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Vastu Tips: How to Conceive a Baby Boy: In INDIA, there is always a high urge in every Indian family that they should have a baby boy child so that their family legacy or name gets alive even after their death. 

There is also a myth that it is a male child only can give moksha by giving fire ( mukh-agni ) at his funeral ( for an ancestor ) let me make clear that Maa Sita has done Shraadh Karma for his father-in-law and Father of Lord Rama, Shri Dasrath Maharaj, during their 14 years of exile from Ayodhya.

So, it is a myth that by giving birth to a male child you will attain moksha, which is totally against the law of karmas because whatever the rituals or acts we perform is one’s KARMA which gives us self-realization, not a human-made sacrifice or rituals.

So today I thought of writing on this crucial topic as How to conceive a Baby Boy 100 percent, but before moving to Vastu Tips for conceiving a baby let’s understand how and what are the implications that create a situation for not getting conceived.

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Vastu Tips for Conceiving a Child: How to conceive a baby boy

Before planning a baby, the newly married couple should always look for the Vastu and interior of their vastu, directions to understand the issue in their life.

Let’s drive in Important directions of Vastu 

Here, I am mentioning a few major directions ( not 16 directions as many people do not know how to do grinding and zoning of 16 directions )  which helps them to mark important directions of their vastu.

East Direction: How to Conceive a Baby Boy

In an east-facing building, if the eastern boundary wall is less high than the western boundary, then one gets the pleasure of seeing sons and grandsons. 

If construction work is done by connecting the border without keeping any vacant space in the east-facing building, then either there will be a lack of male children or the child will be handicapped.

If there is garbage, mounds of stones and soil etc. in the eastern part of an east-facing building, there will be a loss of wealth and children.

In an east-facing building, if the east side is higher than the west side, the owner of the house will become poor and the children will be unhealthy and mentally retarded.

For east-facing houses, the boundary wall should not be high. The front door of the house should be visible from the road otherwise there will be adverse consequences. 

If the boundary wall built in the eastern direction is higher than the boundary wall in the western direction, then the child’s, there will be loss. 

Due to the north, north-east and east parts of the residence being lower than the south, south-west and west, the children remain healthy and progress.

According to time, there are strong chances of them having a child as well. If there is more vacant space in the eastern part of an east-facing building, then it will be more beneficial for the son and child along with the increase in wealth and lineage.

North East Direction: How to Conceive a Baby Boy

If the northeast direction of the house or boundary wall of the northeast block decreases, then you will not be able to have a male child. If it happens, you will become disabled or mentally confused and will have a short life. 

If the Ishaan portion is higher than all the other directions, then one will have to face many types of troubles including loss of money and children. This situation is one of great distress and sorrow.

If the roads to the northeast of the Ishaan block are not narrow and the Ishaan direction is forward, then the residents of this block will attain wealth and property very luxuriously and their children will be extremely intelligent and dedicated. 

Even if the north-east direction of the boundary wall is in the right shape, if the north-east direction of the house disappears then the owner of the house will have to face the problems of his children.

South East Direction: How to Conceive a Baby Boy 

In a fire-facing (i.e. southeast) building, if the fire is high, southwest, northwest and northeast are low, there will be defamation and also loss of lineage.

There should not be a well in a south-east facing building or house. If it happens, it will make the housewife and the child unwell and create discord in that house, causing harm to the second child.

North West Direction: How to Conceive a Baby Boy 

If there is an underground water tank, bore, well, septic tank or it is lowered in any way in the northwest corner of a north-facing building, the girl child lives less in the house and more outside. 

Many times he comes home of his own free will and without informing. She also goes away. The women of those who build houses on the deep land in the middle attain infertility.

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