INDIA is the fertile land of vast knowledge and culture . On the river bank of Sindhu ( later sindhu river called as HINDU due to wrong pronunciation hence people residing near river were called as HINDU) the indian rishis recited VEDA Mantras and compose the scared scriptures,Viz 4 vedas- Rigvedas, Yajurvedas,Samvedas and Atharvedas, 18 Puranas , Darshana , Mimamsha , Yog but later on laymen were unable to understand this highly based spiritual scripts thus indian rishi composed 108 Upanishada

Upanishada mean to come nearby to Spiritual Master. The spiritual master in Indian tradition known as Guru. Usually it is consider as highly elevated soul , more likely to be GODMEN and worshipped like almighty.

Guru is free from caste, race , gender and religion . Since guru cannot be classify in different categories ,scriptures further says that there are 2 types of guru .



Katho-Upanishada which is based on conversation between  Nachiketa ( son of King Udaalak) and Demigod Yama ( King of death) .This is wonderful scriptures which give answers on mystery of death and human suffering.This Upanishad says that there are 3 sign/ways wherein  common man can identify the spiritual master.

a) Sadguru is one who is get adjust to the situation , in other term he is extremely flexible to nature and mould himself according to situation.

If a devotee offer him food in royal palace with all luxuries in morning then he will happy .But same or other devotee offer him simple food in poor hut then also the Sadguru will be happy having no tense nor any attachment toward any materialistic things/world.

b) Second sign of Sadguru  is one who has vast complete knowledge of universe.He can speak on any topic without any prior preparation.He can speak on tradition , atom , science , human civilization  etc.

For him to speak on any subject of Universe is extremly easy.It is said that Lord Saraswati ( Demigod of Knowledge ) reside in tongue of such higher soul.

Now a question arise that even a POLITICIAN can speak nicely .But there is huge difference in between Guru and Politician, politician also speak very fluently but his/her word get sinked in human brain which is retain in human memory for a short period of time wherein words spoken by Guru get sink into human heart and left the big impact of human race forever.

c) Third sign of Sadguru is that he is a good companion of human being .One feel very comfortable and joyful as he/she sat down in feet of guru.Scriptures say real guru always take care of his/her disciple in every form , in critical time ,grief and also in happy movement .At every step the disciple feel like guru is his/her father,mother , brother and friends , guide and mentor.

HINDU scriptures say Guru is more like a Mentor , guide and helpful person throughout the life because GURU is only one person in UNIVERSE who take care of his disciple even after death or next life.

I was lucky enough to have met SADGURU and sat at his divine lotus feet .His presence make me such a joyful state which cannot express in words.