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Tips for Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

The most important place for furniture and interior decoration in different rooms of the house is the bedroom, which is called शयन कक्ष in Hindi. 

This is the most important space inside the house because the owner of the house spends one third of his life in this place. 

The bedroom should be made according to Vastu Shastra, following the fundamentals of vastu shastra of the bedroom.

The bedroom of the owner of the house should be in the south east direction with the head facing in the bed towards the west and if it is a multi-storey building or bungalow then the owner should reside in the south east direction.

Where should the elder son or newly married couple reside in vastu shastra for the bedroom ?

The elder son should reside on the 1st floor in the south east direction as his master bedroom where the newly married couple’s bedrooms should be located as per the Indian Vastu Shastra Fundamentals.

The ancient vastu lays an emphasis that has been given for the vastu shastra for bedrooms for newly couples, that is slightly away from the north direction i.e towards the vayu kon (वायु कोण) which means the north east direction.

North East Direction and Vastu Shastra for Bedroom 

Husband and wife should not keep their bedroom in the north-east and should never sleep in the north-east because this may start creating disputes among newlywed couples and sometimes this also leads to separation or divorce also.

Elderly Person and Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

The eldest or parent or grandparents in the house should keep their bedroom in the south-west direction or it can be located  in the middle of the south direction and the eldest son of the house should keep his bedroom towards the Agni Kon (अग्नि कोण) that is south east direction and the youngest son towards the wind direction(वायु कोण) which is North West Direction because it is considered auspicious and as per the fundamentals of vastu shastra.

Girls’ Space as per the Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

A daughter who is seeking to get marry should keep her bedroom in the north-west direction and a girl studying in college or school should never sleep in a room or even make her bedroom in north east direction because northeast contain wind (वायु) element      hence she may party more and stay engaged or hang out with her friends unnecessarily instead of  focussing on studies and upgrading her education।  and gaining knowledge of her interest. 

The sons can sleep in the north west direction but the school going daughters should not sleep in this direction. 

Direction of Head as per the Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

The head of the person (while sleeping on the bed) should be a little high in the south and a little low in the north direction. Never sleep while facing the east direction. 

While sleeping your head is lifted in the west direction or north direction, as it is against the fundamental of vastu shastra for the bedroom.

Size of Master Bedroom as per the Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

The size of the bedroom should be 10 feet X 12 feet to 14 feet X 16 feet with height 9 feet which should be up to 12 feet.

By the way, you can keep the height upto 10 feet also.

You can also keep the cupboard or wardrobe which should have dimension or width of the wardrobe which should be 22 inch to 24 inch.

Photo Frame as per Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

In western world, there is a belief that keeping the image or picture of romantic bird couples in the bedroom brings an auspicious vibration. 

Also in chinese feng shui there is belief that keeping mandarin duck photos in the master room brings closeness among couples.

Many scholars in Indian vastu shastra also say the same, that by keeping lovely romantic images in the south east direction in the master bedroom can bring you love and affection in couples.

How to erase the Vastu Dosh as Per Vastu Shastra for Bedroom for Couple

According to Expert in Vastu, whether you have any vastu dosh or not, one should keep Fresh Flower like Red or Yellow Rose in Side table in the Master Bedroom which will spread good scent and aroma in the room to remove negative vibes from the Space.

If you have uneasiness while sleeping in the bed or bedroom then place water in a copper bowl under the bed or one can also place red sandalwood beneath the pillow.

There are few cases where children as well as adults get nightmares. In that case, the person should keep gangajal or holy water in a copper vessel under the bed to wipe out the nightmares.

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