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Swar Vigyan or Shiv Swarodaya Vigyan Explained

The human body is a tiny form of the universe made of the five elements. By the grace of the infinite God, every human receives self-realization at the time of birth. 

It is pure and scientific spiritual knowledge and philosophy. Life is energy, and wisdom is power.

Of all the living beings in the world, man is the only one who is an embodiment of his karma. All the rest are Bhoga Yonis.  

It is only through Swar Sadhana Or Swar Vigyan, that the sages and saints can look into the past, future and present through their experience. 

Now this is in the hands of a man as to how much he uses and consumes this Shiv Swarodaya Vigyan.

In Indian Astrology, there is Swarodaya-Vigyan that gives various results on Numerology, Dream-Astrology, Swarodaya-Astrology, Omen-Astrology, Samudrik-Hast-Astrology, Body-Sarvaanglakshan-Astrology etc.

There are two holes/passages in a human nostril – right and left. Air enters and exits through only one of the two holes. The second hole remains closed. 

When air enters and exits from the second hole, the first hole closes naturally, meaning if one remains open, the other one, closes.

In this way, the process of air transmission, the velocity – breathing – (inhaling and exhaling) is called the voice. 

Sound is breath. Breath is the lifeblood of life. The continuity of the voice 24 hours a day is life. The cessation of voice is a symbol of death.

What is Swara Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan

The science of breathing popularly known as Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan is a vast and complex subject, but in its simplest form, it is the study of how we breathe energy forces. How to take in and release the vital force known as prana.

Breathing is essential to life, and it is also a powerful tool that can be used to improve our physical and mental health.

There are many different breathing techniques, and each one has its unique benefits. 

Some breathing techniques are designed to relax the body and mind, while other techniques are designed to improve focus and concentration.

Some breathing techniques are also used for healing and spiritual purposes.

What is Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan?

One of the most well-known breathing techniques is called vocalism. Swara Vigyan is a Sanskrit word meaning “science of breathing”. This is a type of yogic breathing that involves focusing on the sound of your breath.

Why Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan?

Swara science is said to have many benefits, including reducing stress, improving focus, and promoting relaxation. But here we will talk about Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan.

The human body is a small form of the universe made up of five elements. By the infinite grace of God, man has attained self-realization at the very time of birth. 

This is pure scientific spiritual knowledge and philosophy. Life is nothing but energy, intelligence is power.

Among all the creatures in the world, man is the only creature who is an embodiment of karma. 

Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan and Kaal Chakra

The rise of the voice starts with the time of sunrise. Generally, the notes change daily every two and a half hours, i.e. after one hour, from right to left and from left to right, and between these hours, the five elements – earth (20 minutes), water (16 minutes), fire (12 minutes), air (8 Minutes), sky (4 minutes) also arise in a specific time sequence and keep on functioning.

Each (right-left) note has a sequence of 1 hour = 900 breaths at its natural pace and the five elements change 12 times in 60 hours. 

The process of breathing and exhaling in a healthy person occurs 21600 times a day and night i.e. in 24 hours.

Swara Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan and 3 Major Nadis

Pingala Nadi: The right opening of the nostril is called the right swara or Suryaswara or Pingala nadi – swara.

Ida Nadi: The left opening of the nostril is called left swar or Chandraswar or Ida Nadi-swar.

A person self-experiences these notes in his mind as to which note is moving and which note is still. This is phonetic astrology.

Sushumna Nadi: Sometimes air flow starts coming out from both holes simultaneously, which is called Sushumna Nadi-Swara. It is also called double tone.

Sushumna Nadi runs in the spinal cord of the body starting from the brain up to the Muladhara Chakra (anus). On the left side of this nadi is Chandrasvara Nadi and on the right side is Suryasvara Nadi.

There are many vital nerves involved in vocal communication, the main ones being Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

There is a network of 72 thousand nerves (arteries, veins, cells) spread in our body, the control centre of which is the brain.

The auspicious and inauspicious thoughts generated from the brain have an impact on the nervous system, due to which the speed of transmission of sound becomes slow and fast.

It also affects the Mooladhara Chakra, Swadhisthana Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra. Due to this, physical and mental conditions and events are foreshadowed. 

This is Swarodaya astrology. In Swarodaya science, the Moon is considered to be the presiding deity.

The year’s year’s balance between favourable and unfavourable is known by looking at the speed of communication between Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and Tritiyata to know how the year will be. 

On the date of these three days, the rise and rise of Chandraswara (left swara) in the morning along with leaving the bed at the time of sunrise is considered auspicious, while the rise and rise of Suryaswara is considered unfavourable – inauspicious.

According to the movement of the moon, there are Shuklapaksha and Krishnapaksha of fifteen days each in every month. 

In these, the counting of Tithis is considered to be 24 hours a day and night from the time of sunrise. 

