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Was Makardhwaja Son of Hanuman ji?

People in India sometimes have doubts about the Bal Brahmachari Lord Shri Hanuman ji, how he can be the father of Makardhwaj. All over the world there different theory and saying and questions about Lord Hanuman like-

Who is Hanuman’s son?

What is the name of lord hanuman son

What is the name of hanuman son

Who is Hanuman wife?

Who is Makardhwwaja Son of Hanuman?

It is quite natural for people to have doubts, because the description of their marriage has not been found anywhere, so how was Son of Hanuman ji was born without marriage.

Who is Hanuman’s son?

Some script says that Son of Hanuman name is Makardhwaja. He was born from Fish in the Sea.

What is the name of lord hanuman son?

As already mentioned, the scripture says, Shri Makardhwaja is said to be the Son of Hanuman.

Who is Hanuman wife?

To answer this question let move on to the the Hindu Shastra says that during  churning of the ocean also known as Samudra Manthan, many diamonds and gems-stones came out from the churning of the ocean, like Elephant, KalpaVruksha, Nectar and Poison also came out.

Lord Mahadev also known as Lord Shiva carried the poison in his throat and the nectar was expelled.

Maa Kamala, the wife of Lord Vishnu, and she is also said to be the owner of wealth, was also obtained from the churning of the ocean.

Shri Ratnakar’s ( Lord Sea is said to be Ratnakar in Shastra) empire is in 2/3 parts of the world.

He had 2 daughters. One girl’s name was Kamala and the other girl’s name was Savita.

Kamala had given birth to Lord Vishnu and Savita had worshiped Lord Shankar to get a Lord Shiva in the form of a husband.

Lord Shankar appeared to him and also asked him to ask for a boon. Savita said, “O Lord! Accept me as your wife. I always have an idol of yours in my mind in the form of a husband.”

On saying such words of Savita, Lord Sadashiva laughed in a serious posture and said that as our beloved wife Parvati insisted that we should get Me only as husband, in the same way I  also have the same promise that I too should only be with my beloved wife. Only Parvati will be able to see herself as my wife.

Apart from this boon, you can ask for any other boon. Savita said, Lord, if I had known that you would give such an answer, I would not have make a joke of myself. When my sister Kamala comes to know about this incident, she will also laugh at me.

It is also famous that you are a great renunciant and a charitable person.(Dani Purush).

By getting your boon, the demons have created a stir in the whole creation, and they become powerful human in this universe but I understand that that word is only a pretense –

So if you have such a promise and commitment with Parvati, then I find such a way so that even your promise is not broken and I can get the full fruit of my worship.

Hearing these things made by Savita’s love too, Lord Shankar said, Oh Devi ! If you ask for any other boon other than this, then I am ready to give you.

On this, Savita said, O Lord, bless me with a powerful son like you.

Hearing Savita’s cleverness and her pious words, Lord Shankar turned his mind and said that she would bless him with the powerful son.

Lord Shiva said, I will be born on earth as Hanuman. Lord Shri Vishnu ji will incarnate with his wife Kamala – Lord Vishnu ji – will be born in the form of Shri Ram Chandra Dev and her wife in the form of Shri Sita ji.

Lankapati Ravana will kidnap Sita Mata in the forest and will go to Lanka.

In search of Mother Sita, I will go to Lanka and I will destroy the whole of the Lanka Kingdom and while returning from Lanka you will meet me in the form of fish in the sea hence I will drop my Perspiration (sweat) there.

And as soon as you drink that sweat, you will bless with my divine swaroopa – 16 year old night divine boy.

I will also meet you at the time of Rama Avatar ( incarnation of Lord Rama ), but you will not be able to live as my wife. Because My Avatar as Hanuman would be an ideal devotee and extremely destructive avatar. I will continue to protect Lord Shri Ram Chandradev with all my efforts.

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