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Vastu Registry in English : In Vastu Shastra, negative vibrations in space are believed to be caused by various factors that disrupt the flow of positive energy or “prana” within a living or working environment.

These negative vibrations can lead to disturbances in mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Here are some descriptions of negative vibrations in space according to Vastu Shastra

Clutter and Congestion: Spaces filled with clutter, unnecessary items, or overcrowded furniture can hinder the flow of energy, creating stagnant areas where negative vibrations accumulate. This congestion can lead to feelings of heaviness and lethargy among occupants.

Dark and Dull Areas: Poor lighting or areas lacking natural light contribute to negative vibrations. Darkness symbolizes ignorance and stagnation in Vastu Shastra, so spaces with inadequate illumination may promote a sense of gloominess and lack of clarity.

Unbalanced Elements: Vastu emphasizes the importance of balance among the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. Spaces that are disproportionately dominated by one element over others can generate negative vibrations.

For instance, excessive heat or fire elements may lead to aggression or restlessness, while too much water can cause instability and insecurity.

Geopathic Stress: Certain natural phenomena, such as underground water streams, geological faults, or electromagnetic fields, can create geopathic stress.

According to Vastu Shastra, living or working above these stress zones can disrupt the flow of positive energy, leading to various health issues, including insomnia, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

Negative Thought Patterns: Emotions and thoughts of occupants leave energetic imprints on the environment. Spaces where negative emotions like anger, fear or sadness are prevalent can retain these vibrations, affect the well-being of individuals who enter the area. Continuous exposure to such environments may contribute to psychological distress and interpersonal conflicts.

Architectural Flaws: Buildings with structural defects, irregular shapes, or architectural discrepancies can produce negative vibrations. These flaws may disrupt the harmonious flow of energy within the space, leading to discomfort and discord among occupants.

Toxic Materials: Materials used in construction or furnishings that emit harmful substances or have negative energetic properties can contribute to negative vibrations.

For example, synthetic materials, electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, or chemical pollutants can degrade the quality of energy within a space, adversely affecting the health and vitality of individuals.

In Vastu Shastra, the aim is to identify and rectify these sources of negative vibrations through various remedies and adjustments to promote harmony, balance, and positive energy flow within the living or working environment.

This can involve architectural modifications, interior design changes, spatial reorganization, and the use of specific elements, colors, and symbols to counteract negative influences and enhance overall well-being.

What is Vastu Registry?

Vastu Registry is nothing but a simple Vastu Ritual for removal of Negative Vibes from the space. Vastu Purusha Mandala which consists of 45 Devtas in Purusha which cannot be seen with naked eyes but yes they do exist in Vastu Mandal.

So whenever the Space of Vastu Mandal gets disturbed, the 45 energy centers which we called as 45 Devtas or 45 Alchemists get irritated due to negative Prana tatva hence the environment needs cleansing with Vedic Mantra, Tantra and other modalities.

With the help of this simple yet effective Vastu Registry, one can get rid of all negative effects in Vastu Purusha Mandala.

Why is Vastu Registry needed before any Vastu Treatment ?

Vastu Registry is needed to take the approval of Bhumi ( Earth Elements ), Dev Agya ( approvals from the high energy centers residing nearby to vastu mandala ) , Kshetrapal ( ruler of the assign space is known as Shetrapal and Rakshak Dev ( the defense force who protect the colony and assign Vastu Purusha Mandala. 

In a way, the Vastu Registry is nothing but a simple vedic process of enrolling one name in spiritual and existing Vastu before starting residing or business transactions.

What are the Benefits of Vastu Registry ?

There are multiple benefits of doing Vastu Registry such as

  1. To remove all the obstacles in Vastu ( if any construction work is going on )
  2. To keep the existing vastu in balance, keeping every living member happy, wealthy and peaceful.
  3. For distribution of energy flow.
  4. For fulfillment of incomplete desire.
  5. For selling an existing Property.
  6. Balancing the 5 Element of Vastu Mandala.

Types of Vastu Registry as per the Vastu Textbooks

There are 5 major types of Vastu Registry process as per the Vedic Vastu Shastra such as

  1. ShriFal ( Jalyukt Nariyal )
  2. Petha Fal 
  3. Nimbu Swastika Pattern
  4. Five Colors Element Clothes – For Temple and Schools.

