom : The Science says that an average individual needs a sound sleep for at least 7- 8 hours per day. These sleep patterns allow the human cell to generate new cells and repair the human mechanisms after sound sleep for 7-9 hours.

Now, when the sleep pattern is disturbed, the written letter is seen open from bottom in Letter P which is also the indication of loss of energy at a mental and emotional level which further leads to anxiety, low immune system and invasion of foreign particles in the body system.

This also indicates that the writer is unable to take proper rest and work in odd hours which leads to the destruction of mind and body hence after working for 5-6 hours (in normal routine) s/he feels low, is not able to work efficiently and need a hard push and motivation to complete the task.

Let me know how you find this blog on 4 Proven Reasons Why Couple Fights in the Relationship as per Graphology


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  1. Very interesting analysis. What solutions can be given in such cases? Also what to do if person argues a lot?

    Thank you.

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