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Directions and Sub Directions as per Vaastu Shastra

In my previous blog on Vastu Tips for Home Directions, i have explained about the importance and complete procedure as how to choose direction while building the home or office.

Today, we will discuss the Major Directions and Sub-directions in Vastu Shastra.

4 Directions in Vastu Shastra

  • East also known as Poorva
  • West also known as Paschim
  • North also known as Uttar 
  • South also known as Daksin 

Apart from, these 4 major direction which is known as pramukh disha, there are other 4 sub -direction in vastu known Up-Disha, there are as follow:

  • North East also known as Ishan
  • North West also known as Vayavya
  • South East also known as Agni
  • South West also known as Neruthi

East direction, this is the direction of growth as SUN rises from the east and hence this direction has a major  influence on the planetary system i.e planet Sun is the HOD in cosmic energy hence it has its major effect due to the family members.

People residing in the East direction are also affected with male energy – father, brother as the direction because in astrology and numerology as well as in Vastu Shastra the East direction is considered to be the house of father.

Hence, this direction is especially effective on the mind of the family members.

If by misfortune east  direction is damaged in the house or office or factory then there are very high chances that person may attract misfortune and I’ll name and fame in the society.

Even after spending lakhs of rupees on business strategies the person may fail in the business or product launching , this is due to the damage in the east direction.

Such a person is unable to take decisions as per his own will and there is sudden loss of wealth and infrastructure.

Therefore it is essential to take care of the east direction and if by chance it is damaged or cut in the Vastu Shastra then one should take the essential remedies for the same.

The West direction is influenced by the air and earth elements and if the bedroom or member residing in this area of the house is covered by the West direction then the people residing with the West direction house are always vulnerable and their mind keeps on fluctuating while taking the decision.

The damage in the West direction leads  to court cases and mental stress and the person does not get success in life , no matter if it is professional or personal.

The main earning member faces lots of obstacles and their children’s education and mental and physical growth is affected.

The West direction is very good for the business men’s ,especially if the person has Kumbh Rashi as this direction is connected with the Kumbhar Rashi in the  zodiac sign.

North Direction, this direction is said to be the planet of Mercury and Lord Kubera is the governing deity.

This direction is also to look for the mother or female energy. If Mercury and Ketu planet are into the auspicious degree ( ucha greha ) in astro birth chart then the person residing in the Vastu having a good fortune and direction will give him/her lots of health, wealth, abundance of good karmic rewards and also happiness and prosperity in the business.

This direction is seen for the studies for the family values, knowledge, wisdom and also for logical reasoning therefore it is advisable the student should keep their face to the north direction while studying or getting ready for a competitive exam.

It is said in Vastu that the North direction should be kept either empty or clear from the damages because if the north direction is damaged then female energy in the house gets disturbed mentally physically and lots of gynaecological issues may arise.

If there is a window in the north direction then Lord Kubera blessing through his divine sight ( dristhi )gets entered to the north direction and spreads in the house.

South direction, This direction is said to be the direction of death which is a false myth. It is considered death and unlucky by few newbie practitioners because the governing deity residing in this area is Yama Devata which is said to be Lord of the dead.

This direction is said to be destroying all the negative elements and it also gives strength, patience ,stability.

If there is some damage seen in the South Region specially in the south direction then it is advisable to repair this direction as per the vastu expert.

This direction is related to the scorpion zodiac sign in the astro birth chart and a governing planet is mars planet 

Mars is considered to be the leader in the defence/army head. If the south direction is well maintained that a person becomes courageous and brave and he or she is able to face any type of hurdles in his or her life.

It is advisable as per the law of vastu shastra that the south direction should be little bit built up side or on the heavier side it means the slope should flow from south to north direction.

Fundamentals of Direction and Sub Directions

North East direction, This direction is very important in Vastu because it is considered to be the pure and auspicious space.

North East direction is said to be Ishan in Sanskrit and Ishan means Lord Shiva which is known as the Lord of the Lord ( devon ke dev – Mahadev ) hence this is a place where the temple or meditation room can be built.

This direction is also recognised for strength and courage,ambition, knowledge, spiritualism, wisdom, patience and intelligence.

If the direction in the north-east is damaged then all the above qualities get destroyed. It is also seen that any cut or damages in north east make your child dumb, face hard times .The good structure in north east make your  children smart and knowledgeable and achieve name and fame in the society.

The damages in North East create very high chances of abortion ,also they are posibilities that  baby girl (child ) may take birth in family and later baby girl face challenges in her career and for her marriage the parents had to keep on searching for a good bride. 

The north of north east direction is connected to cancer zodiac sign and the east of the north east direction is connected to the aries zodiac sign.

The body part connected in Vastu is head.Therefore if there is cut or damage is seen in the north east direction it always leads to headache, migraine or ailment in the central nervous system.

North-west direction, is said to be covered by air elements and this is the direction which influence and show the strength ,health and long life (dirghayu) 

North West direction helps to combat or fight against your enemy and one can also get victory in the court of law if the north-west direction is clear from any damages.

The Cut in North-west direction gives you rejection in job interview, business ideals,it is also seen that family members become extremely prideful and egoistic.There is a trust issue among family members.

They may face court cases and there is a shift in the mood ( unstable mind ) and all the decisions are taken wrong. The west of the north-west direction governed by zodiac sign -Jupiter and north of the north-west direction is governed by zodiac sign Rishab Rashi  and Chandrama Rashi.

The South East direction is said to be the direction of Lord fire in Vastu Shastra and this direction is to be seen for the health of the woman because the kitchen is said to be ideally located in the north west or south east direction.

While building the kitchen as south east direction is said to be the best direction for the kitchen , one should take care that the woman in the kitchen should be facing towards the north or east while cooking. 

The vastu dosh in the South East (i.e cut or extended part in the southeast ) leads to confusion and a person is unable to make decisions and their health is always on the STAKE. 

The members in the house always susceptible towards the unknown fear eg. accident ,losses in business or job or there may be a fear of a house catching fire.

It is said that the Jupiter and Rahu planet is the main responsible for south east direction.

If the Jupiter planet is in good degree in the astro birth chart ( applicable for the main earning member of the house ) then this house and this direction is said to be auspicious and bring abundance/good luck to the family residing in the assigned vastu.

South west direction is governed by earth elements hence it depicts stability and growth.

Therefore it is very important I want to take care of the Southwest direction. If by chance the Southwest direction gets damaged then it is said by the Vastu expert there is big questioning in the character of the members residing in such Vastu.

These people are always surrounded by the unknown fear and enemies.

It is also notice in my clinical practice that damage south west region attracts lots of evil spirit , accidents suicide and depression and health of the family members get deteriorated, thereby increases in hospital bills.

South-west main door is also not considered to be auspicious and fruitful 

The West of the south west direction is governed by Mithun Rashi and the south of the Southwest direction is governance by Tula Rashi

Directions and Brahmasthana

Brahmasthana, the central part of the house, is said to be the Brahmasthana which is also known in Hindi as Aagan.  

Hence, In Vastu while considering Directions and Sub-Directions, one should take care that Brahmasthana, is always to be kept empty or open to sky or open, because such arrangement create happy environment and there is increase family and moral value

If the brahmasthan is damages or closed then it lead to miscommunications and dispute in the family , legal suit may be filed by rivals and there is a high chance of suicidal cases 

Brahmshan in the vast to come under the preview of Dhanu Rashi.

This area consists of a sky element and it is said that Mercury, Jupiter,Saturn and Rahu and Ketu have major influence in Brahmasthan.

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Nirav Hiingu