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What is New Moon Abundance Cheque?

The New Moon Abundance Check is a tool for communicating your desire for abundance to the Universe. Abundance does not only refer to financial abundance, but to abundance in all aspects of your life or in areas where it is required.

Where did the New Moon Abundance Cheque originate from ?

Though Abundance checks should be written for financial gain it is used by healers, reiki practitioners, and pranic healers for every aspect of life, i.e abundance of love, happiness, health, etc.

The ritual is well-known and practiced all over the world, but its origin is unknown.

Does New Moon Abundance Cheque Method Work or is it a Myth?

You don’t have to believe in this ritual; it’s not like a belief system where you have to believe in it to get the results.

If you believe in the ritual, you can be confident of the outcome.

Is there any connection between the Moon AND Mind or Sub-Consciousness?

Yes, there is a very strong connection between the mind and the subconscious. In Indian Astrology, Moon is said to be the MIND hence Moon is a female personality in astrology, also connected with Mother/Mother figure.

The Moon is a very emotional planet and the element connected to the Moon is water.

Water plays an important role in HUMAN LIVES. As we know, the human body consists of 80% water, and like the Earth, the phases of the Moon are bound to affect human lives.

The new Moon and full Moon are important lunar phases that we can use in a variety of ways. The Waning Moon is another name for the new Moon. It is known as AMAVASYA in India.

The Full Moon is known as the waxing Moon or POORNIMA.

Why are these Rituals Important in the New Moon Abundance Cheque Method?

Rituals for the Moon are symbolic acts. The Full Moon ritual is for cutting off or abandoning unwelcome habits, whereas the New Moon ritual is for planting your objectives.

You can do the New Moon Ritual to draw in love, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Any sort of abundance is possible, and you are likely to notice the effects where they are most needed.

How to write abundance checks for the new Moon?

  1. Take a blank Cheque or plain paper. In case you don’t have a cheque copy, make 1-2 photocopies of the same to write. 
  2. Make sure, you use the cheque/copy of the the frequently used account only. 
  3. In the Pay Line, Write your Full Name.
  4. In the amount box and amount in the word line – write – “PAID IN FULL”.
  5. Leave the ‘Date’ blank only, writing the date is a personal choice, though.
  6. In the Signature section of the Cheque – Write – “THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE”.
  7. Write the “THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE” in the A/C No. BOX also.
  8. Few experts suggest writing – “THANK YOU” in the SIGNATURE section instead of writing, The Law of Abundance.
  9. On the backside of the check, you can write your Full Name.
  10. Now, Pray to your Diety/Universe to fulfill your desire.
  11. In case you are a Reiki, Pranic Healer, or Chakra Healer, you can give healing intentions  to the Cheque with strong affirmation and abundance.
  12. Now, keep the abundance check in a safe drawer or box and forget it, let Cosmic Energy start working for you.
  13. Continue this ritual for consecutive 3 New Moon.


  1. The owner of the cheque/account holder must do the ritual of cheque writing    him/herself. 
  2. I have seen favorable results even when someone has written the terms in their native language also. That means, writing in English language is not mandatory.

What to do with the Abundance Cheque after journaling? OR When to burn abundance cheques?

Few people asked whether we should burn the abundance cheques or bury them under the ground.

Ideally, burn the old ones (total 3) or you can tear them up, on the 4th New Moon.

You may continue the cheque writing for 3 New Moons and burn or tear them in pieces after 3 New Moons and dispose in flowing water. I personally recommend burning and disposing in the clean kitchen sink.

I hope this upcoming time brings lots of happiness and abundance to your life.

 Hope, my article on Abundance Cheque fulfills all your desires.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu

Spiritual Healer