There is a natural close relationship between notes and dates with sunrise. The self-expression of a healthy man is as follows on both sides.

Shuklapaksha in Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarody Vigyan

During Shukla Paksha, Chandraswara (left swara) is transmitted along with leaving bed in the morning during sunrise till 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 (full moon) dates and similarly on 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 On 12 Tithis, Suryaswar (right note) is transmitted.

Krishna paksha in Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan

During sunrise on 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15 (Amavasya) dates in Krishna Paksha.

Suryaswar (right voice) is transmitted along with leaving the bed in the morning. Similarly, Chandrasvara is transmitted on 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

Sometimes, when the date decreases, the notes automatically change within 2 days and when it increases, it takes 4 days.

Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan – Properties, Nature and Functions of Swaras

(1) All types of stable, gentle and auspicious work should be done in Chandraswar. This voice is truly a goddess. This tone, being cool by nature, protects from heat and diseases caused by bile.

(2) Doing all types of active, difficult tasks in Suryaswar leads to success. This voice is the form of Shiva. Being of warm nature, it protects from diseases caused by cold and cough. Eating food, making medicine, practising knowledge and music etc. are successful in this tone.

(3) Sushumna swara is the real form of time. In this, meditation, dharana, samadhi, remembrance of God and kirtan are the best.

Swarodya Shastra and Health – In the present perspective of health, man is very indifferent.

He does not appear to follow many rules and principles regarding diet, behaviour, conduct, lifestyle, sleeping early, waking up early etc. On the contrary, it has become fashionable to sleep late and wake up late.

As a result of this, due to irregularity in the movement of the vocal cords, the person becomes sick and suffers from diseases. S/He spends both money and time on treatment. 

Whereas Swar Vigyan is a simple, understandable, cheap, non-violent and non-drug therapy method.

No kind of financial expenditure or time is wasted on this. 

A person himself can get rid of many diseases like asthma, fever, headache, stomach ache, indigestion, blood pressure etc. through Swarodaya therapy. 

For this, it is necessary to know the methods of vowel change.

The one who makes proper use of the priceless treasure of voice always remains happy and healthy.

Methods of vowel change in Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan

(1) Turn to the side opposite to the note you want to play and lie down on the pillow of the same hand. The tone will change after some time. For example, if Suryaswar is playing and you want to play Chandraswar, then lie down on your right side.

(2) Close one nostril by making a piece of cloth or using the thumb of your hand. Whatever note you want to play, keep it open, the note will change.

(3) The vowels also change by pressing a pillow under the armpit.

(4) Tone change also occurs through Anulom-Vilom, Nadishodhan, Pranayam, Hai Purak, Rechak, Kumbhak, Asana and Vajrasana. The mouth should be kept closed during vowel changes. Vocalize through the nostrils.

Fulfilment of wishes through Swar Vigyan or Shiva Swarodaya Vigyan

(1) In the morning, even after sunrise, get up on the side facing the moving sound, sit and look at the palm on that side and turn it towards your face. 

Then look at both the palms and rub them together, then move them on the face, then move the hands and legs of the entire body. After this say this mantra –

Lakshmi resides in Karagre in Swar Vigyan

Saraswati in Karamadhe. 

Karmule sthito brahma prabhate kardarshanam.

Meaning: Lakshmi resides in the front of the hands, Saraswati in the middle and Brahma in the root. Such holy hands should be seen with a voice in the morning. 

The symbol of karma is the hand itself. Karma is necessary to achieve anything. After this, after leaving the bed, extend the feet of the person whose voice is playing on the earth and chant the mantra –

Samudravasane Devi Parvatastanamandite. Vishnu’Patni Namastubhyam Paadsparsha Shmasva Me.

Meaning: O ! Prithvidevi, the wife of Lord Vishnu, wearing ocean-like clothes and adorned with mountain-like breasts! Please pardon my foot-touching.

This mantra proves that Indian culture can see consciousness in inanimate objects.

After that, move according to the playing tone. If it is Chandraswar then move forward in 2, 4, 6 even steps and if Suryaswar is in 1, 3, 5 odd steps. 

(1) By doing this, the day starts auspiciously and one gets success in the desired work. With health, your wishes come true.

(2) Wearing clothes with hands and feet in front of the moving sound keeps one happy.

(3) Success is achieved by giving to others, receiving from others, and moving the hands and feet forward in the direction in which the sound is moving while going out of the house. By doing this the person always remains happy and safe from trouble.

(4) By giving priority to the moving parts of the voice, work can be done in every situation and success is achieved. Voice – With the knowledge of astrology, a person can control his body and mind and get rid of diseases, strife, loss, suffering and failure, along with this, he can improve the afterlife by making his life joyful and attain welfare.

Love & Light,

Nirav Hiingu