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Hindu Or Hinduism is Not Religion But a Way of Life

Hindu Or Hinduism is Not Religion But a Way of Life

What is Hindu Dharma?

Hindu / Hinduism is not a religion but it is a completely scientific way of living.  Unlike other religions, it has been put into a bracket of doing the pro and cons and it is structured by the rules and regulations and propose to human that if these rules are not followed, you will fall into a big trap. Hinduism is the other way/side, it is a structure of living the scientific lifestyle which consists of multiple specialties.

Why Hinduism is not a Religion?

Hinduism is not a religion because it is rather known as a Sanatan Dharma , very interesting it is explained in the Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita that Dharma aur Sanatan which cannot be destroyed by fire, dry by air, can’t get wet with water or cut with weapons like soul or atman which access in all the living and nonliving  entity. 

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What does Sanatan mean?

Sanatan means which is Omnipotent and Omnipresent and with exists throughout the century and does not fall under any category.

Hindu Or Hinduism is Not Religion But a Way of Life

What is Dharma?

Dharma means,  “To develop oneself and live with ethics and moral responsibilities”. The Vedas says: Dharma means: “Dharerayati Iti dharma” which means to whom we carry in our mind, body and soul level is known as a Dharma. Further ancient God Realised Saints says, How we apply that Ethos in our life is known as Dharma.

Dharma does not mean or connected with any religion, rather religion is a structure wherein people are a bounce to perform those rituals for 3 major reasons:

  1. Fear/Doubts
  2. Without any knowledge
  3. With the intention to get Karma Fal

Humans, especially Indians feel if I do not perform those rituals, I may go to Hell or has to suffer from big losses, or maybe in the current life or next birth, I am bound to suffer from misery.

Therefore Sanatan Dharma means those spiritual practices, not rituals which are universal, available to each and every living and non-living beings and which brings one normal or lower consciousness to higher consciousness on spiritual realms which is known as Moksha or Samadhi.

Is Hinduism A Religion?

There is a wrong impression is printed on every individual in this world that  Hinduism is Religion but it is not so, as it is a path of spirituality which is totally different in Hindu dharma but the question of religion does not exist at all because Hindu dharma was not created by any individual prophet or any incarnation.

Likewise, other religions that are based on certain individual scripture and have been created by the prophet,  Hindu dharma is based on absolute truth and there is no ownership of this Dharma by any individual or community. 

Sanatan Dharma does not put you or your family into the rules and regulations to live with compulsion rather it is designed to be the best version as humans and live the life of its own with complete freedom and moral responsibility.

Spirituality is a part of every Hindu rituals and customs which lie in the normal life of Hindu.

Why there are so many sacred texts in Hinduism?

Ancient religious texts in Sanatan Dharma has been followed and written by many ancient God-Realization Saints like Shrichandra Bhagwan, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Saint Kabir, Jesus, Buddha, Adi Shankara, Vishwamitra, now this ancient text is written by those spiritual practitioners which are based on the merits of ratio as  this merits available from the self-experience and spiritual knowledge.

You do not need to follow blindly any spiritual teacher or ancient scriptures neither to follow those so-called Guru’s who receive money from disciple and who give advice without any reasoning, all of this practitioner aren’t defined as Saint.

But Saints like Kabir, Jesus , Adi Shankar , Atri , Gautam, etc who has realized almighty who have mentioned their self-experience in sacred scripture for the prosperity of the human being and it should be the prime focus for practicing those customs to attend the self-realization and live the life on ethics and strong Foundation.

If the Sanatan Dharma means to attain higher consciousness then to thom we need to follow?

Very important questions raised by every individual in his life, the answer to this question is given in the Samruti in Vedas as  “The person can get only one quarter of knowledge from the spirit amended, another quarter of the knowledge can be obtained by analysing and self introspection,  one quarter by discussion and proper fruitful discussion with the other spiritual colleagues and the last quarter of the knowledge can be obtained during the process of living high standard and simple life as  suggested by ancient spiritual practitioners, by the addition deletion correction and modification of the rules as per the geographical and social scenario”.

Why Hindu dharma has so many Rishis Sages in ancient texts, there is no ONE Prophet like other Religion?

That is the specialty of Sanatan Dharma, it is not created nor established by one person, saints or individual because it is written by those self-realized souls and their experience and knowledge found that absolute truth, i.e Brahman is one and although the path and ideology of sadhana is different, it is the same and equally realized by all prophets and saints.

Also, those ancient texts were written to maintain equilibrium and have psychological and physiological health and long life because these spiritual Saints preachings are need to follow for prosperity and wealth and happiness of the society.

Everyone needs to follow their Spiritual Saint those has attain higher consciousness,  for the above mentioned psychological and physiological reason, family values, social benefit and for the national integration of the human being therefore it the right of every individual to add principles and to understand those about mention scientifically rationally and logical meaning of each and every  principles laid down by ancient God Realisation Saints and follow the same in your life systematically.

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