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What is Nazar Ki Dua ?

Nazar ki Dua means to affirm a positive statement for a person who is suffering from low energies which is generally not due to physiologically , psychology or emotional state.

This is low state of energy is known as Bad Eye or Nazar Dosha for which few occult scholars prefer to affirm a positive statement known as Nazar ki Dua which can also been stated as Nazar Utarne ka Mantra
( A positive statement for removal of bad energy in human mind and body )

What is a Bad Eye or Buri Nazar Dosh (Nazar Ki Dua) 

“Bad eye” or “evil eye” refers to a belief that some people have the ability to harm others with a single glance or stare. It is a widespread superstition found in many cultures around the world.


Characteristics of a Bad Eye ( Buri Nazar Dosha /Nazar ki Dua )

  • Unintentionally bringing bad luck or misfortune to others
  • Causing objects to break or malfunction
  • Making people or animals feel uneasy or uncomfortable
  • Causing unexplained illnesses or accidents

Beliefs and Superstitions on Nazar Dosha ( Buri Nazar Dosha /Nazar ki Dua )

  • Some cultures believe that the evil eye is caused by envy or jealousy.
  • It is often associated with certain physical traits, such as dark eyes or eyebrows.
  • Amulets or talismans are sometimes used to ward off the evil eye.
  • Spitting or making a hand gesture are also believed to offer protection.

Scientific Explanation on Bad Eye ( Buri Nazar Dosha /Nazar ki Dua )

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of the evil eye. Psychologists suggest that it may be a way for people to cope with negative events or find scapegoats for misfortunes.

Cultural Relevance

The belief in the evil eye is particularly prevalent in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and South Asian regions. It is also found in some parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe but it is a strong practice in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and even in Arabic states/nations.

Impact on Society

In some communities, people who are believed to have the evil eye may face social stigma or discrimination. The fear of the evil eye can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or tension between individuals or groups.

Does Nazar ki Dua or Nazar Utarna really work ?

Although there is no scientific evident from scholar or scientist but yeh we all believe that such negatives vibes do carry in human body which exist at some point of times.

Occult Scholars and Mantik say by affirming Nazar ki Dua or Mantra one can get rid of low energy feelings. So today I will provide you with one simple mantra sadhana through which one can get rid of nazar drishti or drishti dosha.


Sadhana for Nazar Dosh or Bandhan se Mukti Ke Liye

  1. Sit down in Siddh Parva like Holi, diwali, Janamasthami, Navratri, Mahashivratri and Eclipse ( Both Solar and Lunar ).
  2. Face your mouth toward the north direction wearing red-colored clothes, sitting on red asana.
  3. In your front placed wooden plank, lay down red asana and no keep Mahakali Idol or photo frame.
  4. Lite a cow ghee diya , offer kumkum, rice, red flower and naivedya to maa kali.
  5. Now, recite 108 times ganesh mantra – om gang ganpatye namah
  6. Now, recite 108 times shiv mantra in the form of spiritual guru – Om namah shivaay.
  7. Now before reciting Kali Shabar Mantra, recite 108 times Shabar Jagran Mantra

    Jagran Mantra : Guru Sat Guru Sat, Guru hai Veer, Guru Saheb Sumaro, Badi Bhath Singhi, Toro Ban Kaho Man Nau Kartar Sakal Guru ki Har Bhaje Ghanta Pakar Uth Jaag, Chet Samhaar Shri Paramshana.
  8. Now, recite 11 rounds with rudraksha mala – Kali Mantra

Kali Mantra ( Nazar ki Dua Mantra )

Kali Karali “Amukh”  Sthmbhay Swahaa

Kamya Prayog for Nazar Dosha Mantra ( Nazar ki Dua )

After completing 11 rounds, whenever you feel something uneven happens in life, or feel someone has done black magic spell on you, better meet him and while shaking hands, recite the above mantra 11 times.

In case you are unable to meet him, then recite 108 mantra ( nazar ki dua ka mantra ) in front of Maa Kali keeping the person’s photo , then light ghee ka diya and on each mantra recitation blow air ( fook maro ) on person’s photo who irritate you or you feel done a black magic spell on you. After mantra chanting, pray to Maa Kali that all negative energies get carries away and also the person does not interfere in your life.

You will notice, after this short kamya prayog, one will feel immediate relax on mind and body level because the above mantra is not only Nazar ki Dua ka Mantra but also it includes Stambhan Mantra which hold/freeze the person capacity ( not allowing him/her to harm you ).

I have tried this Nazar ki dua ka Mantra which works really faster compare to those heavy and lengthy process vedic mantras.

Let me know in the comment, whether you would like me to publish more such Shabar Mantra in series of Nazar ki Dua ka Mantra.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu