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7 Amazing Facts About Allopanishad( Allah-Upanishad)

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Allah upanishad or Allopanishad is a word connected with Upanishad of the Atharva Veda, believed to be written during Akbar’s reign. 

It declares that “the Allah of the prophet Muhammad Akbar is the God of Gods” and identifies him as a friends and messiah with Mitra, Varuna, Surya, Soma, Indra, etc.

According to Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s in its Satyarth Prakash:

“Now there is only one thing left (before we are done with this subject.) the Mohammedans, not often, say, write or publish that the Mohammedan religion is spoken of in the Atharva Veda. It will suffice to say that there is not a word about this faith in the Veda in question.

Hence, it is clearly seen that even Islam has deep rooted origin from Atharvaveda and they do respect the Veda and Sanatan Dharma.

Here it does not matter as to what when and why the Allah Words derive as the ancient scripture says, Allah means extremely pious.

But the word allah and its connection to sanatan dharma also seem to me a contradiction to both the religion as you read the complete Atharva-veda – in the 20th chapter, there is no mention of the word Allah or in its commentary such Gopath Brahman or its Shaakhas. 

Again as we move forward we can see there is a Stotram which consists of both words Allah , mitra , varuno, ille and if we look at the passage of those books which mention the text.

It has been found total contradiction but here i am not concern about the religion but i am more concern about the utility of those pious text which says to recite those text in time of critical condition gives rids of negatives vibes and anxiety.

While going to the various mantra and tantric text, I received one Stotram which consist of allah upanishad or allopanishad which consists of complete recitation of those pious words.

I am mentioning those pious stotram for the reader from allah upanishad or allopanishad.

The textbook says that it is derived from 500 old year pandulipi ( ancient text ) which says it is a Sanharini Vidya and by reciting the Stotras of Allahupanishad one gets bravery, courage and internal strength to face the tough time of your life.

Allah upanishad or Allopanishad

Hari Om ! Assamallah Ille Mitra Varuno divya Divyani Dhate ! Ille Varuno Raja Puna-dardu havami mitre illam illale illam varuno mitro tejkama hotarmindro maha-surendra allaho jyetham shretham paramam purnam brahmanam alaahm adallah muka mekakam allahm mukanisha-takam alloh yagne nahut hutva : Allah Surya chandra sarva nakshatra Allaho Rishinaam Sarva Divya Indraay Poorva mapaa param antarikhsham vishwaroopam divyaani dhate Illale varuno raja Puna-dardu illam kabar illam illeti ileelah ! Allah Ilaaah aanadi swaroopay Atharvarshi shakhaam Hmm Hrim Janan Pashuth Sighaan Jalcharaan Aadrustham Kuru Kuru Phat Asur Sanharini Hrim Alloh Rasool Mohammed Kavarshya Alloh Allam Illam Leti Illelaah ! Ite Allaham Sukht Atharvarni Samaptham ! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 

Allopanishad Allahupanishad

The textbook from which I derived this stotram says this is Asuri Sanharini Vidya which he took from a 500 old textbook. If we recite daily once then a person gets enough strength and bravery to face the hard time of his/her life.

It is also believe that a human body consists of negative energy such as capture of evil spirit – Muslim Ruha which is also said as Jinaah, Kabhish then by hearing or reciting the said mentioned allah upanishad or allopanishad, the evil spirit leave the human body.

The author also mentioned in the book that if by chance in the jungle you face the crises of good water or even wild animal comes in front of you, then no need to worry – one can recite this mantra stotram of allah upanishad or allopanishad due to which – the wild animals will leave the space and yogi or sadhank can move freely in the jungle.

Further the writer says, this allah upanishad or allopanishad always helps the yogi sadhak to get rid from the wild semi aquatic reptiles such as Crocodile and Gadhiyal. By reciting the allah upanishad or allopanishad there seem no presence of any types of evil energies such Bhoot, Pret, Pichaah and Asuri Shakti.

Further Indian Scholar Shri R AnanthaKrishna Shastri ji has elaborated the Allah Upanishad Or Allopanishad in simple and lucid language which I am mentioning as it is .

1) I take refuge in our Allah [La, to perish, and alla, eternal] who protects Mitra [sun] and Varuna [the god of water].

2)  There is but one God [Illelle]; the king, Varuna, again takes refuge (in him).

3)  Everything is God; sun and stars.

4)  Everything is God; Varuna, the Sun, the illuminator.

5)  The Great Breath, the Lord, is the Sacrificer. The Lord is the Sacrificer.

6)  Allah is the first and best, the highest; Omnipresent; Highest of all Gods.

7)  He is only One; ever remaining.

8)  By sacrifice is Allah to be propitiated.

9)  Allah is sun, moon and all stars.

10)  Allah is (the God) of Rishis and all other deities, and of Indra, the first Maya [primordial matter] and the ether.

11)  Allah is in the earth and in heaven and in multifarious forms.

12)  Everything is Allah. Everything is Allah and everything is He.

13)  Om is Allah. Everything is He. By nature eternal. Atharvan [the Rishi] bows down to such.

14)  Give us water, cattle, siddhis, and things that live in water, and Phut [a mantra].

15)  The Slayer of enemies. Hum, Hrim. Nothing but Allah; nothing but Allah.

Thus ends the Allopanishad.

–          R. Ananthakrishna Sastri

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