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Optin-Chat – Best tool in Email Marketing

Are you a Blogger /Digital Marketer /Running online business ?

Do you want to monetize your blog ?

Do you want to increase your conversion rate with more subscribers ?

If Yes, then you should opt for OptinChat . It is the best digital tool for increasing your visibility , collect the data – emails and convert those visitors into subscribers. Optinchat PRO contain the following features :

  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • GMail Notification Messages
  • Campaigns for Each Page
  • Color Customizations
  • ExitChat
  • OptinShare
  • Create own AL Chat

Why you should use Optin-Chat ?

With the above features , digital marketers get maximum rate of conversion upto 14-15 % which is highest among other tools .With Optin-chat you can create your own customize chatting widget which interact with your visitors ? Optin-Chat also allow to store as many data of your visitors and export its file as per your convenience.

The best part of Optin-Chat which i like the most is its plugins which very simple to install like we upload some file in our email. Whether you are running any teaching institute, marketing campaign ,NGO , Association or any other Business , Optin-chat will connect you with your business leads with help of its powerful features.

I am using its current version with said features and getting benefited also. Awaiting for its new features in PRO and its pricing also. Any Enterprises/Freelancer can use its FREE Version which is freely available and get this amazing tool.



  1. nicely written and precisely explained.

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