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In my last blog on Dream Analysis – Swapna Vigyan I have written  on

  • What is Dream ?
  • How dreams occur ?
  • The development stages of dream and how to seek answers  to your  important and critical questions.

Today I will be giving you a detail information on individual dreams and their interpretations. Soon I will be publishing a book on Dream Analysis –Swapna Vigyan which would be a ready reckoner for those people who are interested in knowing the science of dreams.

Below are the different interpretation of dreams :

Temple – You will soon be starting  some auspicious work.

Mosque –You will find the solutions to your queries.

Gurudwara – There would be an increase in your reserves of knowledge.

Church –Peace of mind

Mazjaar –Your obstacles will be reduce.

Meditation Centre –Peace of mind

Holy Scripture in Dream:

Veda –Dispassion

Ramayan –Victory after lots of struggle

Guru Granth Saheb –Interest in religious work

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta – ( It mean Paap-Nash ) Decreasing in evil thoughts and action.

Quran Majid –Peace of Mind

Bible –You will increase your knowledge through different sources.

Other Holy Scripts – Possible chance of starting new projects/research work.


Different Colour in Dream :

Red – Getting rid of Illnesses.

Green – Peace and calmness

Black – Chance of struggle and obstacles in future

Blue – Victory after lots of Struggle

Yellow – Jealousy getting diminished in your persona

Sky Blue  -Feeling delighted

Orange –Higher rate of success in future

White –Wealth and prosperity

Violet –Dispassion

Red Rose – Wealth ,money

Red and Blue – Courage

Green and Orange – Travel to religion place

Red and Yellow – ( For Ladies ) – Long life for their spouse.

Black and White – Obstacles

Red and Green – Good chance of expansion in business

Green and Black – Loss in Money matter and wealth

Gems  in Dream :

Ruby ( Manikya ) – Increase in power ,rights and authority

Pearl ( Moti ) – Gets peace of mind

Emerald ( Panna ) – Chances of getting good flow of money.

Yellow Sapphire ( Pukhraj ) – Stress , anxiety

Diamond ( Hira ) – Romance OR Chances of getting a relationship.

Sapphire  ( Neelam ) – Will get good opportunities for acquiring wealth and  success.

Coral ( Munga ) – Illness ,obstacles ,pain ,fear and hurdles from enemies /rivals.

Hessonite Garnet ( Gomed ) – Likely chance that some  critical  issues bothering you will change, and you will find some solution to your problem.

Cat’s Eye Stone ( Lehsunia ) – Name and fame from society /people.

Turquoise Gems Stone ( Firoja ) – Getting good job ( in case of joblessness ) , Expansion of Business.

Lawawad Stone ( A type of Arabic stone ) – Increase in name and fame

Sulemani Stone – Dispute with friends/close people.

Katella (Amethyst ) –Deterioration in health

Crystal ( Spathik ) – You will start showing interest towards religion and spiritual practice.



Metals in Dream :

Gold – Financial issues /crisis.

Silver – Deceit in relationship , more so in a love affair.

Copper – Alertness in the sub conscious regarding an accident likely to be occurring in the near future.

Iron / Rode – Accident or unexpected calamities/incidents

Pital – Money through different sources

Kaansa – Getting rids of ailments

Mercury – Relief from major obstacles of your life hence will hear good news regarding past issues.

Steel – You will get to know the real character of some person you trust .

Tridhatu – Accident by vehicles

Pancham-dhatu – Chances of foreign tour.

Saptam-Dhatu – Recovery from ailment OR faster recovery

Astham-Dhatu – Success in personal life

Gold and Silver – Financial issues will clear sooner

Copper and Silver – You will suffer from pain or have to stay away from your close relative/spouse

Ranga and Kaansa – Signs of obstacles in future.

Gambling in Dreams : Here Gambling mean playing cards

Bunches of Playing Cards –Will get more of wealth in future

To See yourself playing card – Success in Love affairs

Throw playing cards –Progress in businesses

Distribute the playing cards –Benefits in Partnership either in the form of Marriage/Business.

Ekka – Getting your true/deserving right after long struggle

No.2 in Card ( Dukki ) – Lots of stress and anxiety

No.3 in card ( Tiggi ) – High profits in business

No.4 in Card ( Duggi ) – Getting easy solutions to your problems.

No.5 in Card ( Panja ) – Increase in knowledge and wisdom

No. 6 in Card ( Chagga ) – Receive more of love and affection from family and friends.

No. 7 in Card ( Satta ) – Your work will remain pending or will be stuck up at the point of completion.

No.8 in Card ( Attha ) – Victory after a long stuggle/obstacles.

No. 9 in Card ( Nauva ) – Increase in strength and courage and related work.

No. 10 in Card ( Dassa ) – Lots of Benefits in Inter-personal relationship.

Jack ( Gulam ) – Have to please your superior /bosses /people.

Queen – Will get your own rights as per your wishes/command.

King – Extreme high respect ,name and fame will received from society,family ,organization and people.

Joker  – You will be travelling sooner and will be benefitted in this journey.

Body parts in Dream :

Head – Name and fame

Hair ( of head/scalp ) – Encouragement  ,strength and beauty ( for girl/ladies)

Complete Head – Authority

Eye Brow –Increase in name and fame

Eye lashes – Good at conversation with people

Eye – Working for social causes/social work

Nose –You will get your desired work and recognition also.

Ear = Received happiness and expected work from your son and spouse

Mouth – Communication gap

Face –Increase in strength , courage /bravery and authority

Lips –Success as and when you desire.

Tongue –Dispute/fight

Teeth –A Sure sign of death of family member/relative(s)

Adam’s Apple  –  (A depression in throat/a point where 2 collar bone meet ) – Getting socialize and will getting new friends.

Moustache – Getting rid of debt.

Beard –Increase in authority

Throat  -You will be inclined towards helping people

Neck ( back side) – Become more clear in approach and will have the right attitude

Temple ( a part between eyes and ear – better known as Kanpati in Hindi ) – You will get good job.

Cheek – Success in business.

Shoulder  – Increase in responsiblities.

Arms – Strength ) – Physical strength

Heart –Name and fame

Chest – Will bless with Baby girl /soon your daughter will get married .

Stomach – Abundance in wealth

Palm –Will start with new planning of projects

Fingers – Will received happiness from siblings

Ribs –Your hidden secrets will be revealed by Women.

Back –Name and fame

Lower back ( waist ) – You will get recognition  in your field.

Genital Organs –Increase in materialism

Vagina – Will solve the critical issue of your life

Thigh – You will be getting good news from family.

Calf muscles –Will get job sooner

Knee – Will receive money from different sources

Legs –Short or Long journey in future

Heel –Strength/increase in immune system.

Foot –Healthy life

Foot digits/toes – Revenue generation from a new source.

Foot  thumb –Very sooner you be travelling for good purpose.

Hand thumb – Earlier/later you will be deceived by a person whom you trusted a lot.

Beverages or liquid food  seen in Dreams :

Water – Increase in body pain

Milk – Will receive money soon.

Tea – Will hear good news soon.

Coffee –Name and fame

Sweet Drink ( Sharbat ) – Sooner you will get unexpected outcome.

Fruit Juices – You get promotion/lot of responsibilities and quite possible you may find the person to whom you can delegate your work/responsibilities.

Alcohol –Disputes/fight

Yogurt – Will receive money soon.

Extract of Grapes – Accident/emergency

Sweetdish/ Sweetdish made out of khajoor/dates – Increase of hurdles in your life.




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