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Dream Analysis – Swapna Vigyan

Today I will be talking you about dream and its interpretation, we all get dream on daily basis, there is not a single human on this planet earth who doesn’t have any dream while sleeping. Dream is an important part of every human being .Whoever sleep will definitely have dream ,it does not matter as whether he/she remember the dream or not because our sub conscious mind always active 24/7 and on daily basis we do dream while sleeping .We can say we do travel daily on sub-conscious level.

How Dream Comes to Human :

Whenever we sleep our sub-conscious mind get more active and our conscious mind get inactive for few hour hence in those period the human subconscious mind keep floating and roaming in whole universe hence after/during roaming in universe whatever the images it captured it get registered in human sub-conscious and get back to human brain which we known to us as DREAM.

Hypnotherapist termed this condition as TRANCE in their language. The Trance stage is of 3 level viz Small , Medium and Deep Level . Will explain this concept of Hypno therapy whenever I will write one blog on Hypno-Therapy.

When do the dream comes  :

It has been noted and experienced by leading Dream Analyst that whenever human being sleep , within an hour human start dreaming. Depending upon the past influence and high and low intensity of dream(s), human eye lashes start get stick up and eye ball keep floating inside the closed eyes. On average every human get dream at night approximately 5-6 times.

“According to Professor Edyer Endrayin ,before going in deep sleep, our sub conscious mind get more active as it is getting lesser pressure and influence by conscious and outer resources hence due to this the vibrations and its pressure which is developed inside the human body is getting converted at different frequency. The variation of this frequency also affects in human brain and during sleep it get connected to universe and with proper rhythm hence we human develop DREAM .”

Himalayan Monk Swami Veerupananda is an expert in dream analysis and he has spend many year of his life in research of dream interpretation hence he is known to be an Authority in DREAM ANALYSIS. He has developed very unique and simple procedure to get answer to your unsolved mystery of life.


Procedure :

  • Take a bath or at least wash your hand and feet with cold water.
  • Take a piece of paper and write down your question with pen.
  • Keep the question written chit under your pillow .
  • Do small meditation of Goddess Swapneshwari – Demigod of Dreams.
  • Concentrate on 3rd eye and visualize Goddess in front of mind eye.
  • Recite the Swapneshwari Dhyana Mantra.
  • Pray to mata to get solutions of your question by mean of dream.
  • Closed your eyes , recall your question in mind and goes to sleep.

Swapneshwari Dhyan Mantra :

“Swapneshwari Mahadevi Shree Shremantar Shadhane ,Mama Siddhim Asiddhim va, Swapne sarvya Pradarshana”

It is said by many occult experts and dream analysts that by above procedure the human definitely get the answer to his/her questions.

Why this Swapneshwari Mantra ?

It is obvious that such questions do come in our mind as why we should perform such ritual ? What is the benefits do we get from this ? Well , we as a human are always surrounded by different types of problem in our daily life , we don’t have any specific tool or therapy to solve our issues and specially we re always in Dilemma as what to do Or what not to do in certain situation.

Many times it is often happen that we get 2-3 option in life and we have to choose among them , here human mostly get confused whether choose which ONE option. Here this Sadhana will work for you.

Also many times job seeker gives job interview and he get selected in 2-3 companies and when offer letter comes he/she often get confused in selection of the company.

Again a businessmen apply a tender say for building contract in government or private firm and he get 3 different proposal in business ,again the confusion start as which is the best option to choose and start the work. Here this Sadhana will work.

According to Swami Veeropanandji , the above mentioned Dhyan Mantra is extremely useful in solving our day to day life issue but he further also empathized that before performing the above ritual it is far more better to perform the proper anusthan of Swapneshwari Devi Sadhana by reciting the same dhyan mantra ( mentioned ) 1,25,000 times in 21 days under the all rules and regulations of Sadhana.

After reciting the mantra in form of Anusthan one can get easily all the answer by just reciting 21 times and then pray it to Devi and get to sleep .

Different variation of Swapna Mantras :

In Hindu Mythology and Mantras Shastra there is not only one option to get our answer in dream , there are many other methodology wherein one can get the answer .Like scripts say there are other demigods like swapneshwari who help sadhak in interpret the dream and solve its mystery.

Other deity are Chamunda , Hanuman,Yakshini ,Yaksh and Ghantakarna ( in Jain Script ) mantras etc to name few , the methodology of each deity is quite different and also very lengthy. In Kaliyuga looking at the presence scenario human is extremely busy with his/her earning for bread & butter hence nobody get extra times to perform those lengthy sadhanas  thus it is advisable to perform above mentioned simple anusthan under strict guidance of Guru who himself has got siddhi to Swapneshwari.

Apart from above mentioned ritual there are other important methods like Tantrik Kriya wherein Sadhak get faster response once he/she mastered in dream analysis and mantra anusthan.

I will mention another Simple Vedic Mantras which is highly effective in dream analysis and which is given by many analysts in occult science. Specially such mantras are highly practice in Southern part of India.

Vedic Procedure :

  • Take a bath and sit in meditation /Pooja room
  • Sit on cotton asana facing East/North direction.
  • Light cow ghee ( clarified butter ) lamp and agarbatti
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha
  • Pray to Lord Shiva
  • Recite the mantra mentioned below 108 times daily for 11 days.
  • After reciting mantra , recite Shama Prathana to deity.

Mantra :

“Om Kleem Swapnamohini Hreem Malyaal Bhagwati Kasal Sambhut Sammohini Kleem Konduramu Buddhi Kadutu Prumaki Kodawa Malyaal Bhagwati Koduwa Ishwarane Umakh Umane Umachu Muyantu Makkakothi Deva KavaLane Koduwa Malyaal Bhagwati Kleem.”

Above mentioned mantra is said to be extremely powerful in awakening the inner power of human sub consciousness and get blessing of almighty.



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