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Importance of Tortoise and its placement as per Vastu

Importance of Tortoise and its placement as per Vastu

Is tortoise lucky to keep at home? 

Tortoise in Vastu : Many people like to keep turtle in their house. Should sea animals be kept inside the  house from the Vastu-Shastra point of view?

Turtle is said to be a very auspicious animal according to the Hindu Shastras. Mythology says, a tortoise is said to be the manifestation of Lord Vishnu and symbolises wealth and material growth.

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Should we keep a tortoise inside our house?

Knowing that a  turtle walks very slowly and moves steadily,  people who keep the tortoise or Turtle at home (ideally workplace not home) they get good materialistic but slow and steady growth.

Importance of Tortoise and its placement as per Vastu

But the question is, can we keep a sea animal such as a live tortoise at home?

There are 2 aspects of the turtle :

1) Turtle is said to be a slow-moving animal living up to 200 years but capturing the animal and keeping it inside a cage comes under the preview of  Karmic reaction.

Hence It is not advisable to keep the tortoise at home as the law of Karma says, every animal or living entity is free to live in this cosmos. Those who try to capture an animal or any other living entity are said to be destroying or breaking the law of Karma.

2) Even if we go by the logic and keep the turtle at home because it is a symbol of the creation of wealth, but the traditional Vastu Shastra says, keeping live tortoise at home creates negative vibrations in the  house hence it is advisable not to keep alive turtle at home.

Now if we want to keep a turtle at home or office as per the advice of a Vastu consultant, then  we should  keep a tortoise made of metal, wood or crystal only.

 A word of caution: 

               1.  The tortoise should be placed, facing  the main door of the house.

  1. Many people keep a metal tray and place the tortoise inside the tray and pour  water on the tortoise. It’s logical to keep the tortoise in a tray as it again creates  the negative vibrations and lots of disturbances in the Vastu of the house.

Therefore it is advisable to keep only the tortoise without water. But the traditional Vastu Shastra experts say turtle should be kept only at the workplace such as reception desk, main desk, temple/pooja-sthan  inside a workplace. 

Which is the best time to place tortoise at the workplace?

The placement of the turtle should be done on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday because Wednesday is said to be a day of  planet Mercury, the deity to this planet is Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is said to be the manifestation of turtle during the Samudra Manthan. Hence turtle is believed to be  the creator of wealth and material growth. 

The procedure of placement of the Turtle :

  1. Refer the Panchang for the auspicious time, before placing the Turtle. 
  2. Wash  the turtle idol with  panchamrut, gangaajal.
  3. Offer saffron, yellow flower, show dhoop.  
  4. Finally, Place it in the North direction.

Please note that in Vastu Shastra, the North direction is said to be ownership of Lord Kubera who is said to be ‘Treasurer’ in Vastu and Hindu Shastra. 

If it is possible for the proprietor or business owner to chant the ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam’ in front of tortoise on every Wednesday early morning, this will bring positive vibes and attract new opportunities. 

Place the Siddh (Energised) ‘Maha Vishnu yantra’ or ‘Ram Yantra’ in front of the turtle and recite Vishnu Sahasranamam either daily  or on Saturday or Wednesday.

Let me know how you find this blog on Importance of Tortoise and its placement in Vastu ?



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