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Solar Eclipse 2020 on June 21: सूर्य ग्रहण – २१ जून २०२० Solar Eclipse Time

Solar Eclipse 2020 on June 21: सूर्य ग्रहण - २१ जून २०२० Solar Eclipse Time
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Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan 2020: The Annual Solar Eclipse 2020 will take place tomorrow on 21st June 2020 and few astrologers and report depicts it will be the end of the world. Many says, it will bring end of the world and there would be lots of suffering post eclipse.

Will the world end on June 21 Eclipse?

No, there is no such facts or valid report that world will end on this Surya Grahan 2020. Even the NASA report stated that there no such evident of asteroid colliding to earth any times in next few years, hence the rumours of World end on 21st June 2020 is totally fake.

What is Solar Eclipse ?

A Solar Eclipse is an event wherein Moon Passes between the Planet Earth and SUN. During the Eclipse – Surya Grahan the Image of the SURYA is Partially or Totally uncleared and dubious.

In Surya Grahan the diameter of the Moon is much smaller then of SUN. This event mostly block the sun image looking more like a RING.

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Types of Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse is divided into 3 part or rather i will says , 3 categories

  1. Total : This Eclipse occurs when Moon passes between Earth and SUN
  2. Partial : This Event happen when Moon covers the part of the SUN and left the SUN partially visible hence known as Partial Eclipse.
  3. Annual: This Event happen when Moon try to cober the whole SUN but due to the size of the Moon which is relatively smaller than SUN , the outer ring of the SUN is visible and it is known to us as Annual Solar Eclipse.
Solar Eclipse 2020 on June 21: सूर्य ग्रहण - २१ जून २०२० Solar Eclipse Time

Solar Eclipse 2020: Where will this Surya Grahan Visible ?

The Eclipse of 21st June 2020  will be Annual Solar Eclipse and will be visible at magnitude of 0.99 hence it would be not complete or Poorna Surya Grahan as the shadow of Chandrama ( Moon ) will cover only 99 percent but still then also this eclipse would of great important as moon will cover the centre of the sun to form a complete ring covering the sun.

The longest duration of covering the ring would not more than 0.38 Secs.

Location of Surya Grahan: This Solar Eclipse live will be visible from many nations like INDIA, Bhutan, Nepal , Pakistan, United Arabic Emirates, and Central African Republic also cover under this grahan.

Is the solar eclipse visible in India?

Yes, it is visible in india and it is partially visible in few indian cities which i have listed below.

Indian Cities where Surya Grahan visible on Partial Mode

It is visible in Chandigardh, New Delhi, Kolkata,Hyderbad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Chennai and Shimla.

Indian Cities where Annual Eclispe will be Visible

Dehradun, Sirsa and Tehri in Northern India are places where Poorna Surya Grahan is visible.

Solar Eclipse Live : Partial Solar Eclipse in INDIA

Eclipse Start Time – 10:20 AM

Maximum Eclipse Time – 12:02 PM

Eclipse End Time – 01:49 PM

Partial Eclipse Duration – 03 Hours 28 Mins 36 Secs

Solar Eclipse Timing in INDIA

Date and Time of Solar Eclipse 2020

CityStartEndDuration of Eclipse
Mumbai10:01 am13:49 pm03 Hours, 27 Mins
New Delhi10:20 am 13:49 pm03 Hours, 28 Mins
Hyderabad10:15 am13:44 pm03 Hours, 29 Mins
Bengaluru10:13 am13:32 pm03 Hours, 18 Mins
Chennai10:22 am 13:42 pm03 Hours, 19 Mins
Kolkata10:46 am14:17 pm03 Hours, 30 Mins
Ahmedabad10:04 am13:32 pm03 Hours, 28 Mins
Surat10:03 am13:31 pm03 Hours, 28 Mins
Jaipur10:15 am13:44 pm03 Hours, 29 Mins
Pune10:03 am13:31 pm03 Hours, 27 Mins
Thane10:01 am13:29 pm03 Hours, 27 Mins
Bhopal10:15 am13:47 pm03 Hours, 32 Mins
Patna10:37 am14:10 pm03 Hours, 32 Mins
Lucknow10:27 am13:59 pm03 Hours, 32 Mins
Kanpur10:25 am13:57 pm03 Hours, 32 Mins
Nagpur10:18 am13:51 pm03 Hours, 33 Mins
Indore10:11 am13:42 pm03 Hours, 31 Mins
Patna10:37 am14:10 pm03 Hours, 32 Mins
Ludhiana10:21 am13:45 pm03 Hours, 24 Mins
Agra10:20 am13:51 pm03 Hours, 30 Mins
Dehradun10:24 am13:51 pm03 Hours, 26 Mins
Shimla10:23 am13:48 pm03 Hours, 24 Mins
Tehri10:25 am13:52 pm03 Hours, 26 Mins
Courtesy: Drik Panchang for Eclipse Timing

Any other Solar Eclipse in 2020?

Yes, there is another Solar Eclipse in 2020 in end of the year December 14.

What to do in Solar Eclipse? Or Can we eat during solar eclipse?

It is always advisable not consume any food or liquid during eclipse time. Also ancient astrology and scholars and occult practitioner advise not to indulge in worldly activities rather go to meditation or Mantra Jaapa or chanting of your Ishta Dev or Ishta devi ( Demi God)

Can a pregnant lady sleep during solar eclipse?

 As far as Surya Grahan is considered, we occult Science practitioner advise not to sleep or consume food during eclipse as it may harm to baby in the womb.

Also, it is suggested to those pregnant lady to cover their window/door with curtain so that no rays of sun in solar eclipse comes to your house during this grahan kaal.

Can we take bath during eclipse?

One is advisable to avoid all the act in eclipse except meditation and mantra chanting. Few, Scholar says that taking bath during is equivalent to Ganges Bathe.

What will the effect of this Solar Eclipse 2020 worldwide?

The Eclipse no matter it is Partial or Annual eclipse it bring big transformation not only on one nations but as a whole world, hence this eclipse will bring a big transformation , specially Covid-19 effect as a pandemic will start its dulled effect after 20th Sept 2020.

As the eclipse it always show its effect for 180 days i.e pre and post the event , therefore we can see the effect even on Asian countries the effect of Covid-19 comes into effect from 1st week of March 2020 , now considering the this Solar Eclipse 2020 of 21st June – as a midpoint , the hazardous effect will slow down after 20th Sept 2020 and things will start working in INDIAN soil in last weekend of Sept 2020.

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