 Water of 5 Sacred Rivers such Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati, Gomati and Narmada.

Precautions to be taken while doing Vastu Registry

It is to be noted this is not a normal Vastu pooja, this vastu registry is done to removal all types of negative but harmful vibes which not only disturb the Vastu but also living entities reside in that vastu hence, one should take care of all minute instructions while doing vastu process else, one may fall severely ill or mental disturbances after doing this rituals.

  1. Create a Suraksha Kavach with your Ishta Devta Mantra OR Stotra
  2. Keep a few yellow mustard seeds (Pili Sarso Dana) in your pocket or hold a fistfull on your head.
  3. Weak will minded Women, Elders and Children should not perform this ritual as this may harm them.
  4. Perform the Vastu registry on Rikta Tithi on 4, 8 and 9 Hindu Tithi ( both Krishna and Shukla Paksha ) , if Rikhta Tithi falls on Saturday, then it is the best time for these vastu rituals.
  5. Other important days for performing Vastu Registry are Holi, Diwali, Amavasya.
  6. Tie Raksha Sutra ( mouli in right hand ) with Raksha Mantra or Shiv Mantra
  7. After performing the Ritual one has to do Visarjan i.e Immersion of all Pooja Material either in River, Sea, lake, or Temple, under the Tree ( Banyan or Peepal )
  8. Do not perform this ritual alone, one should keep another person while doing the Kriya.

Material for Vastu Registry

  1. Nariyal – one
  2. Cotton Asana ( ideally 2 Handkerchiefs )
  3. Yellow mustard seeds (Peeli Sarso) – 250 Gram to make Swastika on white Asana
  4. Desi Gaay(cow) ghee Ka Deeya
  5. Kesar ink to draw swastik on Nariyal
  6. Wooden Plank

Method or Procedure of Performing Vastu Registry

Since, the Vastu Registry takes half an hour and due to the complications which come in this kriya, I am just giving you brief process on Vastu Registry, one should allow a Seasoned Vastu Practitioner who are pure by heart, know Vedic Rituals and has a good intent to help their clients.

  1. On Wooden Plank, place White Cotton Cloth – ideally a brand new handkerchief.
  2. Now, Draw Swastik with the help of Peeli Sarso. 
  3. Also keep Peeli Sarso on your Head and in the client’s pocket/head
  4. Now, take blessing of your Ishta Devata by reciting Istha mantra or Raksha mantra. 
  5. Now take Dev Agya ( taking approval from the Devi Devtas )
  6. Kshetra Agya ( taking approval from the kshetra – assigned space )
  7. Lokpal and DwarPal Agya ( taking approval of Lokpal and Dwarpal )
  8. First Blow the conch ( shankh )  then ask kshetra Pal and Vastu Purusha Mandala by saying – O Lord ! Kshetra , You are the best among all 33 Crores Devtas, O Mahabahu, Please bless the Vastu Karma Karta – ( Speak out the Name of the Client or Owner ).
  9. On this auspicious day, we need your approval , your protection to perform this great vastu registry process. Kindly bless with your blessings. 
  10. Now light a Ghee Diya on the upper right side. 
  11. Now complete the whole process of Vastu Registry with help of Vedic Vastu Process.
  12. After completion of ritual, keep Nariyal on Swastik for 24 hours.
  13. After 24 hours, take all the material of pooja and tie it into Potli and put it for immersion.
  14. In Potli , include the diya, pili sarso.
  15. Do this Vastu Registry only during day time and again it should be done in Trikal Sandhya – like Sunrise, Sunset and Noon time.

I have given a small glimpse of Vastu Registry ritual to know about its importance in Vastu Consultation because without doing this process, one can’t get success in any type of Vastu Karma, no matter how simple or complicated the issue may be.

Till Date, I have performed multiple Vastu Registry and the results from this process is just stunning and surprising.

This was some insight on Vastu Registry and its importance in Vastu Shastra.

Let me know your thoughts on this amazing science of Vastu Shastra.

Nirav Hiingu

Vedic VastuVid